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  2. I wouldn’t hesitate to call North Bay Bavarian in Santa Rosa. They have loads of experience with all BMWs, old and new, including our 2002s. Honest, professional and friendly too. Their number is 707-545-0820. Brian
  3. Looking to install H4 headlights, associated relays and then fog lights...want to make sure its all done correctly by a garage/individual who could handle any required upgrades. Cheers.
  4. Hi local chapter! Found a shop to paint my car. I want to send just the shell. No subframes. Anyone have a car dolly they can part with?
  5. Moving to short neck diff on my 68, and I need a new driveshaft. I have a Getrag 240 (not 245) I need a driveshaft I can shorten or if by an off chance you have one ready to go. Anybody in the Bay Area holding? Im in Santa Cruz area.
  6. I had some great conversations on the phone with the gentleman at Auto Dynamic and was planning on bringing a car there (the deal fell through) but he seemed very knowledgeable on the 2002 specific questions I was asking him.
  7. I went to Phaedrus for several years when I lived in the city. They are very professional. You might consider a drive to Santa Rosa for North Bay Bavarian. I can’t say enough about their expertise and honesty.
  8. Not sure where my text went...here is what was snipped (Sunnyvale Ford listing): https://www.sunnyvaleford.com/used/BMW/1976-BMW-n/a-for-sale-Sunnyvale-b41031950a0d0cc768c9d3406fcd203d.htm?searchDepth=4:4 ***WOW*** FULLY RESTORED and BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC BEEMA. In mint Concourse condition. ONLY 39494 miles. A fun Sunday drive car. Over 30,000 worth of restoration from New AC to Custom wheels to Ergonomic Leather seats to New engine, suspension and much more. Detailed Restoration list is available upon Test drive. Call 408-522-0234 for additional info.
  9. Hi-- If you look at [http://www.bayarea02.com/service-providers/], you will find a list of service providers (not comprehensive). I have never selected one in San Francisco but I will comment that Auto Dynamik is a BayArea 02 sponsor. Personally, I typically drive a ways to have friends complete work that is increasingly beyond my ability but there are certainly reasons to select very local service. Larry
  10. I've heard good things about Phaedrus BMW-
  11. I need some suspension work done for my car. Not too difficult, I need the tie-rods and tie-rod center to be replaced. Anybody can recommend any shops in San Francisco?
  12. Neue Klasse and Kaffee visits Scotts Valley in June 2020
  13. until
    Welcome back to the Neue Klasse and Kaffee! To restart our monthly tradition we will gather on June 20th at a very interesting private location in Scotts Valley, CA. I won't reveal too much, but it is fun and not Canepa . As the event is on private property and you will be traveling on some private roads, please, be respectful to the neighbors. Coffee and Doughnuts will be provided by BMW 2002 FAQ. Please, RSVP, so I know how much we need. For your safety and safety of other we would request all to practice social distancing and please wear a mask. If you are not feeling well, please, stay home. Location: 37°02'41.5"N 122°00'07.6"W 37.044856, -122.002123 https://goo.gl/maps/BUkUUy3CzbE7Giei8 Blair Ranch Road is a private road of Granite Creek Road. Once on Blair Ranch Road, keep left at 3 different spots as you will be driving towards 495 Blair Ranch Rd. Keep left once you get to 495 and you will see a sign for parking. There should be other cars by the time you get there. Neue Klasse und Kaffee is a monthly gathering of BMW Neue Klasse cars in San Francisco Bay Area. We mostly meet on the third Saturday of every month. http://neueklasseundkaffee.com
  14. Bay Area - shoot - we should have talked a few months ago and gone in on this together! I am in Burlingame.
  15. I decided to freeze and pound out my sound deadening today. I guess I overestimated the amount of dry ice required, so I have about 30 pounds left over. Long shot I know, but after I pull my celebratory beers from it, I have no use for it... (update 6/10 - no takers and ice has sublimated down)
  16. Hello, I am looking to buy a 2002 in the Bay Area/ Northern California. I have been looking for the past 5 months and have just been an hour late or have run into title issues on the last bit of cars to come up on CL and Marketplace... Just a bit of poor luck in the search thus far, although I've meet some great folks Id like to reach out to you all, to see if anyone happens to be moving on from a car or knows someone else who is. Looking for: Roundie 2002 (or square tail lights in the right color configuration) Drivable Car preferred, not scared of doing a little work or a project but needs to be drivable with clean path to registration Manual Transmission Budget 8k-12k
  17. tjones02

    Swap and Show 2009

    I'd like to add photos to this album...
  18. Hey all! You may remember me looking for a 2002 in January. Well, I found one, and it starred in this gorgeous new music video. I think you'll enjoy it--it takes place in Alameda and San Francisco. Cheers!
  19. the next day car started up just fine after the car got towed home. i will check into that but thought it was weird that it started right up the following day thanks for your input ! appreciate it will hope to solve soon as i miss driving her
  20. Hi-- You say the motor will not turn over; that sounds electrical. Did you check that the wire to the starter solenoid has not slipped off? It's a 1/4" quick connector and I recall it slipped off my late '73 a couple of times. Good luck! Larry
  21. the other day i was just running a few errands. stopped by the store, then a restaurant. parked at a store 10 minutes later. come back out to my car and it woudlnt turn over for the life of it. seems to be a fuel problem maybe flooded carb? but im honestly not to sure. any input helps. thanks a bunch car is a 1974 2002 thanks

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