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  1. Do you know if these fit in un-flaired fenders? I'm guessing the tires might not.
  2. hmmmm...interesting.
  3. All new. - 24" of cloth covered brake booster vaccuum hose. - Black (metal) Tee cuppler with female threaded port. - Brass Barb-male threaded fitting. I bought this to pick-up the vacuum signal for my 1-2-3Tune distributor... BUT I bought Spanish Weber DCOEs which have ports for vacuum signal, thus I never installed this hose. $29usd + shipping from Montreal, Canada
  4. Sorry for not writting earlier...it's potentially sold to "lmeuser" EDIT: deal fell through, still for sale.
  5. Selling an OEM slightly used 'gas' pedal. it's NLA. I bought it 2 summers ago (i believe from bluntech for $80usd). I've driven the car maybe 1,500kms since, so the pedal is in great shape. Photos to follow. I think you can buy the URO jobbers for $35. $39usd + shipping from Montreal, Canada.
  6. Decided not to use it. E21 Master Cylinder Brake Reservoir, good condition. No Cap. Stock 02 cap fits. Photos to come.. having that issue where i can't load them again $25usd plus shipping from Montreal, Canada
  7. thanks guys! I haven't re-bled it since Sunday's drive and didn't have any issues where there were weak brakes. The pedal doesn't feel as firm as I would like (as it did before with e12 calipers) and i would like some more resistance higher up. I didn't pump the brakes while bleeding. I didn't think it was necessary, maybe I will do that. I wanted to get more pedal feel higher up, should i look at a wilwood pre-pressure valve (since BMW is NLA)? I was trying to find out what the oem valve pressure was, i believe is 6psi. Can anyone confirm this figure? Thanks, Anthony
  8. Thanks guys. So, I shouldn't assume there might be an issue with MC? I'll do another bleed on the weekend. Anyone know what pressure I should be bleeding at? I was doing 17psi. Also do where can I find a pre pressure valve for my rear line? Does anything generic exist since the part is NLA. Thanks, Anthony
  9. Weekend Update (got my motive pressure bleeder) - I put the e21 (from the bbk kit) back on, I bench bled it first. - Using pressure bleeder I checked for leaks by setting it at 15psi. I let it sit for about 40mins. No pressure drop. - Bled the brakes, air came out. did it again and again. Everything went well, 0 air. - I also flipped the calipers and bled them upside down (from the top). Maybe 1 small bubble. - I adjusted the rear shoes. The pedal feels closer to how it felt before the wildwood calipers, which is good. Note: I had e12 calipers before. Issue. While driving it on Sunday, it was going pretty fine… except when going down a hill, I started to apply brakes gradually. I was able to put the pedal to the floor and I kept rolling down. I pumped the brakes and then was able to stop. Could this be the result of a bad master? Are there any tests I could do to validate this? I’m not sure what to look at anymore I just want to drive in peace before it has to be stored for the winter. Thanks again everyone for all the input! Anthony
  10. Thanks Myrtle... #3 before they felt good , though I think I will swap back to the e21 MC. What are your thoughts on the lack of pre-pressure valve?
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