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  1. MrAdams

    Ordering from WallothNesch

    I ordered my strut bar from them and got it in 3 days from Germany - insane.
  3. check @usedracingparts on instagram - real nice stuff - but I dont know if they are the same seats we run if anyone can chime in?
  4. MrAdams

    battery relocate

    welded??? man that sucks. but i still vote grind it off.
  5. MrAdams

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    YES i made a contraption to have my heat gun on it for about 10 minutes, when the part was warm to the touch i blasted the first coat. then left it under the gun for each coat - then did a thick final coat and left the gun on it for like 20 minutes before i filed it. i know they say not to touch it for 24 hours, but I'm impatient 😊
  6. MrAdams

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Yes I am doing an oil catch can - just haven't gotten it yet. the wrinkle paint wasnt hard, bu I have been painting for a while - the key is heat and doing even coats
  7. MrAdams

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Finished my custom wire loom / mini wire tuck wrinkle painted my valve cover and hand filed. final product under hood
  8. switch it for a second resonator. Loud but still sounds clean. Also not drony - I just had my guy weld in 2 off the shelf resonators and it sounded great!!!
  9. MrAdams

    Wiechers Sport Strut Bar

    +1 - just got mine from Germany in like 4-5 days. nice and polished. fits great, lots of clearance.
  10. MrAdams

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Putting my puzzle together... Put
  11. MrAdams

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Looking for a Valve cover in good shape - Can you shoot me a price shipped to SoCal? 93117
  12. Found it 61311364272 91 - Celcius
  13. Thanks for the reply mlytle, I will look into that fan switch. Anyone got the correct Part #? or what temp switch? ( I am sure I can find it if not ) About the fan, I searched all over this site and most seemed to use the 12" SPAL fan with the Massive mounts for electrical fan setup? Not suffice?
  14. MrAdams

    tech tip ....... a rolling dolly

    sketchy.... I had a tech once try to take a car off a frame machine with 4 jacks that had 4X4's on the jacks, long ways..... the car fell off the jacks landed on it's side, and I needed a new tech. Luckily it was just a prius...