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  1. Did I bite off more than I can chew?

    Hi there! I met you and your family at Concours on the Avenue last August in Carmel (below) during your search and enjoyed meeting you. That was the crazy day that I sold my beloved ‘72 Baikal tii (a totally unforeseen event). I’m glad that you found a car and it’s nice to see your blog. Stay in touch! COOP
  2. rogers tii feedback

    I somehow doubt Roger has survived and thrived for as long as he has in THIS environment by “screwing in the pocket book.” As mentioned, I’ve dealt with the man for many years without issue and so I’m doubting my “tune will change” much as relates to his business practices. What brand of “shit” are you “walking” here? COOP
  3. rogers tii feedback

    I’ve spent thousands of dollars with Roger over many years and have had nothing but great experiences. I have found his prices to be fair and his service to be faultless. He provides an excellent support role to our community by stocking a huge variety of parts with a wealth of knowledge to back them with. It seems that some people can be awfully precious these days. If they’re not continuously cradled ike flannel-swaddled, slumbering babes at every juncture of each transaction, they quickly resort to shrill, plaintive, bleating & winging noises. Roger is a transplanted, no-nonsense, East Coaster who delivers the goods with integrity and a dry, direct style of communication, but he isn’t big on catering to the hypersensitivity so prevalent here in the Bay Area (and elsewhere). I think that often creates a bit of a culture clash...but the man is solid, as long as you don’t feel the need to be held and gently rocked every time you contemplate the life-defining decision of new beltline trim...and as long as his aol email doesn’t encroach upon the bedrock of your self-satisfied, hipster street-cred. COOP (Bostonian transplant in the BA) PS: Also love me some Blunt, Ireland & CNPR with many years of great service from all.
  4. I’m personally not into making disparaging comments about other people’s cars and, by consequence, their labors of love. The whole point of this hobby is individualism/self-expression and you can easily not like something without being demeaning. If you say that someone’s car looks like shit, you’re basically saying that their taste and style and efforts are shit...which isn’t very nice. That car is about as far as I can imagine from my own personal aesthetics...but kudos to the owner for executing his personal vision with such attention to detail and dedication. COOP
  5. You don’t need a “fabricator” per se...It’s not a complicated job. MLytle’s step by step guide makes it even more simple. Any competent shop can do it and you could probably do it yourself if you have the right tools. COOP
  6. The Esty & Al, that is ancient history! It was certainly entertaining at the time, although a bit painful...I got into it with Al at one point, can’t even remember why...but all was forgiven when he delivered a gorgeous, wool headliner for my tii/M2 and I met him one year when the Bay Area Swap & Show was still in Palo Alto. COOP
  7. Addition to My Collection

    VERY cool. Congratulations!! That is spectacularly beautiful, I love the colors, especially with the gold wheels...and the scream of that motor is just awesome! What are you planning on doing with it? Did it come with spares? Nice find and Happy New Year! COOP
  8. I safety-wired my pedal which worked great... COOP
  9. Vantage Motorsports on Fahey Street in Stamford, CT for the best I’ve encountered first-hand. I’m obviously assuming that you mean “most correct and nice resto work” over-and-out (as you say) as opposed to “I want filet mignon quality for hamburger pricing.” COOP
  10. Have you seen this?????

    Mad respect for Mr. Dixon...Serious talent and commitment. The execution and attention to detail really showcase his perfectionism. I also like how he says “alt-anator.” Must be a Michigan thing. Yvrclimber, it’s funny to describe this total reengineering of an automobile as an “upgrade!” COOP
  11. Santa Rosa Fires

    Dear Dave...Those pictures make my heart ache, my stomach turn and my skin crawl. I’m so sorry for your loss and I wish you strength and courage during these difficult times. I have friends and clients from the Coffey Park neighborhood of SR who also lost everything...except for the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day: Namely their lives. Take care of yourself, seek out the strength of your friends & family and here’s to the hope that some day you’ll have another ‘72 tii in a new garage. COOP
  12. Well aware of the “collectible” delineation, but Google research suggests that autos are not included and therefore subject to the lower (15%) rate...which still sucks. Yes, I got lucky in that (as the Bimmer article covered) I managed but didn’t pay for the major restoration of the car at Vantage in CT back in 1998. The price tag for that was $55K in ‘98 dollars. I’d be surprised if the seller of the BaT car has to worry about much, or any, CG given the extent and quality of the work performed under his stewardship. COOP