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  1. Nardi steering wheels

    Can one get a BMW horn button in the 410mm?
  2. Value of 73 dash

    Be aware there is no 8 ball that can reliably tell how long an original crackfree dash will remain crack free...
  3. Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs Part# 2001.140

    What did you have these paired with shock wise and how much did they drop the car?
  4. Yes! Hook a brother up please
  5. What about a 318i M42 pump? Would that generate enough mojo?
  6. Jim, by early car i mean a round tail light. And by manual I mean the aardvark M2 conversion manual. I’m actually looking for both pumps, the inline electric pump and in the in tank pre-pump/sender. I sadly don’t have part numbers
  7. Front Euro turn signals (pair) for sale

    Ive noticed an increase in this kind of activity on the forum. It’s a damn shame. I sympathize.
  8. Ti Airbox

    Feel better
  9. Jim, Since I have an early car, the manual specifies an E21 323 pre-pump/sender unit. Thanks for reaching out nonetheless.
  10. WTB: Battery Relocation Cable/kit

    Looking to relocate my battery to the trunk for the upcoming M2 conversion. IF you got the cables or the relocation kit I'd be interested. Thanks, Eamon
  11. Looking for a copper 320i radiator, electric fuel pump and the pre-pump/level sender in the gas tank for my M2 conversion. Also need E21 half shafts for the LSD conversion. THanks, Eamon
  12. Pair of Vintage Recaro seats

    Nice seats!
  13. 3.45 gear sets

    How much for black And white Reprints of the gears?
  14. Limited Slip Diff

    Andrew, please be patient. I texted you about the diff but I’m yet to hear back.