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  1. Hi, I'm selling this wiper and indicator switch. Mounted at the right side of the steering column (LHD) PN is 61311352636 The switch works fine. Also the reset. Not wobbly, not worn out. Also the push function at the end of the lever switches fine. There are two things: - a part of a fixing bracket at the backside is broken off. (Either you use it as it is or you fix it.) - the white color on the knob symbols is gone and the knob has some scratches. 120$ shipped worldwide. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  2. Fuel level sender for sale. PN 62161358087 For BMW 1502 1602 1802 2002 carburettor cars (Works also for E12 525) Complete inner length: 224.5mm Works fine. With sieve. Without o-ring. 3 contacts (maybe one is EU-specific for low fuel warning, I'm not firm about US fuel senders, I heard there's no low fuel warning overseas) 65 EUR shipped to USA with UPS Expedited. OBO Please PM if interested. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm selling this pair (Ieft and right side) BMW Neue Klasse 1500-2000 bumper overriders. I'm not 100% sure that they are the front (and not the rear) ones, but almost. Asking price for the pair is 90 EUR + shipping (depends on zip, I think it's about 25 EUR to USA) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  4. Original BMW 1600/ti 2002/ti cover for 3-piece dashboard. (From 1969) Nice condition. Crackfree. (62211351704) Asking 110 100 EUR + shipping (I guess 20 to 25 EUR to USA) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  5. Original Touring flaps for sale. (Mounted behind the seats) Left and right side, both springs included. 110 EUR shipped worldwide. (85 EUR + shipping, paypal fees included) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have these left side euro turn signals for sale. 7x +1x only the lens with frame, without holder/reflector No crap. But with quirks. I'd like to sell the whole lot together. My asking price is 300 EUR + shipping Shipping costs to USA: 30-35 EUR (DHL/UPS) Depends on zip code. If there's nobody who takes it all and you're interested in one please send me a PM. Thanks
  7. Hi, one euro turn signal,, left side for sale. 75$ + 15$ shipping to USA (UPS Expedited) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm selling these two right side euro turn signals. Both have some quirks and the inner parts are not fixed through rivets. Please see the pics. One plus-connector is broken (wire needs to be attached directly, e.g. soldered) My asking pricee is 70$ each + shipping (UPS Expedited) Shipping costs to USA: 15$ for one, 19$ for both. Or: One shippped: 85$ Both shipped: 150$ Remember: both are right side. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  9. These are sold, I dont have any others at the moment, I'm sorry.
  10. Hi, I'm selling this original pair of euro turn signals. One backside looks nicer than the other one and they have some quirks at the chrome frames and lenses but I think they look ok. (Thats my last pair I have at the moment, I'll offer the rest of my indicators (mostly single left ones) here tomorrow. Missed to take pics today.) My asking price for this pair is 130 EUR + shipping costs. Paypal fees included. (I think it's e.g. about 12-17 EUR to USA with UPS Expedited. Depends on zip) Please PM if interested. Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm selling this pair of early tail lights. Really nice pair, from the same car, and they're both complete,, no small parts missing.. Nice condition Lenses crackfree Gaskets ok Chrome frames nice (except small quirks) With both caps for the backsides (one cap was missing, thats why one looks different) Reflectors complete (not missing the small 'plastic windows'. One has small surface scratches) Original plastic screws My asking price for this pair is 120 EUR + shipping costs. I ship worldwide; with DHL and UPS. E.g.: to USA with UPS Expedited) Shipping costs depend on location/zip. E.g.: Shipping with UPS Expedited (~6 days) to FL (USA): 25 EUR I accept PayPal. Please pm if interested. Thanks
  12. price lowered (150USD instead of EUR) & new pics from today
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