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WTB 2002 (ideally in California)


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Price: $15000
Location: Northern California


Hey everyone,


I just joined the forum because I'm trying to find a nice 2002 for sale.  Hoping someone has some leads that could help.


Ideally, I would like a 1973 in very good condition and ready to go, but I'm flexible here depending on the price, however I cannot go anything beyond 1975 due to Californian emission laws.

It seems like prices are all over the place for these vehicles but I was expecting to pay between $10k to $15k depending on the condition.


I'm willing to buy out of state and even ship if necessary, but being in California is a big plus.  This is just because the DMV situation here is such a mess ... ?


Thanks, happy to answer any questions.



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On 8/15/2019 at 12:43 PM, Mark92131 said:

Ceylon was a stock color, pretty rare though.





Ahhh Ceylon!  Hated it in the 1970’s — when it was rarely seen.  Love it today — still damned rare!


Although BMW’s global paint and upholstery brochures do not support the claim, some believe that Ceylon was introduced on the 2002tii in its initial year.  This claim was mentioned to me by the owner of a 1972 Ceylon tii who heard the claim from the car’s original owner.


Arguing in favor of its possible truth are the following:


1. Polaris was introduced in 1964 and, for that year, was available solely on the 1800ti, the hot new high-performance sub-model (first photo: a May 1964 paint brochure).


2. Colorado was introduced in late 1968 and, for that year, was available solely on the 2002ti, the hot new high-performance sub-model (second through fifth photos: November 1968 and March 1969 paint and upholstery brochures).


3. Although there are only three factory-Ceylon 1972 model entries in the forum’s registry, all three are.... tii’s.


Arguing against its truth are the following:


1. The tii (Euro-spec version) went into production in April 1971, yet the June 1971 paint and upholstery brochure did not yet show Ceylon as a color at all (sixth and seventh photos: June 1971 color and upholstery brochure). It would seem that they missed the mark if Ceylon was intended to celebrate the introduction of the hot new high-performance sub-model.


2. Ceylon first appears on a paint and upholstery brochure in January 1972 and is listed as available on the 1602, 1802, 2002, 2002tii, 2500, 2800, 3.0S, 3.0Si, 3.0CS, and 3.0CSi (eighth photo: January 1972 color and upholstery brochure).


Simply Googling “1972 BMW Ceylon”, and keeping an eye out for color-changed cars, I’m seeing factory Ceylon tii’s and 3.0CS’s. So, without the formality and exclusivity exhibited with Polaris and Colorado, perhaps BMW was informally restricting Ceylon to the hot new sub-model and the Big Coupes, or simply to their more-expensive, more-exclusive models.


In short, maybe — after Ceylon was introduced mid-year, and at least for the later half of the 1972 model year — no Ceylon 2002’s, or 1802’s, or 1602’s were produced.... 


More data is needed, in the form of more examples of factory Ceylon cars. The factory color of any ‘02 can be quickly and easily confirmed — at no cost — by emailing the VIN to BMW Group Archives and requesting their data on the car (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com).
















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1976 2002 Polaris, 2742541 (original owner)

1973 2002tii Inka, 2762757 (not-the-original owner)

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Hi Conserv,


Great information.  Though, like you mentioned, not entirely clear


My googling tends to correlate with your assumption though.  I found factory paint Tii's and 3.0's.  I did find some non-Tii's but they look resprayed. 


I guess I won't hinge my purchase on Ceylon alone ;) 


I was at Monterey's legends of the autobahn today and saw tons of 2002's, no Ceylon though!  I also hadn't seen a 2002 touring in person, those are really cool!

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Not Ceylon, but 1 family owned Jade Green? smog exempt 2002 in CA.  Looks like an honest car at a reasonable price.









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1970 BMW 1600 (Nevada)



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8 minutes ago, Mark92131 said:

Not Ceylon, but 1 family owned Jade Green? smog exempt 2002 in CA.  Looks like an honest car at a reasonable price.










Thanks Mark,


I'm going to give him a call and see what's up.

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I checked it out.


Some unaddressed rust on the front (under bumper, hole about 12" long), similar in the back.  Hole in the door (shown in the pics) and something similar starting on the other side.  Car's got 300k miles so everything's a bit worn in but the family really has taken excellent care of it.  Lots of new parts in the engine bay.


Took it for a spin, a big sluggish, maybe due to the extra california smog equipment.  Brakes a bit too light.


Not sure what price would be good but I'm waiting to see what else comes up for now.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for everyone's help.  Especially those that reached out via PM with their cars for sale.  There are some amazing 2002's out there! 


It was a difficult decision but I ended up finding a square light Tii that I really loved and went for it!  More than what I wanted to pay for this project but I really liked the car.  There's a BMW 2002 FAQ badge on the front so thanks again Brandon if you're reading this.


I still need to register it but it's in my garage!

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