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  1. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I think you nailed it...from many moons ago.
  2. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    Let me be clear. Bill has sold the Touring....
  3. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I did not buy this car. I was however the person who had the car shipped from Amsterdam back in 2002, and owned it for seven years before selling it to Bill Watson at Road Rockets. Unlike my Targa, one round of ownership with this car was plenty...
  4. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I've heard from the owner that this Touring has been sold...
  5. 1972_Targa

    Importing non-US 2002s to California

    I also brought in a 1972 BMW 2000tii Touring (recently up on BAT) back in 2002 from Amsterdam. I had also chosen Port Hueneme for the delivery point for the car (it's about an hour north of LA in Ventura County). DMV proved to be more trying than all of the rest of the experience combined. I made an appointment with the San Francisco DMV "specialist." The visual inspection went fine (comparing various VINs in various places, odometer readings, etc.). The counter was tougher though. There were several DMV forms to fill out before I could see the person who specialized in the fine art of importing cars into California. I had brought along every piece of paperwork that owners Peter and Erik, and Import Agent Claus had given me, and offered up each piece as requested. When it came time to see the title and registration, I was asked if I spoke Nederlands. "No," I replied. "Then how do we know what these are, or say?" I was asked. I pointed out that the words for "title" and "registration" are pretty easy to figure out, plus they look like a title and registration. Not a good answer. After witnessing 30 minutes of searching through countless volumes of information, I was relayed my fate. "We're going to take all of these documents and send them to Sacramento. If you get a title and registration in the mail, that's a good thing. If you get a letter or phone call, that's a bad thing. Pay at the next window." One month later, I received a title and registration in the mail. Thankfully street-legal...
  6. 1972_Targa

    Weber 32/36 air cleaner options

    Another option: https://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/99217.090.htm
  7. 1972_Targa

    1972 BMW 2000tii

    Bill Watson at Road Rockets in Sonoma, CA...
  8. 1972_Targa

    1972 BMW 2000tii

  9. Currently owned by Bill Watson over at Road Rockets. Quite a car... https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2000tii-touring-2/ Attached is the backstory on having this car shipped from the Netherlands back in 2002... touring_story_huber.pdf
  10. FOR SALE: New in Box Momo Steering Wheel Hub Adapter. Lists for $89.95. Part #: MO-0155. Never installed. Complete with all paperwork and hardware. $55 shipped to the lower 48 states. Please email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com with questions or interest. Appreciated...
  11. 1972_Targa

    FS: Air Cleaner/S&W Box/Intake Hose/Bracket

    No thanks...
  12. From JF Customs in England. Purchased two years ago, and stored in a cool, dry, dark and smoke-free environment. Set up for left-hand drive. Currently selling on eBay for $299 + shipping. Asking $150 shipped to the lower 48 states. Per the current eBay ad: "please note this item is for the leather fabric part only that needs to be glued stretched and trimmed over the original top dash.just to Make sure this item will not come with any fitting instructions on how to remove the dash from your car You are bidding on a new custom made top quality dash cover made from 100% genuine Italian leather," https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLACK-LEATHER-DASH-DASHBOARD-LEATHER-SKIN-COVER-FITS-BMW-2002-E10-TI-TII/351351222387 Please email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com with questions or offers. Thanks much...
  13. 1972_Targa

    Esty Carpet

    I bought a pair of her console side pieces recently. Classic Esty in every great way.