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  1. Won’t have to roll the arches. ET25 should be perfect.
  2. If it was a complete, Concours level restoration I would to be correct and for photo documentation purposes. However, it’s not as you said, so personally I don’t think that it matters but if it’s of concern to you then do it.
  3. I’ve used San Jose Auto Steam Cleaning In the past on two different 02’s and I’ve been happy. They’re on the corner of Stockton and the Alameda across from the Whole Foods just on the other side of the tracks from the shark tank. I don’t know why my previous post with the pictures didn’t include all of this verbiage but those are the two cars I’m speaking about above.
  4. That last pair at the end in the last picture sure look familiar...😉
  5. What Mike said-hopefully that’ll do the trick. Finish ‘em off w/some Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer or an equivalent product.
  6. If you’re looking for used/NOS/occasionally new parts on this site, go to forums>classifieds>parts for sale. That is where everyone buys and sells and is an excellent resource. The store is basically just a few accessories and aftermarket parts. If you’re looking for new parts, you’ll have to visit BMW Group Classic, Maximillian Importing, Blunttech, Rogerstii or your local dealer.
  7. Not exactly like Campy Ragno’s but close enough for illustrative purposes. Stock vs David’s:
  8. Growing up around extremely well restored cars I feel the same way. Ironically, after my car was done I went through the same kind of anxiety and after a point I just said WTF it’s just a car! I did make a point of not replacing all of the trim and glass and not restoring the engine compartment to minimize that but still...
  9. @Lisa.02P- My comment wasn’t meant to be taken in a disparaging manner, but if it came off as such I apologize. Both cars are tremendous examples of early 1600’s and I would do just what you have done if I were so fortunate to own a 1600 in the same condition. Wends
  10. The Campy’s that everyone loves would be cool re-barreled in 15x6 w/a proper offset (et33?). David Lee did approximately that with his resto-mod Dino.
  11. Gives me plenty of time to accomplish my to-do list: -refinish wheels -refinish spare and mount new Michelin XAS -install NOS dash clock -source a clean and complete tool roll -new CocoMats -source matching shift knob for my steering wheel -finish detailing engine bay -recondition injectors -SS brake lines
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