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  1. Freude am Fahren

    2002 grill

    Good value
  2. Freude am Fahren

    Swan neck early mirror

    I believe I have three mirrors. I only have use for two so you may have the third. It will just take me a week to find it.
  3. Freude am Fahren

    F.S. Weds Bavaria staggered set 15x6.5, 15x7 et16

    This listing is 7 years old
  4. Freude am Fahren

    body dolly

    Trailer included?
  5. Freude am Fahren

    NOS early nose panel

    The other hammer in the last photo
  6. Freude am Fahren

    02 choke with early knob

  7. Freude am Fahren

    02 choke with early knob

    Fuuuuuuuuck I NEEDED this. Please let me know if you find another
  8. Freude am Fahren

    NOS early nose panel

    The hammer in the last photo
  9. Freude am Fahren

    Early bumper brackets

    Thats my average speed these days... for I’m on crutches
  10. Freude am Fahren

    Bilstein Front Shocks

    Or a pair of yellow paperweights 🤷‍♂️
  11. Freude am Fahren

    Recaro Expert Seat Pair

    Is the E30 wagon for sale?
  12. Freude am Fahren

    FS: BMW 2002 Touring Springs

    I’m no expert but they look pretty heavy duty to me 🏋️‍♂️
  13. Freude am Fahren

    40cm Petri Sport Steering Wheel

    Genuine hub? Genuine horn button? Any description of condition?
  14. Freude am Fahren

    Set of license plate lights 29$

    Damn killer deal
  15. Freude am Fahren

    Round & square shifting rubber boot & handbrake boot 25 each

    Damn missed out