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  1. The 2022D designation on your title seems to be a Washington State thing. When I imported my car in 2014, they also designated my car a BMW 2022D. Despite all of the documentation I had to give them to title a european car in Washington, all of which specified the car as a 2002ti, they insisted that the system shows it as a BMW 2022D and would not change it. I don't recall that issue for other 2002s I have registered in Washington, but that was back in the 80's and 90's.
  2. I forgot to mention, they were the stock carbs used on the 2002ti, 1600ti, and with some slight variations, some of the NK models, 2000cs.
  3. Solex PHH, they look like the proper version for a 2002, but I'd need to see the other side to be sure. Were they installed on your new car?
  4. Jam3422


    Imported from Europe in 2014. Originally delivered to Germany, registered in Spain 1974-2014.
  5. That's correct, the panels just tuck in behind the chrome trim. I haven't gone to the parts book to confirm, but it's possible the trim panels for early euro dashes are different. Photos tonight if you need them.
  6. I should be there on Sunday. Ben, come on back to the world of sidedrafts, points, and plain old mechanical distributors. It's frustration free (see MildSeven's thread...)
  7. There is, or at least used to be, a car storage warehouse in Redmond with a lift, etc., and they charge what I remember to be a very reasonable rate for storage, The contact info I have is Bob Rygg 206-498-0273.
  8. The car on mobile.de looks like a nice car, but there's not much about the interior that looks correct for a ti. Maybe it's just had an interior swap, who knows? As usual, it would be nice to see the VIN, and under the hood.
  9. To park as a group, especially if the weather is OK, the group should probably show up at the XXX by about 9 am, so maybe about 830 at the lot adjacent to the Issaquah Coffee Company? We can let the organizers know how many cars we will have when the date gets closer, maybe they will make accomodations for us.
  10. This car has a very prominent full page ad in the current issue of Sports Car Market, something that would not have happened 1-2 years ago, especially when you consider the other choices the dealer had for their ad - they have a 72 Ghibli which is a pretty hot car right now. Interestingly, the pricing on the other cars this dealer (Driver Source in Houston) is selling are not that out of line at all, at least for advertised dealer pricing.
  11. The BMW XXX event is May 28 this year. It can be pretty fun, but it has become so large that the only way to park like cars together is to show up early as a group. There are usually some interesting cars there. I can't comment on the 2002 content last year since I couldn't make it.
  12. Mike Howard has been recommended to me for rebuilding 232 and other old BMW transmissions. I know someone got in touch with him last year and he is still willing to work on old getrags. I don't have his number handy, but can dig it up. Andy
  13. Here you go. I'm not sure about any differences between the 1600ti and the 2002ti, though we did determine that the battery try mounting position is the same on both cars.
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