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Sex sells, doesn't it?


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I wanted to advertise this early bmw 02 dip switch, in an unconventional way, but a few minutes earlier it got sold on another platform. So all my crazy work is in vain.

So.. now I decided not to hide my plan of advertising this nice switch.. but to post it in off-topic

The funny thing is that the woman in the photos is the usps delivery person. How do you like that? Pretty stupid, right?

Am I drunk? No, not after six Becks, I'm German.

Cheers 🙂







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2 minutes ago, Seb said:

I guess this will ruin my reputation here. (What reputation?) 😄


Now there's nowhere to go but up!



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Stop reading this! Don't you have anything better to do?? :P
Two running things. Two broken things.


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On 11/29/2023 at 11:44 AM, Seb said:

I guess this will ruin my reputation here. (What reputation?) 😄

Hello Seb, old Frienemy !

Take it easy. Don't get too raunchy. Otherwise, we're coming for you in Berlin, again.


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3 hours ago, Seb said:

Her name is in the vehicle registration document. It's like the pope's VW Golf 

What !


It's beyond the Pope's VW Golf. That car belongs in a museum, but not the BMW car museum, as BMW is a car company most affiliated with Nazi Germany. It belongs in a museum of German culture. 


Most people in the US have no clue about Ulrike Meinhof. And, she is usually only mentioned here in some negative context. Ulrike Meinhof, the Co-Founder of the Baader Meinhof Red Army Faction, won the hearts and minds of an entire generation of  students and the counter-culture movement in Germany and beyond. The RAF waged a covert war against NATO and the CIA. She's a martyr and a legend.


Death to NATO and American Imperialism !


Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!


Pics of Ulrike Meinhof and the late Joe Strummer of the Clash, wearing a Red Army Faction T-Shirt.






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