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  1. I'm assuming the Breakfast Club Rally? I've signed up as well. What to do, what to do...
  2. Kinda random and a total longshot but... Is anyone sitting on a spare new Dunlop Direzza DZ102 195/50r15 tire??? Mine only have about 5K miles on them but I had to replace one last Fri w/an el cheapo Nankang so I could make a C&C and rally the next day. While the model hasn't been disco'd that particular size has. NO ONE has them in stock anymore. As I'm somewhat OCD I would much prefer a set of matching tires...😬😂
  3. World Upholstery. GAHH is great but über-expensive. I've also heard from Paul Wegweiser that door panels should be available again soon from BMW...
  4. Squaretail Turkis tii that could be converted to Euro look during resto... SO. TEMPTING. Worth it in this day and age of tii values IMHO-
  5. Couple of solid detailers who are mobile if need be: -Kevin Grundmann/Autowerks Detailing -Taylor Griffith/Bay Area Detail $4-500 AT LEAST, depending on the condition of your car. Appraisal? -Steven Kittrell/Veloce Valuations Great reputation, a lot of industry experience wearing multiple hats. He's in Monterey but is in the Bay Area all the time looking at cars. I've been meaning to have him appraise my car since it's finally done with its cosmetic restoration but I just haven't gotten around to it. Consequently I don't know how pricey he is. Super nice guy though. Hope this helps- W
  6. Wow-amazing deal. I love my NOS example Hans, thanks again!
  7. Are the grey spots simply where a buffer burned through the polished lip? Also, they look like they've never been mounted/used. Have they?
  8. That's quite the deal-someone will be absolutely over the moon!
  9. Wish these were available when my car was in the shop! Insurance sprang for the ADAMS Autosport offerings which are great, but they just couldn't quite replicate the "chrome" finish on the interior of the covers as your producer seems to have done successfully. Looks like the script was omitted as well?
  10. I believe that only the right arm is available right now from BMW. So, you would have to have a set powder coated like I did for my '74 tii, or paint a set in SEM trim black which more closely approximates the shade and texture of the original.
  11. -Driving While Awesome Coastal Range Rally in CA. Never done it but sounds cool. -50 Year Storm Rally in SoCal. -Coastal Rally (open to all makes, models and years but it seems to be largely comprised of fairly late model exotics). -Copperstate 1000 for pre-'74 cars. Field is EXTREMELY high-end though (Think Ferrari California Spyders, etc) and so of course is the entrance fee, if you're invited. A plain Jane 02 probably wouldn't cut the mustard. A turbo though...
  12. Totally agree. If it's truly that original, 30K IMHO. GOD is it tempting...
  13. GOOD LORD that's amazing and such a deal. Was the trunk ever repainted though?
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