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  1. Like this... D2C0C7CF-CAE6-4E81-9433-CD71D6594B67.MOV
  2. A little progress but not much. Primed the carb with starter fluid, and got it going. Runs for 3-4 minutes smoothly and dies. Primed again. Runs. Dies. Ugh.
  3. My challenge for the day: a couple of days ago, I was driving and got a pop and shutter as if running out of gas. Had the truck (1971 pickup conversion that was Andy’s and Esty’s) towed. Turned over but no start. Pulled the fuel line off the carb and placed in a jar. No gas when turning it over. Driibbled some gas straight into the 32/36 carb and it started right up. Replaced the inline filter and fuel pump today. Still doesn’t start. Not smelling gas and all fuel lines seem fine. I can’t check the sender filter because the tank setup is custom to the truck and I’d rather not drop the tank if I don’t have. Any insights and wisdom appreciated.
  4. Paul, not looking good. Been in LA most of the week for work. When’s the next gathering?
  5. I currently have an LED strip with a flasher unit set up on my Baur Targa. Only the strip flashes, not my brake lights (7-5-3-stays lit on strip). I’ve been told the strip is not street legal (but by no one with a badge). So far it does a great job of keeping folks off my bumper as I brake.
  6. Oldsmobile Toronado circa 1966...
  7. I use PS about seven hours a day. Feel free to email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com
  8. Mike, I’m assuming this is Maize Gelb in this classic Baurs on the beach photo series. Love that color...
  9. Beautiful day on Orcas Island. Heading off to buy a few bags of gravel, in the proper vehicle for the task. Happy 02 Tuesday!
  10. Located one at 2002ad. Thanks Ben...
  11. My friend John's amazing Volvo 122 pickup conversion (blessed with 1800 fins). Orcas Island is home to some pretty interesting folks and their vehicles.
  12. http://www.coupeking.com/shop/product/vin-plates/
  13. Beautiful Easter Sunday on Orcas Island, WA. A dusty but happy Targa is destined for a thorough spring cleaning soon. And a wonderful wife grabs a behind-the-scenes pic...
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