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  1. lol, point taken, go for it! You probably could have outlined his adversarial douchebaggery a little more clearly in your initial post as I missed it (or maybe I’m a tad daft)... ...and I don’t understand your last comment (“strange package from back East,” etc), your unique brand of humor often goes over my head.
  2. I missed any Initial mention that he “filed the PayPal claim as a non-delivered item,” but, if accurate (I saw it in Conkitchen’s subsequent post) it’s a valid point and I’d probably go into “F-Him” mode too in that instance. I originally interpreted that the PP claim was simply to get his deposit refunded.
  3. I’d refund his full deposit, painful though that might be. It’s called “taking the high road and being the better man.” I look at deposits as an effective selling tactic to gain mental commitment and a higher probability that a sale will ultimately occur, more so than an ironclad guarantee of a done deal. At the end of the day, sure, he wasted a little of your time and inconvenienced you to a minor degree, but he didn’t really cost you anything financially in concrete terms (to convince yourself otherwise is shaky moral justification). I’ve returned many thousands of dollars in customer deposits; it was inevitably wince-worthy, but deep down always felt like the right thing to do. I felt better by telling myself it actually never was a sale so I didn’t lose anything...but may have gained a future referral or a good word on the street. You asked, that’s just my opinion, which you can of course discard in favor of everyone else’s telling you to pocket the cash.
  4. Let’s have drinks...
  5. So that’s how you generate a 6-page thread...much like my wife can make me ask “what’s wrong?!” 6 times by repeatedly sighing deeply while pursing her lips (and, of course, refusing to tell me what I did).
  6. COOP

    Moving right along

    Looks phenomenal! Thanks for sharing!
  7. YES!! Thank you so much for sharing those pics of Lawrence and his car. What a great guy and an absolutely immaculate car!
  8. Sigh, I so miss the 02 Fest East gatherings, so many great memories and great people. Hard to believe it’ll be 20 years this October since I relocated from NYC to SF. I just dug up the below picture with my buddy, Curtis King, and his son, some time in the late ‘90s. I remember there was this nice guy (Lawrence?) Who used to win all the prizes with his immaculate, “Caribbean Blue” (that’s what he called it anyways) square light car.
  9. Well...with all respect to mike472, given that he gushed that “This car is in such good original condition I almost cant believe it“ while describing a car with an auto-to-manual conversion, a Sahara-to-Inka color change and a non-oem reupholstered interior, you can’t find his knowledge level about the motor specs to be all that surprising! Just sayin’. Cool story though, what with the movie history and all...I wonder if he still has the car.
  10. COOP

    M2 in China Camp, Marin County CA

    M2 in China Camp, Marin County CA
  11. COOP

    Purchased a Neue Klasse!

    Nice work, keep it up! Thanks for sharing.
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