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  1. Just from an aesthetic point of view, I searched for 15” wheels that actually looked more like 13-inchers (having small centers that don’t extend all the way to the perimeter of the wheel). I think I accomplished this because people are often surprised that they’re that large. I’m fine with the ride quality, even with 55s, full coil-overs and urethane bushings throughout. It’s exactly what I wanted and it took some trial & error with spring rates/ride height. I guess everyone has their own definition of what constitutes an acceptable/desirable ride quality. We’re all entitled to an opinion when it comes to stylistic or performance choices...I guess maybe it just gets a bit abrasive when an opinion is expressed contemptuously, as though it’s a “right or wrong” thing (which it’s not).
  2. Hi Steve...Love the gallery update! Thanks for continually finding ways to improve the FAQ, you do an awesome job. COOP (from Boston) PS: Hand Pass
  3. My vote is simply “annoying by reason of redundancy.” I’ve got no issue with the dude or his right to an opinion, but it’s just like “enough already!!” When almost the same post keeps getting put up again and again (and again, well, you get my point), it just becomes “a bit much,” that’s all.
  4. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTOs could be bought for $50K in 1980...now they’re worth $50-$70 MILLION. Call the WHAAAAMBULANCE lol. 🚑🚨😭😭. What a joke this tired old topic has become...If you don’t subscribe to the basic tenets of capitalism, including supply & demand, move to North Korea...and bring Bernie & AOC along in your luggage.
  5. I’m not a gifted videographer but it’s what I got! 029E22D5-562E-4A6B-8C59-9BA36F088612.MOV 5376D4F4-55BB-4B42-B31D-7E62AE234509.MOV
  6. My car & I missed Brisbane and the great cars & people there...but spent 3 productive & enjoyable days at the SVRA weekend for my job at Fantasy Junction...and I got to meet “Preyupy” who was taking care of the gorgeous, Schnitzer CSL.
  7. We’re on the same page...I get what you’re looking for and the setup on that race car may fit the bill if properly reinforced. TobyB makes a good point, however...It IS a bit exposed out there!
  8. Not so fast Jim! It might very well be perfectly strong & functional...It all just depends on what kind of reinforcement has been built up behind that panel. Given that it is a race/track car, I would hope it was done right. Coop PS: Happy to hear you’re looking for function!
  9. Steve, you’re assuming that I included you within the classification of “you gentlemen.” 😂
  10. Looks good...But tell me, does the diner engine come with fries and a milkshake, or would that be extra? 🤪
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