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  1. MildSeven

    Trade: circa 1980 13” Rial wheels for chrome hubcaps

    these look cool... would you happen to have a photo mounted on the 02?
  2. MildSeven

    WTB: E30 Alternator bracket + adjusting bar

    nothing yet they're very pricey everywhere. i think ECS had the best price:
  3. MildSeven

    WTB: E30 Alternator bracket + adjusting bar

    does anyone know where else I can look (other than new)?
  4. Hi Guys, Wanting to upgrade my alternator... does anyone have these items? E30 alternator support bracket E30 alternator adjusting bar + nut. thanks, Anthony
  5. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    Ah, maybe on the video it sounds like that... but it's crackling over the speakers, the fasten seatbelt and A/F senso gauge flicker at the same time. If I turn-off the stereo, the crackling goes away but the flickering on seatbelt indicator + a/f gauge messing up remains... with revs. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  6. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    By mechanical, you mean, interference created by movement (something spinning, etc). I hadn't thought of this as a trouble shooting option. Thanks! It sounds low to me... it occurs with aux fan on + lights + stereo (+ maybe fan in car). Not sure of the alternator age, I have a friend starting an 02 project. I will go borrow his alternator to try it out. Edit: since it's an inexpensive test, I just ordered a Beru Voltage Regulator. thanks everyone!!!! Will report back, Anthony
  7. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    I fully charged the batt... and the noise is even more predominant + it happens at a lower RPM. I need to invest more time looking at this... but with the lack of info online it's depressing.
  8. MildSeven


    Hi, can you define "light weight," please? thanks and GL with sale, Anthony
  9. MildSeven

    Door Lock Adventure

    I ran in to a similar issue and broke a key. A few months later I opened the door up. Found when locking the door, the lock's little "arm" (on the back of the lock cylinder) would jump out of the channel (part it raises up and down) and become wedged against the side.. making it (probably) impossible to turn back straight. I bent lock part (with the channel) a little to avoid it jumping out in the future. I also installed some cheap automatic door locks :D.
  10. MildSeven

    Fog light ideas

    This is what I came up (some detail in my blog:
  11. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    I tried grounding directly to the chassis. no change. I have a voltmeter led thing hooked up in my glove box. - I noticed when the reading is like 12.5+ or something the noise is present. - if I turn on the fan, aux fan, lights... the noise will diminish or go away all together < 12v need to spend more time on this
  12. MildSeven

    Panasport 13" x 7" 8 spoke

    I missed out
  13. MildSeven

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    ohhhhhh, I'm interested in these too. will subscribe.
  14. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    My battery was relocated to the trunk. I have a wire from the battery connected to (i believe) the stock ground wire. They're connected on top of the driver shock. [i'll get a photo]. Other notes. The battery also grounds to the chassis in 2 locations: in the trunk + under the rear seat on inner rocker (with amp). While trying to eliminate issue during the winter... - The amp was originally grounded to the chassis on the inner rocker but then I ran a wire directly from the battery. - I re-grounded the stereo as well. Edit, photos:
  15. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    I haven't had some solid time to look at this but have been searching the net. One suggestion is that the engine/ignition ground should be isolated from the body (not grounded to the body). Anyone else have ideas for me?