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4 Speed Dilemma Need A Part/help Asap


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Brothers in arms:


Short story details: new 1600 project car, blown tranny. Sitting apart at somebody elses place need to move it out quickly.


dealing with the following;

 4 speed transmission output flanges are either 3 or 4 bolt pattern. This we know.

There are at least two spline types, course and fine.

What I have are two transmissions. One is bad that came out of a 69 1600 w/mechanical clutch. Believe it is a Getrag 232 as this has the course spline and was mated to the smaller flywheel and old style pressure plate. While the good transmission, from a 74 2002, is most definitely a Getrag 242.

Getrag 242 has a 4 bolt output flange with a fine spline

Getrag 232 (the one in need of replacement) has a 3 bolt output flange with the course spline.

Problem: the drive shaft at the output flange is a 3 bolt and the good trans has a four bolt flange.

Simple; just swap the flanges, no. the splines are different. I have a 3 bolt flange from another trans (believe a 5 speed) but it too is the wrong size. The spline is fine yet the diameter of the shaft is smaller than the 242.

Question: Does anyone know if there exists a 3 bolt flange for the Getrag 242 that is the correct spline?

Is a 5 speed 3 bolt the one?

Is a 4 speed 3 bolt from and early e21 the one?

Anyone know for sure what 3 bolt output flange exists that will fit a Getrag 242?


What's needed;

A) a good/cheap 1600 4-speed-or-

B) the appropriate 3-bolt flange-or-

C) Drive shaft fabricator shop in the north bay.




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You are dealing with a early 1600 with a long neck diff.  The 3 bolt guibo is different than the 3 bolt E21 style. Your driveline should have 3 guibo joints in it (trans, driveline middle, and diff)  You really need to find a early course spline trans you can put the 3 bolt flange from your old box on.  What is wrong with the trans?  I will be a 232 with the Porsche style syncros.  The clutch is not going to be a problem as there was no difference between the 1600 and 2000 cc transmissions. 


Other possibility (not going to be a quick fix) is to convert the driveline and diff to short neck, 4 bolt and just use a later trans. 

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Hey Byron,



Yes long neck diff;


Of course there is always the route of complete drive line upgrade. But I'll need to replace the control arm flanges too. Way more involved than I have the time and money for at the moment. Plus trying to keep it original as best as I can.


The 232 "popped" while on the highway and then when I down shifted into 3rd, I was never able to up shift or down shift again. Once I stopped I found that 2nd and 3rd put out the do not disturb no entry sign.  Reverse is still playing well with others.


Anyway, if you want the 232 I have, let me know.


Thinking I may have to custom build a drive shaft to get it going again.


Note: Clutch/flywheel on a 1600 is smaller than the 215mm. Good thing is my clutch & PP are in great shape. Otherwise, replace the flywheel with a newer one.

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