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  1. Reduced to 399 EUR (50 EUR off) NOS headlight washer motor also available here:
  2. I've this 02 wiper stalk for sale. 3 switch positions (0,1,2) + pull-function. 42$ (paypal fees included) + 7$ shipping worldwide. Please send me a PM if you're interested. Thank you
  3. Hi there, I have this set of sun visors for sale. Both clips included, one clip has a crack as you can see. Good condition except small cuts at the upper holder (where the clip is attached) and some black dirt at the white one. Not porous. Asking 45$ +7$ shipping worldwide. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have this early series silver dollar style dash clock for sale. Comes in original box. VDO. 12V. W/ original NOS wiring. Never opened. Not even for taking pictures. 99$. Paypal fees included. Shipping worldwide 12$ Please pm if interested. Thank you
  5. Hi, I have these three dome lights for sale. 40$ each, paypal fees included, shipping 7$ worldwide (free shipping if you buy all 3) Please pm if interested. Thanks
  6. Hi, does anybody need black rear door cards for 02 touring? Please PM Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm selling this early series tach. Nice condition, w/ wiring. Asking 130$, shipping worldwide 12$ Please PM if interested. Thanks
  8. Hi, selling this second series 200kph speedometer. It's working, also the odometer but the pin that stops the needle is broken off. There's a hole now (you can see thru) If you want a cheap 200kph speedo thats a chance. Just put something in the hole to fix it. 50$ + 12$ shipping worldwide. Please PM if interested. Thx
  9. Hi, I have this late 200kph Euro speedometer, crosshair-style for sale. Speedo and odometer is working fine. Nice original condition. Stamped 4.74 VDO, W=0.807 120$ + 12$ shipping worldwide Please PM if interested. Thanks
  10. I've this original NOS WW2 "Deutsche Volksgasmaske" fs if your buyer is interested. (Description included) I've three available, two for passeengers. 20 EUR each, free shipping 🙂 https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/deutsche-volksgasmaske-2-weltkrieg-wk-ww2-gasmaske-filter-anleit-/1181321620-234-3008
  11. Then its matt silver.
  12. I'm really not sure, looks like both 🙂
  13. Seb

    02 Ignition switch

    OK I see, didn't know it. Thank you
  14. price reduced. Now 220 EUR shipped worldwide
  15. I have this ashtray for the center console for sale. 39$ + 6$ shipping worldwide

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