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Behr Console Repair Pictures


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I had to remove my console to install an ipod adapter into my Blaupunkt Frankfurt stereo radio (highly recommended) and decided to take some pictures of my plastic repairs from some time back to share. Unless otherwise noted, the metal was heavy sheet metal from scraps I had lying around.

The plastic on these old things is very brittle and mine came with numerous corners broken off and a break in the thinnest section along the top side above the a/c vent.

To fix the side holes, I riveted metal above and below the hole with the hole in the center.

To fix the bottom foot, I used a piece of plumbers strap, bent it to match the angle of the mount, and bolted it into the console.

To fix the top corner, I riveted a piece of metal on one side and drilled the appropriate size hole in the right spot.

The edge surrounding the A/C vent was the hardest. First I got some superglue that came with a special adhesion promoter for plastics (ace hardware). You apply the adhesion promoter to both sides first. Then the superglue works great. That will hold it together so it looks good but since this area is stressed you need to provide some strength behind it. The idea is to tie the internal plastic boss over to the right angle mounting support. First I roughed up the plastic with sand paper and cleaned with alcohol. Next I cut a bit of sheet metal from an old stereo housing and bent it into a long V shape that fits over the plastic boss on the back of the console. Then I mixed up some quick set 2-part epoxy (ace hardware) and covered the area. Set the metal into the epoxy and cover it up with epoxy as well. When it sets up, it is really strong.







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