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  1. The leak wasn't really enough to leak out. Just to say it was a but wet around the base of the screw. To be honest, I can't remember but believe it's both. Passenger side for sure. Chasing/Tapping them and buying new bleeder valves might fix it. But I wasn't ready to remove them and try that only to have them leak after. A After working on the car restoration for almost 2 years you get anxious at the end so I threw money at it and got used wilwoods 2 summers later.
  2. price drop, $69er usd. still for sale.
  3. Post Christmas price drop. $65usd bump
  4. Pre-Christmas sale... $69er dollars + shipping or $105 shipped whatever is less.
  5. thanks. Bump. Added a price including shipping since it's pricey to ship
  6. Hi, Selling my 2002 master cylinder. Reason for sale, I switched to a single line e21 mc for my wilwood kit. Works flawlessly. Photos to follow... $69usd + shipping from Montreal
  7. Photos... I took these photos immediately after removing the calipers, so they're dirty. I washed them quick before boxing them (the photo in the original post is post-quick-wash/pre-boxing).
  8. Hi Guys, I'm selling my e12 calipers used in "BBK" conversion (to be used with vented e21 discs). I removed them couple of months ago because i got a good deal on some Wilwoods. The bad: - 2 of the bleeder screw/valves leak (suuuuper slowly), so I gave up sealed the bleed screw hole and used teflon around the threads. I'm sure there's a easy way to fix it for someone smart (not me). - The face of the passenger caliper was grinded a little, by previous owner, i presume for wheel fitment. - A small corner of the cast chipped (inner). The good. - They braked well - The rubber looks very good - I'm including the pads which have tons of meat left. Photos to follow in next post. it never seems to let me post photos on initial post I am asking $65usd plus shipping but I found out how expensive shipping is when i gave my first quote ($54usd to Long Beach) $99usd including shipping from Montreal to US. I'll just cover the extra shipping costs but if shipping is less than $35usd, I will refund the difference. thanks, Anthony
  9. Do you know if these fit in un-flaired fenders? I'm guessing the tires might not.

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