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  1. Question for you guys... I had also installed the digital display my fasten seatbelt pod. Do you guys know if I would be able to run a different wideband kit (like AEM) and wire the digital gauge to work? Crazy question? Thanks, Anthony
  2. Thanks Tommy. It also happens when I'm driving with fully charged batt and alternator running 13v
  3. Mine was pre-soldered... But if you haven't bought yet the after purchase service isn't great. I sent questions and don't get answers. I even mentioned that I would buy another if there was an issue... nothing. It seems the sensor makes a intermittent distortion on the speakers (heard when music is very low or nothing playing) at the same time the voltage drops when this happens. It's a pattern... 2 seconds nothing, 1 second voltage drop/interference and repeat. I think it's the o2 sensor or board because when I cut power (to it), it stops. Anyone else?
  4. MildSeven

    Compomotive CX 13" rims with Toyo RA1s

    My fenders are rolled. I kinda figured they needed flares but was hoping otherwise
  5. MildSeven

    Compomotive CX 13" rims with Toyo RA1s

    Am I right assuming these would not fit a non-flared (fenders) 2002? good luck with sale, Anthony
  6. MildSeven

    Key Stuck

    yes, I also installed automatic door locks
  7. MildSeven

    Key Stuck

    This happened to me (except it was in the lock position ). Like others said it was because the little tab (at the back of the lock cylinder) swung out of the channel on the door lock assembly. Then it gets wedged up against the side of it, not allowing you to turn it back. I believe, the blog someone posted above was what i found after breaking my key.
  8. MildSeven

    WTD: E21 brake expansion tank

    Looking for the reservoir which will mount on top of the master cylinder. thanks, Anthony
  9. Oh crap Thanks for the info Mike. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  10. same... mine got a little greased up during the install (any recommendations to get it shinny again?)
  11. MildSeven

    1 Series-2002, discuss.

    It looks like a 2002, no mistake.... but it also looks awkward.
  12. just sharing...🤡
  13. hi  Anthony ,How are you ? I saw your BBs Wheels ...awesome on your car !

    What the size and offset...Where did you buy them ? will you give me the cost for a set like yours 

    Thank you !


    1. Show previous comments  1 more

      HI Anthony !

      Do you have an idea for the price of the set ?

      Thank You !


    3. MildSeven


      You should be able to find them for between $1300-$1800cad. Depending on condition.


      I did a quick search for you didn't find much at a good price...

      this are kinda local:


      if I see any I'll let you know. If you want an inexpensive similar look, you can get some of those BBS wheels that came on the e30. I have a friend with a set on his 2002.


      ok Anthony I am not  ready right now but If you find something let me know

      Thank you !


  14. MildSeven

    Fog/Driving Light Brackets

    In order to fund further improvements to my 2002 (LSD), I’ve decided to make a Driving light/Fog light brackets. The same ones I made for my 2002 (with some improvements). Driving / Fog Light Brackets. The brackets are for “bumperless” 2002 owners. The brackets do not require any drilling. They are secured to the body using the threaded holes used for the 2x bumper “bows.” #16 on this: Each bracket is made up of 2 pieces; 1 mounts to the car behind the grill, the other attaches to it and has the provision for the light. The brackets sit nice and tight to the body, so they don't stand out too much. The brackets are made out of 1/8” steel. Photos of prototype: Included Pair of painted (2 piece), light brackets. 2x rubber grommets (to pass wires) 2x screws, 2x acorn-nuts, 2x washers, 2x lock washers $119usd + shipping from Montreal, Canada. I required 4 committed buyers before production. Following commitment, the brackets will be shipped within 2 weeks.
  15. I bought a BERU Voltage regulator to test if my regulator was failing... the problem turned out to be my alternator. So, I'm selling it. $25usd + shipping. thanks, Anthony