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So today I am working on my car and a few small kids from across the street come over to ask me about what im doing. Their curiosity is flattering but they might be a little annoying with their barrage of questions. Nevertheless I carry on installing my exhaust manifold while explaining what im doing. Out of the 5 kids, two had those metal scooters (razors) with them, the little kid (no more than 5) got an atta-boy for laying his scooter down on the sidewalk and hangs out on my side of the car looking over into the engine bay, their friend, an older kid who is about 11 is hanging out across from me when I realize that his scooter is resting firmly against my fender as he is flailing about ....


Once I realized it, it was too late, the damage was done... I walk over to find a couple nice scratches. I proceed to tell the kid how  uncool it was of him to do that but there's only so much i can say to an 11 year old. This was the same kid that was telling me about how he doesnt like cars but he likes toys like his goped that goes 120 miles per hour, I think I might be doing a motor swap to a goped soon....


Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about how Ive never had a random kid ask me to help fix my car like I did when i was younger, these kids didint exactly help me with my car but I realized that 


Moral of the story is dont let kids next to your car without giving them a NO METAL explanation like the TSA would.  g

1971- 02-Malaga -(Ginger)- 2nd owner

1973-02- chamonix (sold)

pardon any grammatical errors in my posts, im probably on my cell phone.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one overprotective when the neighbors' kids come running around.  My kids know the drill, but it seems that others let their young'uns run wild all over their vehicles.  Just a few weeks ago, the two kids down the road were literally on top of the roof of their mothers Tahoe...


Can't stand it when the kids decide to play kickball in the Cul-de-sac with all the cars out.  More recently they hit my neighbor's E92 M3 with a football - no damage, but still.  There's a huge field out back - go play there...


(sorry for the rant/vent)

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ugh same crap here... I park in the driveway because I have that space taken up in the garage. neighbor kids always set up their soccer goal, baseball stand, football crap right on MY side of their front yard. seen those balls come close to hitting my car so many times. saw a kid jump over my hood once on the POS car. almost ran these kids over a couple times too... just jump right in the way. It's not like the parents are right there watching or anything...

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