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  1. Agreed! I used to throw a bottle of water on the passenger seat or next to my handbrake because I didn't want anything odd looking around the dash. This is out of the way but not too much and it looks vintage-sweet.
  2. @popovm It's a minidisc/cd player (Japanese market) Panasonic CQ-VX5500 There should be some more photos in my build blog. That reminds me, I need to put some updates in there
  3. Great! Has everyone received their cup holders? Any feedback? All positive obviously 😉. I saw on Patina Handle's IG that all models were in stock.
  4. Ok, he apokogizes, said there was an issue with the bracket production. The new ones should be ready on Monday and shipped out ASAP. Email him at patinahandle@hotmail.com with your address and name. He'll take care of it.
  5. Last Christmas bump. 😀 Merry Christmas 02 friends!
  6. It's not Christmas yet... in case anyone wants to make my niece happy
  7. Thanks Harry! She's my niece, I have enough with 2 😛 Come on guys, get 'em while their hot!
  8. Update The cupholders just came out of production and are headed for powder coating.
  9. Thanks Mike! I think she's still waiting on her 2002s sales... that I said would come from my idea 😛.
  10. Hi Gang, As part of my 12 year old niece's art class, she setup an etsy account to sell her creations. She created a printable BMW 2002 Christmas design which you can print and use as a Christmas card or anything else...There are also other non-bmw related Christmas designs too. I think it's the perfect mix of cool and cute. It's $2cad which is basically 0.30usd. If you're feeling charitable please check it out an make a purchase, it will help her in the contest :) https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/903172428/winter-red-bmw thanks, Anthony
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