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  1. 2% more cool factor because your car will be slightly lower
  2. I don’t know the roads once you go to the west of king city, but I’d opt for the shorter route. If my schedule (and the cars) permit it, I’ll be there!
  3. Cooper

    ID these recaros

    They do look pretty similar to 04 Jetta recaros. Maybe that’s what they are.
  4. Cooper

    ID these recaros

    There was a sticker with a part number on it but I looked it up and actually got 0 results, so I’m guessing that was put on later perhaps
  5. Cooper

    ID these recaros

    @jgerock thanks, I’ll never unsee that now
  6. I have these recaros and I want to sell them but have no idea what they are, so if someone happens to know and wants to enlighten me, that would be much appreciated. I’m still researching but haven’t found a match yet Thanks!
  7. I have two roofs, a tail panel, and a sunroof panel for sale. I’ve come up with prices but I’m not 100% sure that they are the going rate, so feel free to make an offer if they aren’t fair. Silver non-sunroof roof $200 local pickup only blue sunroof roof $FREE local pickup only square tail panel $350 local pickup only sunroof panel $200 local pickup preferred, but shipping is possible I want to sell this stuff, let’s make a deal PS: I also have rear shock towers that anyone local can have if they want them
  8. @GoGo Garnet I thought it looked like a front bumper, but I’m pretty sure I took it off the back of the car. So either I lost a rear bumper, or someone put a front a bumper on the back of the car. thanks for pointing that out
  9. Price drop: $100 for the late rear bumper if anyone local is interested
  10. @ELPACHUCO sorry, those just sold and I hadn’t updated the post yet
  11. @wegweiser Looks great! I think you’ll be getting an email sometime soon
  12. Looking for a good spare tire well from a 2002, let me know what you have
  13. @mac20021972 I don’t want to ship these at this time, if that changes I’ll let you know @rrost I’m not selling an early rear bumper
  14. I have two early front bumpers, condition isn’t too bad, could be re-chromed or used if you don’t need it to be perfect. I was asking $100 each, I noticed that a mounting bracket tab on one of them is broken but I think it’s still a good price for a core at least. If I’m crazy, let me know EARLY BUMPERS ARE SOLD And I have a late rear bumper with the black filler piece. I think I have the accordions also but I have to check. The bumper is in very presentable condition by my standards, better then the early ones I’d say. I’m asking $140 for this one. I think the prices are fair, if they aren’t please let me know I do not want to ship them, local pick up only
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