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  1. MildSeven

    Fog light ideas

    This is what I came up (some detail in my blog:
  2. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    I tried grounding directly to the chassis. no change. I have a voltmeter led thing hooked up in my glove box. - I noticed when the reading is like 12.5+ or something the noise is present. - if I turn on the fan, aux fan, lights... the noise will diminish or go away all together < 12v need to spend more time on this
  3. MildSeven

    Panasport 13" x 7" 8 spoke

    I missed out
  4. MildSeven

    Custom 02 Roof racks.. Retro & sport

    ohhhhhh, I'm interested in these too. will subscribe.
  5. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    My battery was relocated to the trunk. I have a wire from the battery connected to (i believe) the stock ground wire. They're connected on top of the driver shock. [i'll get a photo]. Other notes. The battery also grounds to the chassis in 2 locations: in the trunk + under the rear seat on inner rocker (with amp). While trying to eliminate issue during the winter... - The amp was originally grounded to the chassis on the inner rocker but then I ran a wire directly from the battery. - I re-grounded the stereo as well. Edit, photos:
  6. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    I haven't had some solid time to look at this but have been searching the net. One suggestion is that the engine/ignition ground should be isolated from the body (not grounded to the body). Anyone else have ideas for me?
  7. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    No LED in fasten seat belt. I finally filmed a short video. I didnt mount the camera and the crackling is hard to hear. You'll see, the fasten seat belt flickers and the wideband flashes quickly at 25.5 when the crackling is heard. Thanks guys. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  8. MildSeven


    During my restoration, I had installed a fused block (4-5 spaces/fuses) which is powered directly from the battery (via a relay with ignition on). I ran a wire from that block to a switch in the center console and from there straight to the fog-lights.
  9. MildSeven

    Electrical Issues/Interference.

    Thanks a lot guys.. it was raining last night, so no drive/video. So, I had the issue before and the issue remains, after the restoration. Before: Crane XR700, After: 123Tune (new cap) + new wires. Before: I didn't have LED bulbs, After: I have LED bulbs in my tail light (brakes). I would have to look at it, I did take a lot of photos of the wiring behind the fuse box when I was disassembling the car. I haven't ever heard a buzzer for the seat. I do have a buzzer for the key in though. In this photo I believe the bottom left would be 12 & 11. I have the 123Tune alternator, used to have a Crane Hot Spark, XR700. I'm not sure about my alternator, will have to look at it. The amp has a + wire direct to the battery (with fuse), the negative was grounded to the chassis (behind rocker, under rear seat) next to the amp... but a couple of weeks ago, I brought a wire from the (-) to the same point on the chassis. If I'm not mistaken, the switched power, is controlled by the stereo, and the stereo ign. on, is tapped behind the key. thanks again for the replies... appreciate it!
  10. I had this issue before rebuilding the car but hadn't thought about it during the project... There's some type of electrical interference in my '02. Originally I thought it was just the radio or amp because I had more important things to think of but now I think it's something else. Symptoms/observations: On acceleration... - Crackling distortion noise when radio is powered (regardless of source or volume. - I re-grounded the stereo and the amp, during the winter. - The fasten seat belt light, slightly lights up along at the same time as the crackling distortion. If I turn stereo off, it will still continue. - I also noticed yesterday that my a/f gauge messes up reads like 25.5 or something when this is happening. I have a digital LED read out a/f. - If i have the aux fan on and some other items, lights, fan, the crackling noise will be way less apparent, maybe even gone. - On a few occasions, I don't believe I had any issue. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? pointers I've been reading around on the net, and I was thinking of re-grounding my coil as well as my alternator, to see what happens. Thanks for your help, Anthony EDIT: I'll try to film a video of what happens next time I'm driving.
  11. MildSeven


    Let's light up some vapour. So, I got some Marchal fog lights from : Schickentanz, thanks again. When mounting them, I wanted to avoid drilling holes, anywhere. I've seen that a lot of people will mount them to the hood hinge brackets, but that means the lights are close to the center (near the kidney grill). I wanted the lights to be pushed out (near headlights), I also wanted the brackets to be semi-hidden. So, I decided to use the bumper-mount bolt holes to support the bracket… I doubt I’m the first to do this, but I hadn’t previously read about it. I started by making a (mock up) bracket with a left over 3/8” MDF sheet. I would cut out the pieces with a jigsaw and glue them using wood glue. I found this step to be super helpful with the overall design, it’s much easier to cut and glue MDF, then cut and weld Metal. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos of it and I threw it out already. In addition to the above, I added a trapezoid shaped piece at a 90’ from the vertical part of the bracket, this piece also has a triangle shaped support, welded below it to reinforce the 90’ from flexing. The trapezoid piece will stick-out of the grill, through the 2nd opening from the bottom of the grill. I had to make the bracket in 2 pieces, if not I would need to cut the grill. So, I drilled the trapezoid piece, to install a bolt near the end (the portion which sticks out of the grill). For the 2nd portion of the bracket, where the actual light will be mounted/bolted. I wanted the bracket to be angled towards the car, to keep the lights as close to the body as possible. I used 4 pieces. I drilled 3 holes to adjust the mounting height of the lights, but then I ended up joining the 2 lowest holes so that I could slide the light up and down for more adjustability. I painted the 2 pieces black and added a grommet to pass the wire. I test mounted them again (below). Here’s the final product, installed with the grill on. POWER. The first time I flipped the switch, the fuse blew and I'd be lying, if i didn't say I tried it a 2nd time with a new fuse . So, I ended up having to take apart my center console. It turns out I mislabelled 2 wires, the ground and the load (wire which feeds the lights). So flicking the switch would join the negative to the positive :s. Wasn't cool. I thought I was all finished and then I had to find an issue. luckily it wasn't a huge thing and I was able to sort it out within 30-45mins... without damaging my delicate custom console. Lights on! Out for a drive to mom and dad's I'm really happy with the way the brackets turned out, I'm even thinking about fabricating some to sell. I think, I prefer my 02 with the fog lights. What do you guys think about? Thanks for reading, Anthony Next project: Custom fibreglass duckbill.
  12. MildSeven

    Eurokracy 2018

    I went last year with my 2002. I entered the Show'n'shine and won Best Euro :D I don't think I'll be going this year, too much going on family wise.
  13. Hey man, I'm a proud 2002-owner in the West Island; do you feel like exchanging contact information so we can do 2002 things around town?  Like cruising, show'n'shines, donuts/burnouts, general tom-foolery and maybe a bit of posing/neck-breaking?  I'm going to Eurokracy next weekend and I'd love to find any local 2002 guys so that we can represent out there.

  14. MildSeven

    SOLD: E21 Reccaro Headrest

    Selling my E21 Black German Vinyl Headrests (Aardvark Racing). They're in great condition. I thought i had some photos but this is best I had... I will snap some more photos shortly. $125usd + shipping from Montreal, Canada
  15. Hello... it's in my build blog: