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  1. Amigos, Tripod racing team has a predicament that maybe somebody in the Seattle Area can help us out with. We have the complete interior, glass, airbags, window regulators,door cards, etc... from a 1998 M3 Sedan that we need to unload in order to meet the 24hrs of Lemons spend limit... All parts have been removed with care and are in outstanding condition. There's a lot of $$$ to be made from these parts, or a nice upgrade to a standard E36 sedan. Pictures are below, looking for a reasonable offer on the lot, in the next few days, around Seattle. Or any ideas where we could unload this. Race is coming up and we need to get under the $500 car spend limit. And if you're around, the team is racing at the Ridge in Shelton this week, should be quite the show if y'all happen to be in the area! Thanks! BigDog [email protected]
  2. I seriously need to get my brain back in 2002 mode! If I remember correctly, the wire you're referring to is actually a "resistor wire" in the stock configuration. You will find if you chase it back up far enough, it will have a section of "clear insulated" wire along the ways at some place. If the 'resistor' part of that wire is removed, it should function nominally. You could test this easily by running a 'new' piece of wire to the spade on the back of the tach to the coil and see what happens. Just incase do a forum search on "resistor wire" and see what you come up with. BD '76 2002 MSD, Pertronix
  3. Need a 1976 "rear subframe to body bracket" for lack of a better description. I got one side that's bent and it's throwing the thrust angle alignment off slightly. Anybody got one? BD Location: Sammamish, WA<br />
  4. Seriously, do read up on the ZDDP stuff on them there intewebs... It's an interesting story of how it went away and why, and also, you'll see why it's important. I broke in my engine on 20W50 dino juice, then switched to RedLine synthetic. As far as ZDDP goes, you'll find that Mobil1 has the most available in commercial oils, beyond that there are reports that diesel oils, and perhaps motorycycle oils have a high content as well. Opinions are many, but the RedLine has always worked well for me, and their MTL is all you should ever run in your gearbox. BD
  5. OK so I"m lame. Sorry for the wasted bits, sent mail to Max. I should have known!!! BD
  6. C.D. Who's the source for these currently? Been missing my car, and tired of not driving it in the rain! Thx. BD
  7. I need to find a source for the OE seal, soon as I get one, you can have my URO P.O.S. Doesn't fit well, leaks like a mofo, and was a PITA to get in a year or so ago. Infact, it's soo bad I don't drive the car in the rain and in the PNW that's really been keeping my car in the garage. BD
  8. I talked with IE about this recently. They aren't really that happy with the caps that they provide with that dizzy. I ended up swaping back to a Bosch cap & Rotor which sits on there much better. I am happy with the dizzy however, it's a nice peice, works well. I reccomended that they charge an extra 10 bucks or whatever, and ship with the Bosch cap if possible. BD
  9. Ya know one of those things we've never really managed to set up around here is a 2002 specific swap meet. I was just digging through my boxes and boxes of 2002 schtuff to find a tranny mount that I knew was in there someplace. It reminded me that we all really need to organize one of these... Perhaps this fall? Meanwhile, inquire at will if you need parts! BD
  10. You running both front and a rear fog?? Since I run both, I wired up a std. headlight switch to that position. 1/2 on is rear fog only, full pull is both front and rear fogs. YMMV BD
  11. Pop to top! Is this still planned? Just poppin' it up the list. BD
  12. I so love the "targa" wonder how that was done? I'm not surprised to see these from Iran actually. I have a friend who is "Persian", which I guess is what they call themselves if they were either fans or opposed to the Shah at the time, whatever... Point being, he had experience with a 2002 over there, and every time we go anywhere together he insists I drive. Some things just go beyond world politics and whatnot. The 2002 continues to be one of those cars that people all have fond memories of, and it's amazing that there are soo many people who just smile and wave when you drive by. BD
  13. Possible! Just remember if we're goin' for a decent drive, which is a fabulous idea, I don't think the Lambo makes a good tow rig, so make sure your car can go the distance! BD
  14. I want something similar to the sequential turn signals on older muscle cars... I mean if you're gonna hack up the body to add some different tail lights, might as well go whole hog... If you just want to be seen, JC Whitney has LED 3rd brake lights which are perfect for sticking up on the top of the rear glass on the inside. Costs nearly nothing, doesn't really show unless you're on the binders, and takes 15 minutes to install. BD
  15. J.C. Whitney... So it's $12 instead of $5.. BD

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