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  1. 1972_Targa

    a question for 02 Baur owners...

    I’ve never seen that on a Targa hard top section. Oddly it seems to sit right above the rear view mirror. My guess is a previous owner used it to pull downward on the roof while swinging the lock pins into place (from the inside). I currently use the old “push the corner down while locking” from the outside approach.
  2. 1972_Targa

    Baur carpet question

    My 1972 Baur Targa in Baikal had salt/pepper as the original carpet.
  3. 1972_Targa

    1974 2002 Baur Targa

    Congrats. Selling price? Thanks much...
  4. 1972_Targa

    1974 2002 Baur Targa

    Best of luck on this sale! Beautiful car. Also, I'd appreciate it if you might be able to pass along your final selling price after the sale. As a fellow Targa owner, I'm trying to keep tabs on what the Baur market is looking like these days. Thank you...
  5. 1972_Targa

    1972 BMW 2002 TOURING

    Les, that's exactly what's going on there. Not a good look...
  6. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    Excellent. This will really help in your sale. Good luck!
  7. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    Curious if you're considering an inspection and followup report, including a leak-down/compression test? IMHO it would be helpful to prospective buyers to have some professional perspective on the overall condition of your beautiful Baur.
  8. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    I have had no work ever performed by the Werk Shop. These folks chase perfection, and basically deliver like-new cars. Customers pay appropriately for that level of service. It's a univer$e I can't afford to ever exist within... I relish imperfect 2002s with bona fide souls.
  9. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    The Werk Shop does amazing, well, work, and I would not be surprised if the inve$tment into this Targa was close to the asking price...
  10. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    Here's a great example of the level of photography/video documentation expected on Bring A Trailer (this Touring did not meet the reserve, but was sold after the end of the auction to a private party). In your case, a leak-down/compression test might also be valuable info for a potential buyer. Good luck! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2000tii-touring-2/
  11. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    Please do. I've actually owned my Targa twice now, and know quite a bit about this particular model. 415.412.8690...
  12. 1972_Targa

    1974 Baur Targa

    I concur with Don (both Don and I currently own 1972 roundie 2002 Baur Targas). In general, this car really needs a good sorting out (clean up wiring in the engine compartment, replace broken latch cover plate on seat, firm up wonky center console, replace roof section seal, etc.), and then detail the hell out of it. FWIW, as much as I like Panasports, they don’t feel quite right on your car. Also non-period radio is a little funky. Feel free to message me directly if you want to chat. Little improvements can make a big difference when you put your beautiful Targa up for sale...
  13. Mine seem to come in three varieties: 1. "Wow. I had a 19_ _ 2002 that was (non-BMW color name). Damn, I wish I'd never sold that car." 2. " Wow, I didn't know that BMW made a 2002 truck/pickup/convertible/targa-top/etc." 3. "Wow, beautiful Corvair."
  14. Always a thrill to get the new issue of the bible of the advertising/graphic design industry. Even better when this was the back cover... Squaretail/diving boarder with early hubcaps. Here's another shot I tracked down from the photographer's site. No garage queen here....
  15. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I think you nailed it...from many moons ago.