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  1. “So I quit my job of my own accord and on good terms but now I want to honor those good terms by declaring open season on my former employer and telling everyone about all the bullshit...and by the way, I’m starting a new business.” Ummm...Wha? COOP
  2. Three awesome modifications this past Monday: 1. Kooglewerks “Slim” aluminum air dam. 2. “Massive” M2 oil pan. 3. LED taillights from BluntTech COOP
  3. Thanks for sharing! Nice driving and cool footage! I love Sears Point. COOP
  4. Funny marcmac, I was actually talking to Forrest recently about my recurring fantasies relating to custom fuel cells. I don’t track my car, so in my case this would be little more than an exercise in aesthetic wankery...but I still think it would be really cool, and I’d love more fuel capacity too. There’s nothing sexy “off the rack” that I’ve seen, as everything that you can buy ready-made just looks like an ugly box. COOP
  5. Well, it looks pretty well-protected by both the sway bar and the subframe. I hear ya though. I’m sure that Lee considered this issue. I think I have an idea as to what Forrest would say! COOP
  6. A great day for my ‘02. Thanks to Forrest Koogle who installed his new, “slim” raw aluminum air dam on my car at A1 Imports. Beautiful workmanship and flawless customer service from a genuine dude. Thanks to Lee (Massive) for conceiving this awesome oil pan which only took me a year + to install. And thanks to JP at A1 for installing the pan, as well as the LED taillight conversion sourced from Blunt. Progress!
  7. Sorry if I’m hijacking more of a “flares-themed” thread but...very stoked to have the inimitable Forrest Koogle install his new, “slim dam” on my ‘73 M2 2.5 this Monday. I’ve been back & forth on this as I’m partial to the “sleeper” look with my car...but I think it’s going to be a great, low-key enhancement. Below is a pic of the slim dam mocked up on my car at Brisbane...that’s when Forrest’s metalwork first piqued my interest. Will start with it unpainted (besides FK pointed out that the raw aluminum matches my HRE wheels). May go body color at a later date, we’ll see. Also (finally) installing Lee’s Massive Oil Pan from the first group-buy and Blunttech’s led taillight conversion the same day. COOP
  8. COOP

    New leather interior!

  9. COOP

    It's done

    Thou Art...A Humongous BadAss!! Incredible job and great presentation of the build. I feel lucky to have seen this work of art at Brisbane and it’s even more spectacular in person. Huge Props, Mark! Can’t get any more “true enthusiast” than this. COOP
  10. Oh brother, lisalover lol.
  11. COOP

    Cardboard M10 head complete

    Incredible work...RESPECT! COOP
  12. A treasure indeed...impeccable taste, simply delectable. Congratulations! COOP