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  1. Welcome! Enjoy the journey. I'm in the San Gabriel area, if you ever need an extra set of hands I'm easily persuaded to help. I also have piles of parts lying around that would love to find a new home.
  2. Shad


  3. Shad


  4. Are you still in need of help on this?
  5. I just did this same conversion for a friend earlier today. I wound up transferring the internals from his U.S. spec turn signals into the Euro lens assemblies. The bulb reflector needs to be trimmed to fit and the factory rivets soldered back in place after delicately trimming them off on one end to remove internals. To me it seemed like a much cleaner solution than trying to add a bulb socket to the existing internals. Just a Dremel tool with cutoff disc & sanding drum attachment and a soldering iron needed. Any excess solder can be drilled out of the mounting holes. Hope this helps. (I have a ton of U.S. turn signals on the shelf if you need donors)
  6. Congrats, Steve! For your next 2002FAQ expansion may I suggest a restaurant? Taqueria perhaps?
  7. Hey all, Trying to find schematics showing the internal differences between the early 8 prong "Pull type" Hazard Switch, and the later (still readily available) "Push type" that comes in two varieties: 6 prong, no resistor and 8 prong with resistor. I'm trying to retrofit a later style 8 prong "push type" hazard switch into an early wiring harness that had a "pull type". Circuit 58d with the resistor is giving me grief as it does not seem to have the same function as the 49/0 circuit (GN-VI wire) on the early style. Thoughts, diagrams, tricks, suggestions? Thanks.
  8. My wife and I made the trip from Astoria to Monterey along the coast the entire way over this past winter holiday. Absolutely loved it. Our r route took us from Portland to Rockaway Beach (via hwy 30 thru Astoria), Rockaway Beach to Coos Bay, Coos Bay to Klamath, Klamath to Benbow, Benbow to Fort Bragg, Fort Bragg to Monterey (thru San Francisco). We stayed at Air Bnb's mixed with rental cabins (KOA) each night. One thing we noticed after planning the trip and then DOING the trip was the time we allotted ourselves to get from Point A to Point B did not leave as much time for sightseeing as we had expected. Partly due to slow starts in the mornings getting coffee/food, packing, check out, etc. and partly due to the winter days have fewer hours of sunlight. You shouldn't have the daylight problem in March, but be conscious of your time. We missed a lot of 'must see' places just getting to the next lodging check in on time. I highly recommend jumping off of the 101 at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. It's a scenic route detour that takes you through some amazing scenery, giant redwoods, elk, etc. and puts you right back on your way on the 101 further south without much delay. As for south of the Monterey, CA area: stay on top of the road closure situations. We have been hit very hard down here with the past storms and there are more coming between now and your trip. Big Sur just closed another section of road due to cracks appearing in the supports at Pfeiffer Canyon bridge, and south of Nepenthe is closed. Most travel in the Big Sur area is still considered 'essential travel only' right now. It may very well still be closed when you get here. http://www.montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/pfeiffer-canyon-bridge-on-highway-closed-to-traffic-until-further/article_4b49f7aa-f21b-11e6-a98a-9b38fd4b6902.html The only other recommendations I have to offer beyond common sense, road spares kits, AAA card, etc. that the other board members recommend would be: take your time, enjoy the sights, if you passed it and it looked interesting: go back and look at it. Oh...and if you like oysters and such, as we do, we could have stayed here all day: the razor clam fritters were amazing for breakfast. https://www.pacseafood.com/locations/details/pacific-oyster-company/
  9. There's a million ways to skin the tidy it up cat. Here's a link to some distribution fuse blocks to give you some ideas, no experience with this company, just grabbed the link and pics off google to help answer your question. Your local stereo shops have lots of power distribution accessories, as well. The usual suspects have it all too: NAPA, West Marine, Pep Boys, etc. Keep it clean, keep it safe...and if it's exposed to the elements: keep it covered. https://www.ceautoelectricsupply.com/fuseholders.html
  10. thanks for the reply, seeing how old this topic is I'm glad to get a response. It would appear the thickness on the AL40x is correct for the Tii, whereas the AL89x would need a spacer. (I'm going through a pile of old alternators right now if you couldn't tell...) thanks
  11. Now that the differences in the brackets has been established, I'm curious about the differences in the alternators themselves. Anyone have a part number for the correct Tii alternator and part number for the correct Non Tii alternator? The alternators pictured by Bill on his '72 and the one CD posted from the brochure seem vastly superior to the application. thanks
  12. John - You should add "without modification" to that. A little cutting here, a snip or two there and that baby would fit nicely.
  13. If there's a metal fabrication shop near you, try peeking your head in and asking to peruse their scrap bin. I've come home with a lot of great material for penny's on the retail dollar (a lot of times for free) by doing that in my neighborhood. They're usually happy for the distraction to chat projects and glad to make a couple of bucks on the side on material that's already been paid for. Worst case scenario they'll ask for the scrap rate which still puts you ahead of the retail game. Give it a try... -s
  14. My wife and I are looking for an E12 for her to drive and found a good candidate on Bimmertraderonline.com but when we called the number in the ad the car had been sold over four years ago! Three of the numbers in different ads were disconnected or changed. The site looks great but is it a dead site? Too bad if it is dead, the layout is nice...if only we had our timemachine up and running. -s

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