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  1. I think crosshair style is 1973 up, please correct me if I am wrong
  2. Its stamped 1973, works for 1502-2002, important is the W=0.91
  3. Hi, I have several headlight, defroster and hazard switches (and a lighter) for sale. Each part 20 EUR. Some of the hazards is missing the outer screwable ring. Shipping 7 EUR worldwide. For one or all. Will also sell all together. Paypal f&f preferred. Please PM. Thanks
  4. Seb

    +pole wire

    Hi, original +pole wire for sale. 20 EUR + 7 EUR shipping worldwide. paypal f&f preferred. Please pm if interested. Thanks
  5. Hi there, I have this set of black wiper arms for sale. 49 EUR shipped worldwide. Paypal f&f preferred Please PM if interested. Thanks
  6. Hi, I've this 200kph speedometer for sale. Working. Also the odometer. 3rd series, crosshair style. W=0.807 Stamped 1974/03 80 EUR + 9 EUR shipping worldwide. Paypal f&f preferred. Please pm if interested. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have this 180kph instrument cluster for sale. Crosshair style. Working, also the odometer. 79 EUR + 19 EUR shipping worldwide. Paypal f&f preferred. Please PM if interested. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I have this turn indicator switch with wipe function for sale. 65 EUR + 8 EUR shipping worldwide. Please PM if interested. Thanks
  9. Hi, I got a lot of request, I'll try to answer everybody as soon as possible, but it may take some time. Thank you
  10. Sorry, I don't have any Italian turn signals left, I have sold one nice pair I had. I love the Italian turn signals. (Have one left for E9)
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