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Where To Find A 2002Ti Throttle Linkage...

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Hello All,

I just purchased a set of original dual solexes with intake from a 2000 Ti and I want to convert them to use on my 1970 2002, so I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where to get, a linkage for this setup.  I saw one on this site sell just recently, so hopefully there is another around somewhere.  I attached a couple of pics of the current linkage.  Thanks, Greg



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The manifolds I have are for a 2002Ti, so the there is no hole drilled in the rear manifold for the NK linkage tower. Would you be willing to swap manifolds if I glass bead blast the pair I have and ship them off to you this week? You will not have to put any time into yours other than separate from the carbs and ship to CT.



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I'll send you a photo tonight. I'm running DCOEs, but the portion of the linkage you are interested in should be OK.


Thanks Andy!   I was looking at my set up this evening and was trying to figure out where the (2) return springs are located.


There is a large one at the firewall but the angle of the spring ends is wrong for the hole in the cowl and the lever.


Will my stock 2002 accelerator pedal vertical rod work with the ti linkage?


The left manifold has a spring retainer stub and the left carb has a hole that may be the hook point for the "smaller" spring.  


Any details would be greatly appreciated.  I've looked thru all my reference books and the small details aren't shown.



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I don't think I completely understand your problem - I think you may be interested in the linkage between the two carbs at WOT rather than the linkage connection to the accelerator rod.  Do these photos help?  I know the linkage between the two carbs on my car has been modified for the DCOE's. My setup just uses the one large spring on the firewall.   Shoot me a photo of your problem area and I'll see if I can help.









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