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A lot of 02 NOS parts

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Price: $100
Location: germany


a lot of 02 NOS parts with us-shipping (link removed because of problems with a lawyer and e bay, we had to end all ebay offers for this time because got warning letters from a laywer in germany because the text of the items isnt compilant with the law. we have to change some things and then we will be back on ebay, too)

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32 minutes ago, Freude am Fahren said:

Are we supposed to bid on this stuff on eBay or are you selling them for a fixed price here? If the latter, please specify prices for each item. 


Running ebay-auctions I doesnt stop but we can offer the same and similar items here now or later. I just found this site. We will make more direct selling offers soon

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if your advertising here to hustle ebay bids you're being rude and inconsiderate of the hosts space and bandwidth...this section of the forum is for items that are for sale thru the forum, not a place for you to advertise your ebay auctions


you advertised the grills again after i told you that i wanted to buy them at the price you quoted me - what's up with that ?

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I thinkt this was a missunderstanding. About the grills, I posted the shipping costs to US and I thought that you think thats the total price. sorry for that.

The other case I explained before to another user. I just found this site today morning. We have a great stock with bmw classic parts for a lot of models, and a very lot of 0e parts. And we talked about selling more to the states, so we created the very first ebay auctions for us and are now starting to reach more peoples who need our parts.

I placed some offers in the forum, directly. no ebay. so I've just registered today here and we are starting now and I hope we can offer you a lot of parts for bmw 02 :) thank you

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