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  1. Decided not to use it. E21 Master Cylinder Brake Reservoir, good condition. No Cap. Stock 02 cap fits. Photos to come.. having that issue where i can't load them again $25usd plus shipping from Montreal, Canada
  2. thanks guys! I haven't re-bled it since Sunday's drive and didn't have any issues where there were weak brakes. The pedal doesn't feel as firm as I would like (as it did before with e12 calipers) and i would like some more resistance higher up. I didn't pump the brakes while bleeding. I didn't think it was necessary, maybe I will do that. I wanted to get more pedal feel higher up, should i look at a wilwood pre-pressure valve (since BMW is NLA)? I was trying to find out what the oem valve pressure was, i believe is 6psi. Can anyone confirm this figure? Thanks, Anthony
  3. Thanks guys. So, I shouldn't assume there might be an issue with MC? I'll do another bleed on the weekend. Anyone know what pressure I should be bleeding at? I was doing 17psi. Also do where can I find a pre pressure valve for my rear line? Does anything generic exist since the part is NLA. Thanks, Anthony
  4. Weekend Update (got my motive pressure bleeder) - I put the e21 (from the bbk kit) back on, I bench bled it first. - Using pressure bleeder I checked for leaks by setting it at 15psi. I let it sit for about 40mins. No pressure drop. - Bled the brakes, air came out. did it again and again. Everything went well, 0 air. - I also flipped the calipers and bled them upside down (from the top). Maybe 1 small bubble. - I adjusted the rear shoes. The pedal feels closer to how it felt before the wildwood calipers, which is good. Note: I had e12 calipers before. Issue. While driving it on Sunday, it was going pretty fine… except when going down a hill, I started to apply brakes gradually. I was able to put the pedal to the floor and I kept rolling down. I pumped the brakes and then was able to stop. Could this be the result of a bad master? Are there any tests I could do to validate this? I’m not sure what to look at anymore I just want to drive in peace before it has to be stored for the winter. Thanks again everyone for all the input! Anthony
  5. Thanks Myrtle... #3 before they felt good , though I think I will swap back to the e21 MC. What are your thoughts on the lack of pre-pressure valve?
  6. Ok, update of my situation... still unresolved and there's a car show I want to attend Sunday . I currently have my old (previously working) 2002 master cylinder in with 2 ports plugged. Bleeding + Bleeding = Bleeding I did some gravity bleeding + some gravity bleeding while pumping a little + some bleeding with a helper. + some more bleeding with a helper last night. The 2 rear drums, blead nicely. Nice clear fluid at the end. The passenger front INNER had like bursts of very tiny, tiny bubbles that would go on forever. Video: When we started bleeding the driver front, the pedal went suddenly soft, it was almost like pumping with no resistance (you can even hear the sound of no resistance on the video). We would have to build up pressure to get more of a feel (~6 pumps). It was never ending tiny, tiny bubbles, even though the length from MC to caliper is very short. Video: #1, Wilwood are interchangeable #2 I ordered a motive pressure bleeder last night after my frustrations. #3 nothing changed from before the swap. As in you had them on upside down or you flipped them back to right side up after? Photo of my tiny, tiny perrier bubbles :
  7. If you get fed up of holding them and the shipping option comes up. I'm in GL with sale. Anthony
  8. I'll be bleeding later with the 2002 mc back in.will let you know what happens Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  9. just to close off.. I ended up keeping my relocated bottle, with the 2 elbow adapters. It went in easy, the e21 outlet ports are bigger, so i couldn't fit it in. makes sense.
  10. So last night, I bench blead the e21 MC. + I swapped the passenger and rear brake lines, since I messed those up. Tonight, I re-blead the lines. I tested it without driving it. I can still floor the pedal without it braking substantially . I even started the car up (with wheels off + up on jack). I was apply to give some gas and a lot of brake with the wheels still spinning problem free . I will try my old 2002 MC with 2 port blocked tomorrow. I really hope it's a bad MC because I'll be extra frustrated if it's not. Thanks again everyone, Anthony Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  11. PM replied, you're 1st in line. Photos work now. Here's a photo of actual lines. Photo taken right after i removed them, I didn't wipe them down or anyhing.
  12. Selling a set of (FRONT 4 hoses) CA Tuned Stainless brake lines. Link to original product: https://catuned.com/catuned-brakes-brake-lines-bbk-1 Perfect condition. They were installed on the car in 2017. I've done under 1,600kms since then (1000miles). and my speedo reads fast. Reason for sales, upgraded brakes to IE Wilwood kit. $40usd + shipping from Montreal EDIT: Why can't I add photos to posts anymore? I can email photos upon request, but the lines look new, i didn't even clean them for the photo.
  13. Lines look good, only changed MC and front calipers. also the hard lines on the struts are both no longer needed with the kit. Last night, i bench bled the MC while it was in the car.what a mess, since fluid was already in it... (I should've pumped it out in retro-spec ;p) i swapped the passenger front with rear line, since i messed that up, but didn't finish bleeding yet, wanted to wait for a partner. iiish... well if this doesn't work, I'll try my old 2002 MC with 2 ports plugged. I follow your projects on IG btw thanks everyone. Anthony

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