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  1. 1972_Targa

    VIN metal tag font

  2. 1972_Targa

    2002 Beauty Shots

    Beautiful Easter Sunday on Orcas Island, WA. A dusty but happy Targa is destined for a thorough spring cleaning soon. And a wonderful wife grabs a behind-the-scenes pic...
  3. If distance is not an issue, also consider the legendary Bill Watson in Sonoma, CA. (707) 939-8000
  4. For a 1971 2002. Looking for something clean and adjustable. Feel free to email me at paulhuber26@gmail.com Appreciated.
  5. I've got a Neue Klasse steering wheel that lacks the internal contact ring (+ springs and spacer/insulators). I've attached a couple of found pix that show what I'm looking for. I'm curious if anyone could make/send me a scan with a diameter measurement that would allow me to hand-cut my own ring. I'm at paulhuber26@gmail.com Appreciated.
  6. 1972_Targa

    Most rust ever?

    Mike, in 1980 I moved from S(al)t. Louis to Houston, and brought along my first 2002, a 1972 Agave. If I listened closely, I could hear the rockers being gnawed away by southern rust weevil. A T-boning Ford pickup put it out of its misery two years later. Rust in peace...
  7. 1972_Targa

    02 Baur wind deflector

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these. My strategy is to go with a crew cut during top-off worthy months...no muss, no fuss. Just the thrill of wind on your scalp.
  8. 1972_Targa

    1976 BMW 2002 Auto/$4,000/Orcas Island, WA

    More pix: https://skagit.craigslist.org/cto/d/eastsound-1976-bmw-2002/6801564038.html
  9. Posting for my friend, Lucas. From Lucas: Up for sale is a 1976 BMW 2002 automatic in good condition with blown head gasket. . This car served me well as my daily driver for 3 years. The last month of its life it started burning coolant. I had a short 14 mile round trip to work and I would top off the coolant on the daily. One day I went to start it and it finally blew. I heard what I assume was the piston clanging and shut it off immediately. There it has sat for almost 3 years. The odometer reads 08079. I watched it rollover from 99k but honestly don't know if it's the first time it's rolled over. The body is in good shape with minimal rust and the only notable defects being a small hole that has rusted all the way through about the size of a quarter in the spare tire compartment, a dent in the corner of the trunk lid, and the bumper accordion is a little out of shape on the rear passenger side. The motor is stock with the exception of a weber carburetor and an electric fuel pump. Interior is complete and has a cd player with aux in jack. Windshield gasket was recently replaced. Title in hand. $4000 firm. Extra parts included are: Rear shocks new in box, head gasket kit new in box, rear windshield gasket lock strip, transmission filter and gasket, and more. Lucas Blankartz lblankartz@yahoo.com
  10. 1972_Targa


    Solid, solid, solid folks. A real godsend on both stints of my Targa ownership, often being able to acce$$ rare parts when most everyone couldn’t. Their reputation precedes them...
  11. 1972_Targa

    Mice, Rats, etc.

    I park the 2002 pickup outside under a car cover, and between my trusty roller bucket and an army of five hardwired feline killing machines, all is well. There’s great joy in discovering half a rat on a regular basis...
  12. I’d really like to make this. I’m on Orcas Island, and quite frankly, my 2002 social needs are not being met...
  13. 1972_Targa

    a question for 02 Baur owners...

    I’ve never seen that on a Targa hard top section. Oddly it seems to sit right above the rear view mirror. My guess is a previous owner used it to pull downward on the roof while swinging the lock pins into place (from the inside). I currently use the old “push the corner down while locking” from the outside approach.
  14. 1972_Targa

    Baur carpet question

    My 1972 Baur Targa in Baikal had salt/pepper as the original carpet.
  15. 1972_Targa

    1974 2002 Baur Targa

    Congrats. Selling price? Thanks much...