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  1. By struts, do mean you have the inserts? If so, what brand, and what brand are the springs that you have?
  2. Do you now? Maybe I’ll talk to this mystery man. Nah, it’s gotta match the patina though
  3. I’m putting an M42 in this survivor shell. If anyone in the Bay Area has an Atlantik passenger door, I might be interested
  4. Cooper

    Misc parts

    I’ll buy the Rear fog light! Pm incoming
  5. @geok555 All of that stuff is sold, sorry
  6. Got rid of a few things, but still some good parts here
  7. I have a decent one in the Bay Area if you’re close
  8. Car appears to be mostly stock and almost complete. Automatic car, but automatic parts are not for sale at the moment. Let me know what you want. pictures will be posted shortly
  9. I have 68 1600 project, and I have e21 drums to put on it. After seeing what @Tahoedon said about the rear brakes not being assisted, should I put in a 2002 booster? Or will the stock one be okay? not to try and hijack, sorry
  10. Pm me, we can work something out
  11. Are these the lines you want?
  12. The “door” cards on this 67 are different then on my 69 2002, but I can’t say for certain if they’re original, or the bottom pocket thing was just taken off. Hope it helps in someway
  13. I have a 67 1600 project with the bottom part of the back seat currently out, but the side panels in. I’m unclear on exactly what you want to see, but if I took a picture of the interior, would that help you out?
  14. So then it would appear that the gauge is a bit optimistic, but not by too much. My worry was that if it went in the red, would that even be an accurate reading, and something to worry about. So I guess that kinda answers that. Thanks to everyone, as always
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