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  1. Great drummer and a phenomenal guy. I appreciated the fact that all of the NFL playoff games this weekend featured a few bars from “Tom Sawyer” at various junctures...RIP.
  2. Good eye on the brake proportioning valve! I’ll PM you some pics of the car, don’t want to hijack the seat thread! I only posted my seats ‘cause I saw the SRD reference.
  3. Haha good eye! Actually, I got it at Fenway. Thankfully, I’ve only ever had to remove it from its spot for vacuuming lol.
  4. +1 for SRDs! I bought mine new 20 years ago and had the centers (previously tan “Monza Cloth”) upholstered with real suede 3 years ago. Phenomenal comfort and support but they do somewhat “overwhelm” the interior space from an aesthetic perspective...
  5. Groan...resra, you’ve awakened The Slavs!!
  6. For an “around town, Sunday driver,” you’d be better off with a conventional suspension set-up on the softer side, instead of short, harsh-riding coil overs. You could still get the car lower for the look you want with such an approach. Just my opinion but... ...I know I know I know this much is true... - “Spindal” Ballet PS: Merry Christmas!
  7. Looking good out there, nice body position! What are you riding and where is that?
  8. Nice, sounds really mpressive! What are your specs? I’m attaching my last dyno sheet from awhile back, before I added the 48MM TBs and had the car retuned by North Bay Bavarian. All numbers are at the rear wheels. The guys at NBB told JP at A-1 that they’d never seen a more powerful S14. One thing I’d love to upgrade is the engine management. The current system works great (SplitSecond piggyback) but I’d love to go all out with a MoTec stand-alone or something on that level... COOP
  9. Agreed! That’s why I was thinking to myself “STFU you idiot!!” when the seller was reacting with palpable astonishment after the sale...instead of maintaining a blasé poker-face as if it were a perfectly unremarkable result lol.
  10. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/bmw-s14-engine-gearbox/ Sold for $27,500, insane for a stock (albeit low-mileage) 2.3L and Getrag 265 that has sat in storage forever and likely will need a full rebuild!! Jeesh, I wonder how much the highly “built,” 2.5L motor and MM built CR in my tii are worth. Quite the sale price!
  11. Yikes, I didn’t mean to tack the poor car up here for open target practice, but I should have expected it lol. The seller is an SF private party so I’m surprised that nobody knows him or the car (I don’t either) or that he hasn’t chimed in here. I’m surprised that people are lambasting the car so much for its performance credentials, or lack there of! I agree that the omission of a LSD is ridiculous as are the retention of rear drums, but it does have Ground Control coil-overs and an Ireland big brake kit...not sure why that would equate to a “scary” experience on a curvy road. As always, the market of actual buyers will have the final word (for both the M2 and the S14 motor/Getrag 265 combo) and it will come down to who is present at the final bell and their level of determination; it will be interesting to see where the listings go.
  12. Already at $10.5K, only 2 days into a 7-day auction. Would love to buy this combo as a spare, but who knows how high it could go: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/bmw-s14-engine-gearbox/ Not to mention a very sweet, 1973 M2 from SF...only one day into the auction and straight to $40K: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002-47/
  13. Been working on the 899 since we last communicated and, of course, spending money! I bought the Tightails, TIG-welded aluminum subframe and front/upper fairing holder last week and have already installed the former...beautiful workmanship on those pieces and an incredible weight difference on the subframe. I also totally lost my mind and ordered a set of BST carbon fiber wheels which will take at least a month to arrive (made to order in South Africa). Apart from a bunch of matte carbon pieces (fenders, exhaust shield, etc), that should do it for awhile! Just thought I’d keep y’all in the loop...
  14. Sorry for the repost before, the FAQ is not cooperating with me on edits! Man, I’d love to find a deal on some BSTs, those things are incredibly light! I noticed one of their rear wheels weighed only 6 lbs which is unbelievable. From what I’ve heard, lightweight wheels are the single most impactful modification that one can make to a bike. I’m really not particularly partial to Dave Moss over anyone else, but he’s been perfectly fine. There’s another, younger guy that I’ve worked with at Pacific Track Time and/or Keigwin’s (now Carter’s) who was also excellent. I can’t remember his name but he was always great.
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