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New Bay Area 02 Owner

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Hi everyone!

My name is Lance and I just recently picked up this 74 2002 tii from a buddy of mine who purchased it a few years back from another guy in the bay area. It has its little bits and pieces that need some attention, as most 02's do, but over the car is in excellent condition. The car was featured in Petrolicious at one point, here is the link: https://petrolicious.com/articles/this-bmw-gives-2002-reasons-to-keep-fixing-it

So far, after looking over the car, Ive found that the driver side frame rail is rusted out and is slightly pushed upward towards the driver side floor. Ive already ordered and received a new frame rail and have reached out to The Resto Shop to get that swapped out. Ive also just swapped out the motor mounts with IE poly motor mounts. The motor no longer dances while its running. Im also currently swapping out the shotty made coilovers from the original owner to some better ones. 

sadly, the original motor was swapped out for a 80's 320 m10 that had lower miles and is carbureted. Which I dont mind, but having the original setup would have been great. Im trying to see if there are any specific differences in the 320 m10 vs the 2002 m10 so I know what i'm dealing with maintenance wise. I'd hate to order the incorrect parts for the motor if there were some serious changes from the e10 to the e21.

Im still new to this car and i'm reading up more on the little quirks the 02 has and i'd love to meet up and chat with some local bay area 02 owners who I can learn from about the car and get some insight on the car/motor. So do lmk if there are any running meets I could swing by. 😎🤙

oh and sorry in advance for all the questions that I will be asking. 😅







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