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  2. We will have doughnuts and coffee. You have to say hi. Even if you are afraid of me. All this should be served out of the back of the FAQ Mobile. Steve K.
  3. We will hold the mini version of the NK&K at the Legends of the Autobahn. We will have Doughnuts and Coffee. Come and find us at the FAQ Mobile!
  4. 1972 m10 painted blue valve cover with blue aluminum Allen bolts $100 Original long center console $200
  5. First Annual Neue Klasse and Kaffee and Swap meet brought to you by BMW 2002 FAQ and Fuel Supply Co
  6. @steve k. Hey hey, just saw faq's IG post about contacting to reserve a space to sell parts. Can you put me down? I can PM my info if easier. Thanks!
  7. All can sell. It is open to everyone. And it's free. Steve K
  8. @02princessLisa yep, DM me. Pick up would either be in Mountain View (weekday) or SF (evenings/weekend).
  9. @steve k. Quick Question: Will everyone be able to sell and swap stuff or is there some signup/payment you have to do?
  10. I will sell you a thule rack for $100 in Oakland
  11. Hey there! Anyone have a roof rack that I can borrow for a weekend in July ? (any weekend) Local pick up preferred... 😊 Thanks! Lisa
  12. Great event in Los Gatos on June 15th. Weather was perfect and we had over 30 cars. Some usual suspects were missing, but we had some new cars and some new people.
  13. When i first got into 2002s, Double 02 Salvage used to hold a Swap Meet in their parking lot. It was a great place to see people and pick up some parts. We are trying to bring this back. Different parking lot, different people, similar concept. Join us July 20th in Fremont, CA
  14. Next NK&K Is this Saturday in Los Gatos. July event will be in Fremont and will be a Swap Meet! More details to follow.
  15. until
    BMW 2002 FAQ and Fuel Supply Co, present Neue Klasse and Kaffee Summer Swap Meet. Come out to Fremont to meet fellow BMW enthusiasts, drink some coffee, and swap some parts. All are welcome! The event is Free. Coffee and pastries will be provided. Event is held at Fuel Supply Co 4380 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538 More details to come as they develop.
  16. layers

    2019 Swap & Show Images

    Photos from the BayAre02 Swap and Show held in May of 2019
  17. Beck, have you even encountered" Dirt Alley" in your hometown? Look West of 23rd on Judah. Larry
  18. until
    We will gather in Parking Lot 3 behind Loma Coffee Bar. Neue Klasse und Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse cars in San Francisco Bay Area. We mostly meet on the third Saturday of every month. BMW 2002 FAQ will be there from 8am to 11am with some Donuts. Coffee will be available at Loma Coffee Bar. Swap Meet coming in July. Follow us for the details! http://neueklasseundkaffee.com Cover Photo by prsvere
  19. Dean, Marshall, Ed and all the rest are 02 Pioneers... Whenever, I work in the Bay Area on projects, I always bring my 02 from LA; knowing they were there gave me peace on mind.. I'm praying they re-group and find another place... - Ed
  20. Thanks, Larry! IMHO with the way Bay Area real estate is going, this had more to do with the "Greed Revolution" than anything else 😒. Anyway, I agree 100% with your comment. Marshall was always superhelpfull to me, especially when I first got into the hobby. Always willing to dig up some obscure part, or share vital information. I sure hope they do re-surface somewhere as 02 Salvage again. - Crash
  21. We had another great Saturday morning with 2002 friends. Great weather. Great coffee and the rain stayed away as promised til about noon. Great t see some new cars at the event and some old faces. @MOJOJOY found some time to take the photos. [gallery1000x480] [album]630[/album] [/gallery] And here are a few grills:
  22. Another fantastic event. Despite the rain scare we had about 15 cars
  23. Hey Larry, Thanks for the detail. I guess I gotta wait and see. Sad news though and I hope they find a new location!

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