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Bmw M49 (Engine Dyno)


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No ethanol, just high octane (probably 110 or so) race fuel.  Pretty cool to see how the fuel is atomized as the slide opens up and then sucks it into the intake.  You can see why that type of induction is so efficient for racing - at wide open throttle nothing to impede the fuel/air going into  the intake .....wheras with butterfl;s for carbs or throttle bodies you have the throttle shaft and then the buttefly plate.



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Love the little drive belt for the distributor on this one...





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"I learn best through painful, expensive experience, so I feel like I've gotten my money's worth." MattL

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Yep, both M49's, the image above as well as the video.  I have seen the pic you posted but really hadn't noticed that this motor was set up to be run canted (stock position) like any standard CS/L, o2 - you can tell by the way the slide throttle manifold is angled.  Schnitzer made slide throttles for these engines as well which is what the motor on blog is using.  Thos slides were set up for the engine to be run vertically (straight up and down).  For some reason I was thinking that drive belt might be driving the injection pump.....?



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