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  1. MrAdams

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Putting my puzzle together... Put
  2. MrAdams

    Parting 2002s - Lots of Parts

    Looking for a Valve cover in good shape - Can you shoot me a price shipped to SoCal? 93117
  3. Found it 61311364272 91 - Celcius
  4. Thanks for the reply mlytle, I will look into that fan switch. Anyone got the correct Part #? or what temp switch? ( I am sure I can find it if not ) About the fan, I searched all over this site and most seemed to use the 12" SPAL fan with the Massive mounts for electrical fan setup? Not suffice?
  5. MrAdams

    tech tip ....... a rolling dolly

    sketchy.... I had a tech once try to take a car off a frame machine with 4 jacks that had 4X4's on the jacks, long ways..... the car fell off the jacks landed on it's side, and I needed a new tech. Luckily it was just a prius...
  6. MrAdams

    Too many cars?

    I think as long as you have the space, you're good. And of course, time to drive them.... I am at 4 right now, but no plans on stopping. 1965 Chevy Impala 1972 BMW 2002 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S ( AE86 ) 2003 BMW M3 sometimes... I cant decide what to drive!
  7. Another thread revival from me! I searched this entire thread and just wanted some of you faqers opinion.Didnt really find my answer I am Wiring an electric 12" SPAL push fan in front of my ALU radiator. I was wondering what temp switch to get. I think I should get the 195 F temp switch . What are your guys thoughts, I seem to be getting mixed results from old threads on here regarding running temp My sensor will be mounted at the water divider at the top. Spal seems to offer 2 temp settings the 2 options from Spal I see are 185F Fan On Temperature (F):185 degrees F Fan Off Temperature (F):165 degrees F 195F Fan On Temperature (F):195 degrees F Fan Off Temperature (F):175 degrees F OR this one with no Temp switch - just kit. Anyone know what the specs are on the IE fan kit?
  8. anyone having wheel fitment issues converting to rear disc? I saw somewhere on here that the caliper sticks out about 1" from the mounting surface?
  9. My girlfriend thinks I'm about $5,000 invested right now. 😁 I hope when I die they don't sell my cars for what I have said I invested in them....
  10. Man I would love a set of angled 2 1/2" stacks. Anyone know where I can source them?
  11. You need to take off all that frosting to see what the door really consists of. Once you remove the Bondo you can make that call. Maybe post another photo once removed and I can show my body guys. But its hard to say with that photo.
  12. Seems someone solved this problem years ago lol
  13. Searching all over the web, I found this for sale. Thought it was funny timing for me since I am currently dealing with this.
  14. Thanks for the reply! What is considered Medium length? I see some 1.02" available that I am considering.