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  1. Very impressive and incredibly thorough write-up! Nicely done and I look forward to following your build as it evolves! COOP
  2. Crappy thing to go through. I would speak to the owner again, heavily bluff your importance/connections in the automotive universe and calmly advise that if he doesn’t make this right, you will do everything in your power to reflect this experience on his reputation (Yelp, BBB, other online review sites, posts on automotive forums, etc). That’s your best leverage in this day & age. If he doesn’t make any attempt to address your loss in a meaningful way, follow through with your threat to the best of your ability. As far as legal avenues, taking him to court, surveillance footage, etc, I wouldn’t even bother. I get everyone here wanting to vicariously feel your shining defeat over an outrageous injustice, but who has the time or brain cells for all that? Moreover, you don’t reside in the area...and you’d probably lose anyways as it will quickly become a “he said, she said” deal. Better to just slam the s**t out of him and move on with life. Good luck with the black coil and sorry this happened.
  3. Dramatically different market today (for most classics/collectibles) vs even 2-3 years ago. Great time to be a buyer, not so much if you have to sell now. Having said that, I still thought this would do $15-20K more.
  4. Spoken like the true owner of a no-sunroof, original color car...Keep believing! Driving down a windy road in a 2002 with both windows and the sunroof open is...the ultimate. The whole “just another thing to go wrong” line may have relevance to massaging seats in a new 7-Series but hardly to a sunroof in a 2002. As someone who works for one of the most reputable, high-end collectible car outfits in the country (Fantasy Junction in Emeryville), I can tell you with an actual knowledge basis that color changes from-original have no negative bearing on value and can potentially have a very positive one if three attributes are in place: 1. The job was done right; 2. The new color is generally considered more attractive & desirable than the original color; 3. The new color is a correct option for the year & model.
  5. Well, the biggest “difference” is, here’s a car that can actually be thoroughly enjoyed as intended without neurotically obsessing about rock chips or undercarriage grime. It looks like a very nice car that would be both fairly bought and sold somewhere in the $50-65K range. I personally couldn’t deal with no-sunroof on any 2002, it’s just such an integral part of 02ing pleasure...but that’s just me.
  6. They must have purchased that battery down at the local bazaar.
  7. I stand corrected...my tii had chrome recliners but that was a ‘72, duh.
  8. Yeah, that color-change to Baikal is a value-killer, particularly with a saddle interior 😉 😂. Seats look year-correct to me, no? My favorite part of BaT’s description is the picture of the REAR suspension/diff in conjunction with: “An overhaul of the front suspension included a reinforced and powder coated subframe with all new suspension and a steering box reseal and adjustment” On a more serious note, it looks like a beautiful car and should do well, lack of sunroof notwithstanding (I do think that’s a big deal on any 2002 but some don’t share my opinion, especially sellers of...non-sunroof cars).
  9. I’m in! Load The Slavs in the single prop and we’ll make arrangements to ensure that the fungus is among us...I’m feeling a Hunter S. Thompson theme for this escapade...
  10. Done. 🍄🦄 🎇
  11. Sorry danco but get in line. I call dibs on the coffee day with Slavs...and I insist that we do it up here in Oaktown because...well because: https://greencamp.com/oakland-decriminalizes-magic-mushrooms-peyote-other-natural-psychedelics/
  12. Damn you Marshall! You beat me to the punch! COOP
  13. Roving gangs of flippers...
  14. COOP

    Recaro Refurb

    Very nice! Those came out beautifully...

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