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  1. Hi, I have this early turn indicator swtich for sale. NOS, very nice, never a wire attached. BMW # is 61318648072 90 EUR + shipping (8EUR worldwide) Paypal f&f prefered Please PM if interested. Thanks
  2. Seb

    Misc parts

    Nos rear fog light still available, can provide more pics, 50 Euro +8 shipping
  3. Seb

    Misc parts

    Hi, I have some misc parts for sale. Under dash covers, upper steering column covers, (flat one no longer available) knee crash pad, seat catches, touring rear seat locks, hood latches, choke with contact for 'choke pulled' (red lamp in cockpit) water divider, 50 EUR, NOS rear fog light, not Bosch or Hella but really nice, new, working, 12V, with bulb Please PM if interested, or if you need other parts. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have these parts for sale, headlight switches, 20 EUR each, defroster switches, 20 EUR each, relays, 19 EUR each, fuel filler caps w key, 24 EUR each, black painted pair of wiper arms 40 EUR, turn indicator & high low beam switch 40 EUR Golde sunroof crank 24 EUR, SOLD Hazard switches 22 EUR each fuse box cover 19 EUR Shipping 9 EUR up to 0.5kgs Will reduce if you buy more items. If you need more parts please let me know. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have these two tachometers for sale. I got them myself as working but I didnt test them. Crosshair style looks good, silverdollar style has some quirks at the face plate but looks good. 119 100 EUR each, plus shipping (shipping each 10 EUR to US) Paypal family & friends prefered (or add 5 EUR paypal fees please) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Seb

    Trunk bin SOLD

    40 EUR off, now 300 EUR
  7. Hi, I have this original BMW 02 trunk bin for sale. No cracks, nothing broken. BMW # 72601834399 550$ + shipping (47$ to US, Europe less) Paypal family and friends prefered. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  8. Will also sell the 4 injectors separated for 500 EUR
  9. Hi, I have this complete tii intake manifold for sale, with hrottle body and fuel injectors. 749 699 EUR + shipping (50 EUR to US, EU 20 EUR) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  10. Seb

    Trunk bin SOLD

    Maybe it looks brandnew when painted.

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