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  1. Looking for some sage advice here. The clear coat on my early grills is yellowed and chipping. I tried some rubbing compound to no avail. Thanks in advance.
  2. And the black variation...
  3. My son who is a motorcycle writer/blogger (who grew up in the back seats of various 2002s in San Francisco) and now living in LA passed along this article on a custom BMW motorcycle build. One of the more interesting design elements is this nod to the kidney grill in the form of an air inlet. A beautiful and thoughtfully-built custom IMHO. My son also mentioned there was a black build of this same bike. Enjoy: http://www.pipeburn.com/home/2016/12/23/white-phantom-bmw-r80rt-kingston-customs.html
  4. 1972_Targa

    T-SHIRTS: In 1976, God Stopped Building BMWs...

    Thanks for the purchases. And remember $5.00 of each sale is going to the FAQ. If interested, my PayPal account is paulhuber26@gmail.com Appreciated...
  5. Thanks. How well attended is this event typically? I’m thinking about making the drive down from Orcas Island...
  6. FOR SALE: "In 1976, God Stopped Building BMWs." T-Shirts. Printed on a 100% pre-shrunk cotton Hanes Beefy-T. Available in S (limited number) - M - L -XL (sizing chart attached). Shirts are $22.00 shipped to the lower 48, with $5.00 of each sale going to the FAQ. Silkscreened artwork measures 9" wide X 8.5" tall, with spinning Roundel (to avoid the trademark nazis/ cease-and-desisters). If interested, please email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com (orders not emailed/left here will not be processed). PayPal Only. BTW, I started selling these out of the back of the BMWCCA Roundel back in the early 1980's. Historical pic attached. Thanks for looking...
  7. 1972_Targa

    WTB: Long Console Side Pieces...

    Esty, thanks. I'd like to buy a pair of the console sides. I'm at 98245. Please email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com Appreciated.
  8. 1972_Targa

    Shallow vs deep depth headlight buckets

    Mike, I incorrectly always assumed that buckets were all the same (L versus R). Any clues as to what the subtile differences are? Appreciated...
  9. 1972_Targa

    WTB: Roundie Grilles

    Yikes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E10-2002-tii-Passenger-driver-side-grilles-and-center-kidney-grille-RARE/323243535891?hash=item4b42d0ee13:g:onkAAOSwPI1axBD5
  10. 1972_Targa

    WTB: Long Console Side Pieces...

    Esty, thanks. Does this include the actual console wood inserts? Appreciated...
  11. 1972_Targa

    WTB: Long Console Side Pieces...

    WTB: A pair of black long console side pieces in good condition. No rips/tears/burns/etc. Thanks in advance. Please email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com Appreciated...
  12. Thanks for all of the replies. The master cylinder was replaced less than two years ago, so I somehow doubt that might be the issue. I'm leaning more towards Stevenc22's clutch cylinder diagnosis...
  13. My brake fluid reservoir on my 1971 2002 has been low a couple of times over the last week. Didn't see any leaks/fluid on the wheels/brakes. This morning I noticed a little bit of brake fluid on the carpet near the pedal box. Thanks in advance for any insights.