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  1. Qualifies for Prime shipping?
  2. These are genuine Recaros or aftermarket?
  3. Would you consider a direct swap for a set of matching wooden rocking chairs with perfect mechanisms and only a missing arm rest? I’ll throw in an orange onesie to sweeten the pot
  4. For the love of the mighty lord, consider making ONE for sale post listing all your FS items together rather than listing each item individually. You will upset a lot of other people here with the current attitude
  5. This was a once in a life time deal. I validate your feelings
  6. Damn! Needed this! Please let me know if you have another spare shroud somewhere
  7. Need the outside plastic shroud if you’re willing to sell separately
  8. Interested! Do les this fit a 265 dogleg gearbox?
  9. Will you consider selling the wheel and horn button alone?
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