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  1. I will call upon the Lord To grant me NLAs to horde...amen.
  2. Creating my own personal "Legends of the Autobahn" aboard the WSF headed to Lopez Island...
  3. Steve, thanks. Just viewed my page on my iPhone and deleted pix still show up. Targa is on page 15 of registry. Trying to delete last two pix. I’ll post link shortly...
  4. No, Canada is great and highly mailable. I’m actually closer to Vancouver than Seattle. Send me an Email if interested...thanks.
  5. It's a reissue of my 1983 "IN 1976, GOD STOPPED BUILDING BMWS." shirt (shown is a LARGE). 3 silk-screened colors on Hanes Beefy-Ts, 100% preshrunk cotton in S/M/L/XL only. Please email me at [email protected] if you're interested. DO NOT PLACE ORDERS HERE. $23.00 shipped (shipping discounts on multiple orders). No international sales, sorry. PayPal only. Thanks for looking. Appreciated...
  6. Return from Saturday’s Lopez Island Car Show. Ferries can be so zen...
  7. I highlight a photo and hit delete. It disappears and I hit save. But it shows up again when I return to the viewing mode. What am I missing here? Appreciated.
  8. Shot from Saturday’s Orcas Road Classics Car Show on Orcas Island, WA. And yes, the new tail light gaskets are going in soon... 🤖
  9. As always, it's your right to have and share an opinion. But not when you're supposed to writing an objective and definitive guide. The years and numbers of Targas built would have been far more useful info. Just saying.
  10. Wow. Just beautiful. My first 2002 back in 1978 in St. Louis was this same paint/interior combination. Still melts me when I see it. Enjoy your Agave ...
  11. Correct. I think Delia also refers to these as Sport Fins...
  12. Thanks. My “garage” is actually an 800 square foot storage space. Hence the pristine particle board. On an island this size, I’m pretty lucky to have scored it!

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