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Clutch Pedal Problem


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Didja check the "horseshoe link" -- it connects the clutch pedal return spring to the pedal bucket.  It fits to a peg on the clutch pedal arm; both the peg and the horseshoe wear to the point where the spring breaks the worn peg, thus the pedal won't return properly.  This linkage was used on all the mechanically activated clutches on the 1600s, and on US spec 2002s up to VIN 1665200.  


Not sure if the horseshoe is available new; check with Blunt.  I found both a worn horseshoe and peg on my early '69; at that time the horseshoe was available from BMW, so I built up the worn peg with weld and got a new horseshoe.  If the horseshoes aren't available, you can drill out the holes and bush 'em with either a steel or bronze bushing.  You can also press on a bushing to replace the worn peg.  


FYI there is also an external return spring on the throwout bearing withdrawal fork, and an adjustable link to allopw for clutch wear adjustment.  All 1600s have this, also those early 2002s.  




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