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Sound Deadening Trunk Walls?

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I don't think there would be any benefit aside from maybe stereo sound if you have a sub in the trunk.


Please note, I've never been a "sub-woofer car guy" so  what I wrote might be complete pish-posh.

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Well I am trying to find new ways to finance my car projects.


I am running two 6" sub woofers under the back seat, you know for pummeling kidney stones.  


In all seriousness, it is a large trunk with substantial sides.



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Meh. I think it's just pointless weight. 


If you're having rattles or panel vibration, you could add some small patches, but no need to cover the whole panel. You typically just need to isolate the passenger compartment. If you apply damping to the back seat area/floor that should be fine. 


I put in a Focal Ibus 20 Powered sub/amp combo in the truck on the rear wall, and decided to add a few patches on the underside of the trunk lid as well as the sides to keep the panels from resonating, and that was enough. If ya had a monster sound system back there like 2 10's/12's or a 15, perhaps it might make more sense. 

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