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  1. Time for an auto to manual conversion it seems
  2. Does this whee fit a Nardi hub? Alternatively, do you have a hub that fits E34 cars? Need a wheel for my M5
  3. Interested. Are these oem or aftermarket?
  4. Should return to the said alpina car as it belongs in there
  5. Awesome. Digging the gods chariot in the back
  6. Will you sell the bracket/holder for the air filter assembly separately? The three armed thing
  7. Freude am Fahren


    Dang, how much if you don’t mind my intrusion?
  8. Hello-

    Did you find a fuse box cover? I have a very nice one. 

    Fairfield, CA


  9. Drumroll!!!! How much???!
  10. Guy bailed on the antenna, still available if still interested.


    pm to mikejoyATshaw.ca

  11. Pics don’t work. Por favor fix the issue. I’m stuck
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