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What's all this about then?


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I was doing a little work and noticed two things; a hole in the gearbox and a clip that is unsecured. I thought I'd snap some pictures and throw it up here, and ask everyone what these things are.

Item 1, as you can see, is the hole. The hole gives me a view into the gearbox and I can see bits moving when I push the car while it's in gear. Item 2, as you can again see, is the clip. The clip has nothing to attach to (at least near by) so it's just rattling around.

So, if anyone can help out a new guy, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!




New to the 2002, new to working on cars all together.


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#1 is for viewing the timing marks on your flywheel when you are setting your timing. You might want to clean the marks on the flywheel with a long Q-tip, then put a dab of paint on them to make them easier to view when using your timing light.

#2 ??. not sure, been a long time since I've seen a stock set up. when I find things like that on customer cars I usually move the clip along the line its on and usually it'll line up with it's long lost home at some point along its travel.




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As mentioned, #1 is the sight hole for the timing ball.

#2 is a clip for an emissions line. It looks as if the line was replaced and cut a little short. I'd say that it should be secured by the 10mm bolt at it's 4-o'clock position.


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your#2 is a EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) = BAD on any motor

dumps nasty exhaust junque into the intake manifold,

carbons up the intake manifold, intake ports, intake valves = very bad

remove it and plug the ends where the hose connected

remove the valve, vacuum controling valve for the system

and have a really happy motor

if you have a AIR PUMP - you should also remove that

nasty air leaking, back firing, cluttering system as well

get your motor running pure. UNLESS your state inspectors

need to see such krap for you to PASS State Emissions Testing ?

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