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  1. Ya it's always been a disaster with UPS... I always request USPS from the US. Recent example... I received a Williams F1 cap from UK last week, I paid 16 pounds (9 pounds shipping)... UPS charged me almost $19cad.
  2. "Listen to your friend AceAndrew, he's a cool dude. He's trying to help you out."
  3. forgive my lack of knowledge... so you just pop this bad boy in to your existing 2002 differential and you drive off in to the sunset?
  4. it's a firm rubber.
  5. Here you go... 61611350462
  6. sure... I'll try to do it tonight.
  7. thanks, with that, I found this #7.. but how and where is it placed?
  8. I have this part which is like a rubber trapezoid. I can't remember where I removed it from. I stumbled on to it in the garage this weekend... so I snapped a photo for help from the experts. I did some googling last fall.. but couldn't even find a photo of the piece. thanks, Anthony
  9. thanks for the replies, guys. Ok, so looked at it again today. I noticed the first grey gear was loose, I pulled the shaft out, and punched the shaft as instructed as I had done with the odometer currently in my 02 (thanks to thread on here). this one: That fixed my trip-reset +1 km odometer issue. Notes for others: Not sure if my theory applies to all... evidence: 1. When the lead gear was not catching, every time I would reset my trip counter the odometer would gain 1km 2. When the lead gear was catching (fixed) but the gear on the "arm" next to the speedo-cable (the one with screw for adjustment) was not re-attached, every time I would reset my trip counter the odometer would gain 1km. conclusion: if you reset your trip counter and the odometer gains 1km, you might have a lead gear which is not catching or the speedo-arm gear that has backed of the mileage-shaft sprocket. Might be a way to test it before pulling your cluster out.
  10. That plus was a mystery for me as well... it's just hanging around loose now. I don't have that block box thing maybe PO removed it. What's it's purpose? why is it counting revolutions?
  11. Ok, I guess my post wasn't helpful and the left side is easier to find than I've been told.
  12. no, that would have taken a lot of time. I scraped them with a blade and then sanded them with a block. take your time and be careful.
  13. Hi Guys, My mph speedo was broken, I was lucky to find a well priced cluster from Netherlands in KMph. I will swap out the speedo, in to the my cluster housing in the spring. I pulled the speedo out, to dust it off and adjust the mileage, I notice when I reset the trip counter it adds a KM to the odometer. Anyone know why, or has anyone seen this before? I used search, but nothing other than odometer broke/repair threads. Thanks, Anthony
  14. Hi Guys, I had been looking for both left and right gutters for a while. I knew the right side was available from a few spots (for about $110usd) but I could never find the left side. I was told it was NLA. BMW Canada apparently has 10 of the left side in stock, 9 now, I guess. I got mine, so I wanted to share the info with the community. With the exchange rate, I think it might be worth it for you guys. Here's where I ordered mine: BMW West Island (514) 683-2000 51135450112: $116.76 cad (~$ 87.20usd) 51135450113: $110.41 cad (~$ 82.42usd) good luck, Anthony
  15. interested, PM sent.