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  1. These scams are as old as the internet itself, dating almost back to The Ming Dynasty.
  2. Nice going Andrew! Well deserved as always...
  3. No, actually not really a roll of the dice at all. The market today has dramatically softened on nearly all classics since 2017 when the Baikal ‘73 was sold. That car wouldn’t bring close to $93.5K today and this car would have brought $75K minimum two years ago. At $51K-ish with buyer’s fee, the new owner should only see financial upside over the next 5-10 years. These are only my opinions of course...but I’m right. ;-). 100% In agreement that the BaT presentation could have been much better, both in the quality of pictures and in a more comprehensive, transparent description. COOP
  4. I oversee outside sales for Fantasy Junction in Emeryville (www.fantasyjunction.com), one of the premier vintage & classic consignment shops in the Nation. The classic car market in general IS extremely soft at this time. This is absolutely across the board, including Porsche, Jaguar, Austin Healey, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, etc. Having said that, there is a caveat that the very best cars always command top dollar. This Ceylon tii isn’t the “best of the best” but it’s damn nice. It will do very well, but it won’t approach the result ($93,500 + buyer’s fee) of the non-sunroof, Baikal ‘73 tii over two years ago (also a damn nice car but not the best of the best). 2017 was a totally different market for the collector car hobby (a nice, 1988 G50 911 Carrera Coupe sold for $37K today; that was a $55-65K car in 2017). I see $50-60K for the Ceylon beauty and well worth it. COOP
  5. I always love the somewhat tired and pretentious lamentations of “us real enthusiasts” vs “those horrible collectors” because they’re incorrectly based on an assumption that these are two, distinct categories of buyers with no overlap. The truth is that most collectors these days ARE true enthusiasts, just ones with the means to actually buy the cars that they covet, instead of pouting and stamping their feet from the sidelines at current market realities. BTW, I keep reading really dumb comments (primarily on BaT) about “a car that sold new for $5K that the idiots are willing to pay $60K+ for.” This genius economic analysis conveniently ignores the simple fact that $5K in 1972 dollars is over $30K today. Given that math, is it really so “insane” that something special would appreciate by 100% in half a century?! COOP
  6. $50K (or $60K) would be ridiculously cheap for this car given it’s year, color, condition and provenance (2 owners is still remarkable). It all comes down to who is present at auction close and how bad they want it. It’s useless and a bit silly to talk about “market value” as it’s more about that one buyer and his/her emotional state, as well as his/her financial means. Ask me how I know... @maharaja I hear what you’re saying and it’s a valid point...although some people would much prefer a top-notch, 1972 tii over a G50 Carrera. Different strokes, it’s not about performance-per-dollar but more about what a given individual’s passions are drawn to. COOP (former ‘72 tii owner)
  7. Phenomenal car!! The most desirable year tii in an incredible color...and finally, one with the all-important sunroof! This is a car I’d love to own, best of luck with the listing. COOP
  8. What could be better for NE Fall foliage? Congrats again on the stunning, new addition!
  9. Nice going, I hope it holds... My go-to repair method is JB Weld and a 3” length of coat hanger wire. I lay a generous bead of JB Weld in a 3” area across the crack, drop the wire down on top of it, press it down and add a little more JB. It’s always worked great and I’ve never encountered any “galvanic corrosion” (god, you’re such a geek! 😘). COOP
  10. Wow, awesome!! Congrats A-Dub, she looks like a beauty! COOP
  11. 😴 😴 😴 💤 💤 💤 💤 😴 😴 😴
  12. I recommend The Bide-a-Wee Inn & Cottages in Pacific Grove. It is clean, reasonable and perfectly located a minute from the beach. I just stayed there for a week: http://www.bideaweeinn.info/ Have fun!
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