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  1. Hi, I have those parts. Currently listed on ebay but I think I have another flasher switch and another hi/low beam switch here but I've to look again to be sure. Can tell you later. The lower steering column cover I have only once. Without cracks. Listed in the faq here: Later I added it to ebay here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/153683574613 But I can end the listing if you want it. I tell you later if I found the two switches.
  2. I've these early dash chrome covers for sale. The long one is from metal and has a dent. I tried to show on the pics. The short ones are chromed plastic. All with some quirks but maybe better than none. Asking 55$ + shipping worldwide 9$. Please PM if you want them. Thanks
  3. Nice condition. 24 EUR + 8 EUR shipping worldwide. Please PM if you want it Thanks
  4. Hi, selling this 02 center console ashtray frame w/o cracks in good condition w/ working hazard and fog light switch. 80 EUR + 4 EUR paypal fees + 9 EUR shipping worldwide If interested please send me a PM Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm selling this Original Alpina wooden shift knob. Original from the 80's. Screwable for 02. 110 EUR + 8 EUR shipping worldwide + 5 EUR paypal fees Please PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Lower steering column cover for 1502-2002ti for sale. (w/ choke. Not for tii) Plastic. No cracks, nothing broken. #32311108581 49$ + 9$ shipping worldwide Please send pm if interested. Thanks
  7. Original '71 lower steering column cover for BMW 2002tii for sale (w/o choke). Aluminum 75$, shipping worldwide 10$ Please pm if interested. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have this BMW 1600 rear view mirror for sale. Has some scratches in the middle on the glass, unfortunately. I tried to show on the pics. 49 45$ + 10$ shipping worldwide Please pm if interested. Thanks
  9. I have this NOS Neue Klasse 1800-2000 turn indicator switch for sale. Part # 61311351019 95$ shipped worldwide
  10. I have this NOS heater fan switch for sale. 6Volts, for Neue Klasse 1500-2000 3 positions, off,1,2 Part # 61311350404 79$ shipped worldwide
  11. LED in a BMW 02?? What's next? Petri with an airbag? I like it original. The more original the better. 😋
  12. Just wanted to show.. At the Turbo steering wheel the horn button is the inner BMW logo, not the complete hub cover 😉

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