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  1. Freude am Fahren

    UPDATE: M42 engine, complete w/tranny

    Amazing deal considering an E21 manual gearbox alone costs 1K these days and with this swap you get both power and 5 speed manual gearbox
  2. Freude am Fahren

    Tii clock

    I need a shroud John if you happen to have a spare
  3. Freude am Fahren

    Tii clock

    Damn you Hal! You’re quick!
  4. Freude am Fahren

    Random Parts, some NOS, roundels, gas cap, tools, 2002 emble

    Interested in the wrench alone John. Thanks
  5. Freude am Fahren

    ANSA Sport Free Flow Muffler

    I want
  6. Freude am Fahren

    Box of Misc 2002 Parts

    Interested in the tail lenses and triangle window cranks if you decide to separate
  7. Freude am Fahren

    e30 e34 e36 idle air control valve

    It’s not about how many BMWs you own or how many years you have wrenched sir. It’s a simple matter of observation. They don’t arrive as pictured. At the very least they show up in a plain white box or a box with BMW designation on it not one that says Bosch all over it.
  8. Freude am Fahren

    e30 e34 e36 idle air control valve

    I believe you’re mistaken sir. By definition, any and every BMW sourced part should bear the company’s emblem otherwise they’re reselling retail parts at a price hike and that’s not kosher.
  9. Freude am Fahren

    Wheels ja pierce

    Ja, sie sind schön
  10. Freude am Fahren

    e30 e34 e36 idle air control valve

    The pelican parts reference is somewhat misleading. They’re quoting a price for a genuine BMW part that bears the emblem. I believe Bosch is oem supplier and since yours is not a part wearing the emblem then yours is not BMW part.
  11. Freude am Fahren

    Reupholstered one piece dash

    Do tell why
  12. Freude am Fahren

    Blank Key For Sale

  13. Freude am Fahren


    Why parting? Rust?
  14. Freude am Fahren

    140mph 3.45 ratio speedo

    Will this not fit in a LHD car?
  15. Freude am Fahren

    FS: NOS 2002 Touring tail light (NLA)

    What makes this different? Just the chrome surround ring?