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  1. Not sure where you are located, but we have a 2008 odyssey EX-L with Nav and DVD with 96k on it for sale. Picked it up new and the damn thing won’t give me a reason to sell it. I’ve hauled more 02 parts in that thing including full interior and body panels. Actually drives great . Especially for its size. My only problem is that it’s easy to warp the rotors. Maybe it’s my driving style, but one trip over the Sierra’s and they start to vibrate. Just picked up a a semi new GTI for the wife so, either the Van or the 2001 Volvo V 70 T5 Manual has to go.... such a hard decision. Maybe it’s time to drive the 02 more...
  2. If I only had the garage space. Love this car.
  3. All detailed and ready to roll. I may try to head down early so I can help set up, but if I get a late start, I’ll see you at Bill’s
  4. Finally got the seats recovered. Tried to honor the original silver/light grey interior , but it’s a little off. Oh well, maybe time to redo or the door cards. Hats off to Freddie’s Upholstery in S. San Francisco. He did a terrific job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. So cool. Wish I could have made it this year, but my seats are out getting recovered with a few minor delays. Any chance someone is willing to share the route so I can go solo? It would be greatly appreciated....
  6. Bpbates

    Year 3

    the 3rd year of this adventure with Maggie
  7. Dave, my heart goes out to you, your family and friends who were impacted by such a devistating event. It’s not much consolation at this time but I’m not far away, and will gladly lend you my tii when ever you need to scratch that itch. I’m happy to hear you and your family are safe, but sorry for the turmoil that you must be going through now. Please let me know how I can help. Bryan
  8. Damn, the list of things I need to pick up from Koogleworks is growing. Nice work!
  9. So my wife was nice enough to buy me an Autocross session for fathers day: http://www.ltfadventures.com/ It's scheduled for 3:30 this Sunday in Stockton. So, I'm hoping to head out early in the 02 and find some fun back roads to tear up on the way out. Any suggestions of roads to hit on the way?
  10. A friend of mine is organizing a casual event tomorrow: Informal meet up of a few bay area car clubs and the car clubless. No judging, no prizes, no fuss. Just a chance to get your ride on the road and check out other ones. Marin Rod and Gun Club 2675 East Francisco Blvd I would expect first arrivals around 9:30-10:00. I know for a fact that the bar will be open before 12:00 Should be a fun day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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