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  1. Spoke to Mr Patina, the 90' bracket will be included in all orders.
  2. 🙂 The finish/quality is even better in person... I think Ray can attest for that.
  3. Thanks for bringing this up! A 90' adapter is in the works! Cupholders for everyone!
  4. I'm not a Starbucks expert but the diameter of the slot is 3". It was pictured with what I consider a standard medium coffee cup.
  5. No modification necessary. They bolt on to the seat rail, using the existing mount bolt. To work them, insert a cup and enjoy.
  6. A couple of guys I know have been selling cupholders for vintage cars. They finally have a version for the 2002! It's a 1-piece model, powder coated in satin black. Patina handle is offering it at $50. Modeled in my 2002... Here are the other models they offer: Patina handle cup holder solution. -adjustable height -reversible top plate for passenger/driver side fitment -powder-coated satin black finish -3 piece design - simple installation - Application: Porsche 911 1964-1998 Porsche 944 BMW Z3 BMW E39 BMW E36 BMW E46 BMW E28/E24/E12 BMW E30 BMW E21 BMW 2002/e10 (1 piece design non-height adjustable $50) 70$ a unit / worldwide shipping. You can order them at patinahandle.com Happy cupholding. Anthony
  7. price drop.. + still for sale. 2 calipers... including pads which have tons of meat left on them. Packed in a box and ready to ship.
  8. The leak wasn't really enough to leak out. Just to say it was a but wet around the base of the screw. To be honest, I can't remember but believe it's both. Passenger side for sure. Chasing/Tapping them and buying new bleeder valves might fix it. But I wasn't ready to remove them and try that only to have them leak after. A After working on the car restoration for almost 2 years you get anxious at the end so I threw money at it and got used wilwoods 2 summers later.
  9. Pre-Christmas sale... $69er dollars + shipping or $105 shipped whatever is less.
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