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  1. COOP

    72 Tii on BaT

    I thought that the “Clarion Car” auction had a charity cause component to it? If that is accurate, then the final hammer price is irrelevant as pertains to the merits of the vehicle itself.
  2. COOP

    72 Tii on BaT

    Gentlemen! Stop employing sound logic to try to figure out “what happened” or “what this tells us.” In my opinion, the conclusion of this listing tells us absolutely NOTHING, other than the fact that on a given day, in a given selling environment, two or more buyers were simply not present who wanted this car enough to pay more than $75,500 for it. End of story. I really don’t believe that this outcome tells us anything meaningful about the greater “market conditions.” Just my personal view. Where I was wrong is that I guessed the reserve to be around $75K. Trust me, I too spend plenty of time thinking about what else a buyer could have for a given amount of dough. Hell, a flawless, freshly serviced F355 6-Speed with 15K miles sold 2 weeks ago on BaT for just over $70K. I think one aspect that gets overlooked in the whole “this is ridiculous” analysis is that people aren’t just buying a car. They’re buying priceless access back to idealized and romanticized days gone by.
  3. COOP

    02 Prices / Values

    I’d prefer to get it for free.
  4. COOP

    72 Tii on BaT

    Hi Steve, To me this car actually has very little in common with the car that BMW built from scratch (other than the fact that they’re both stupid-nice 2002s) given that the Mobile Tradition car was 100% bone stock using all new parts and this car is a totally non-stock spec restomod, resurrected from a rust bucket (true, also using mostly new parts). i disagree on your point about the wheels, given that this (again) is a restomod with many performances enhancements, including big brakes that wouldn’t come close to fitting under factory steel wheels. I think the H&B units are perfect for this build: Period correct, rare-ish and stunning. i agree with $80-100K. Then we’ll all have the distinct pleasure of being treated to yet another wave of whinging, soulful lamentations from the “real enthusiasts” relating to how “ridiculous” the prices of 2002s have become.
  5. COOP

    02 Prices / Values

  6. COOP

    72 Tii on BaT

    One of the BaT commenters (@Shnizoz) expressed some interesting concerns about the fact that no jigs or fixtures were used to maintain the structural integrity of the upper body when the entire floor structure was swapped out. I wonder what some of your opinions are about this. Given how much of this car’s body structure has been replaced (I’m trying to think what is actually original), one wonders if it wouldn’t have been simpler to just source a complete, rust-free tub...can’t you buy one new from BMW?! A beautiful car though...I’ve seen it at several Brisbane shows and witnessed its mechanical restoration by JP & Delia at A1 over more than half a decade. It’s stunning and very tastefully done.
  7. COOP

    02 Prices / Values

    Hi Andrew! That valuation sounds about right for a ‘73, although perhaps a little low for a ‘72. 😉🤑 Boy, does it ever get boring hearing the periodic whinging about the supply & demand workings of our fine, capitalist system as it pertains to old cars. If you don’t like the basic fact that things are worth what people will pay for them on a given day, move to the DPRK. Searching for “villains” to blame for economic realities (flippers, speculators, rich people who aren’t “real” enthusiasts, whatever TF that means) makes one appear snobby and dumb.
  8. COOP

    nice tii on eBay!

    I can promise you that the red interior is much less bright & bawdy in person, probably a deeper, richer, classier red than appears in photos. I’ve noticed this to be the case with many red interiors in cars of different brands...they hate the flash.
  9. Lol, you may last as high bidder for a little longer than that! As I’m sure people here already know, the way it works on BaT is that the really serious bidding doesn’t occur until the very end of the 7-day auction. Consequently, the dollar amount showing now on Day-1 (or on Day-6 for that matter) is totally meaningless. In fact, BaT has a unique (and oft-controversial) feature whereby the closing hammer is continually reset for 2 minutes with every new bid that occurs during that time period. Really, the first 6 days are purely for word of the listing to spread.
  10. Pacific Rims in Pittsburg