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  1. Freude am Fahren

    German seat belts (2 sets) Xmass sale

    Ill take a set of any left please
  2. Will this make my car fly?
  3. Freude am Fahren

    2002 BMW HID Bi-Xenon Headlight conversion kit

  4. Freude am Fahren

    2002 BMW HID Bi-Xenon Headlight conversion kit

    Will these make my car go faster? Because that’s all I ultimately care about
  5. Freude am Fahren

    Fog Light Brackets (NOS)

  6. Freude am Fahren

    E21 visors and mirror

    Is the kitty included in that price?
  7. Freude am Fahren

    13” alpina wheels

    Center caps?
  8. Freude am Fahren

    Winter cleaning

    Please don’t assume because you were the first to post on the thread about the lights it means someone didn’t PM the seller before you.
  9. Freude am Fahren

    1969 rare elegant leather steering wheel Personal 39cm

    Damn beautiful wheel
  10. Freude am Fahren

    complete set chrome roundie bumpers

    Good deal. And went fast
  11. Freude am Fahren

    Scam Alert by 73Tiii

    Sorry for your trouble guys. It’s a shame people steal other people’s hard earned money without shame. It’s sad for humanity.
  12. Freude am Fahren

    Alpina Valve Cover

    Is the rest of the car available for sale?
  13. Freude am Fahren

    5 speed, 3.91 LSD, M10B20, Lightened Flywheel

    Ice racing sure as shit looks fun!