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Seeking advice / info on Malaga 73 tii in Bay Area

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Hey guys, first post here and I’m trying to get started with a 2002. I’ve been seriously looking for a 02 for about a year now and found a 73 tii up for sale by Beyond2 (kwan) and wanted to get your guys take on it. http://beyond2.com/1973-bmw-2002tii-solid-rustfree-newly-painted-body/

More photos http://imgur.com/a/peDa4#0


I’m told it’s originally from Los Gatos, CA and that the owner gave up the project after getting the chassis painted and the engine rebuilt. It’s up in Burlingame, CA now. That's about all I know.


It still has the original tii nose but the rear panel has been replaced possibly due to a rear impact which would explain the repaint. You can see a sub-par seam job where the panel glue is raised and painted over. The interior is a little beat up and all of the exterior trim is just stuck on for the photos. The chassis condition in terms of rust looks really good and I was only able to find a little surface rust under the car around the gas tank/spare area. The paint looks great but he doesn't have any photos of what it looked like before going into the booth. I didn't see any ripples in the body.


The matching tii engine is supposedly done and at the rebuild at the shop, pending payment of $2800 to buy it back. I’m assuming there will be some missing parts but it looks like the major components are all there. To get it on the road would require me to purchase a transmission and drop in the motor. I'm comfortable taking care of most engine/trans work myself. I would basically be buying it as a kit.

I’m not really sure what something like this would go for so any type of a ballpark would be really helpful. I know almost no backstory about the car either so if anyone knows something about it or has general input I’m all ears.

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as a rolling 'kit' what are they asking$ _____?

as a assembled car that you can drive what are they asking $ _____?

what do you feel is a fair price$______?

how much are you willing to pay for this car in

it's various states of unrepairedness $_______ ?

do you like the color $______?

do you know how much$ it will cost$ to complete

the trim, rubber, running gear, interior? ________?

suspension? brakes ? steering ? $$$$$$$

you see? this is why as it sits there's not

a great dollar value to an incomplete car,

and that doesn't include the time,labor, tools,

dry indoor storage place for

you to make it a driving tii ?

happy shopping


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It's not easy to assemble a car from a bunch of parts. And that assumes you dis-assembled it yourself. If you not only didn't dis-assemble it yourself, but have never dis-assembled a car of that particular make and model, your task will be considerably more challenging. And if the parts are scattered around town, just collecting them could be a job. You, of course, can find someone to do the work for you, but that does get expensive fast.

If you're not frightened by the challenge, the rust is not too bad, and the price is truly right, it could be a neat project. But know how deep the water is before you dive in!


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