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  1. the person in California doesn't know if the car is legal here? Yes 75 and older vehicles are smog exempt. As stated above - AAA is great, to regiser my 38 chevy with no title I hired a lady that just does registrations, that one cost closer to $400 tho, but that thing didn't even have a VIN # .
  2. Yea this mirror is like turning your head 180 degrees - I love it - I only put it on because I got the car without a mirror way back when, and it probably wont come out until I get a headliner. Yes I plan on replacing the pair , since I have been slowly blowing out everything that is old... Started with fixing my brake booster hose, then slave cylinder, now my caliper. ahh, i love it...
  3. They are 13X6 BBS - but the inside is smaller than my 13x 5.5 BBS my 5.5 fit no problem at all.
  4. ahhh I got it, - I need a new caliper because these were ground down by the prior owner ( 7 years ago ) and that grind finally gave way and started leaking. So I guess I could just get the one caliper, but would like to eliminate that entire drama. Is there a part # to reference for the Volvo Calipers?
  5. Would you guys start from scratch? or keep these? Trying to run 13"s...
  6. So one of my calipers went out, and I always thought it was cool that I got the car with 4 piston calipers, well it was cool until I realized, I don't know what brake upgrade was done to this car throughout its life. Can anyone help me figure out what brake Caliper I am running? Volvo? 320? Tii? thanks, Sorry if photos are huge. Adam
  7. Thank you! Yes, I did a lot of work the last 12 months on this thing. Puller, rolled, rubbed, you name it. - Still rubs on occasional full lock. Trying to figure out if I am going to keep running these wheels. before During After
  8. I wanna play 13x6 BBS 205 Toyos
  9. Buying a new used car with tint sucks... I usually go the thinner and steel wool route, i hate it - I almost want to pay a guy to do it. but it works.
  10. *Walks up to Alpina techs from back in the day, whips out the old wallet, unfolds a photo of his red 2002 Alpina ti.* "Hey Franz! the guy with the red Alpina is here!"
  11. I recently discovered my mirror mount bracket needs replacing ( closed my door, mirror went flying ) luckily the mirror is OK! Does anyone have a bracket available? should like like so... it is NLA or I would order it new - $11 let me know if anyone has one - and how much thank you! Adam
  12. Thanks! I have it on there, just wanted to offer it to any of our members here.

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