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  1. Did these wheels fit without any modifications to your car? Thanks, Paul
  2. I'm considering new seats for my '69 2002. I didn't think that all mounts were the same for all 2002's. What year are these out of?
  3. My best luck has been tightening them up every six months or so. The little buggers come loose on the road.
  4. I believe my issue is related to an unidentifiable electronic ignition module from the 80's. I decided to take my distributor in to Casey Motorsports up here in P4etaluma. Sean said he can rebuild, and dial in a new set of points. Time to take a step back to what's simple. I'd prefer the points anyways. Gives me something to noodle around with.
  5. I'm having the exact same issue with my '69! What was the outcome for you?
  6. eastbanian


  7. Just moved from Hayward to Santa Rosa! There are so many excellent roads up here!!! I'm going to make an effort to find folks up here in the north bay! Let me know if you're in the area!


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