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    BMW 2000 Ti

    In 1966, for those who wanted a bit more performance out of a BMW 2000, for a cool 12,750 DM, you could get a BMW 2000ti that sported twin Solex Carburetors, 120 bhp, and a top speed of 112 mph. ATE-brand servo-assisted disc brakes in front with drums in back again. The car's overall dimensions were the same as previous NK's, but it weighed slightly more, at 1,150 kg. This was the NK model that Herbert Hahne piloted to lap records on the Nurburgring, averaging 137.2km/h (85.2 mph). In the U.K., the 2000ti was sold as a Frazer-Nash BMW. With its startling performance, some of the only cars on the market that came close were the Rover 2000, Triumph 2000, and Alfa Romeo Giulia. More than 6,400 were sold from 1966 through 1968.


    BMW 2000ti


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