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  1. Cooper

    Short block

    Darn. Good luck on the sale
  2. Cooper

    Short block

    Don’t recognize your location, so I’m guessing you aren’t near the SF Bay Area?
  3. Fine, I’ll give into pier pressure... this is all the none-oil that came out. No pieces of bearings or anything, but a bit more then you want to find in your oil I think. i also took the valve cover off to see if the cam sprocket popped of or something. All was fine under there, so It seems like we can rule out a timing chain issue. By the way, if anyone was looking for engine vin# 2571569, uhh, sorry. It’s kinda broken. I’ll give you a bangin deal on it though!
  4. Since pulling just the pan seems to be a unascertainable amount of work, and I already have an engine in pieces sitting on a shelf and another engine on the stand, it’ll be a little bit until I get to pulling this engine and taking it apart, sadly. But when I do, I’ll be sure to share the carnage
  5. I’m trying to get to dropping the oil pan this week. Hopefully tomorrow.
  6. It is seized, I know that. The oil on the dipstick looks normal, but I don’t know if you’d be able to tell by just the dipstick. I’ll be taking the whole thing apart when I find the time. the e21 engine isn’t a 2 liter which is why I’m hesitant use it, because I’ll want to change It again if I do. i have a couple engine blocks, but I don’t know how long they’ve been sitting or how the previous stored them, so I’d need to get them checked I think
  7. @stephers yeah, Im considering that it might’ve been an internal break That caused everything els also. @Dudeland I do have a nearly complete m42 swap standing by... But that’s going in another car
  8. @Hans you worried me with that one. I immediately ran out to see if my metric mechanic sway bar was damaged. Thankfully it isn’t. I would be pretty unhappy if was. the front of the crank does not seem to move independently, but it is definitely not centered in its place.
  9. @TobyB I will be manhandling the crank to see what happens. my current working theory is that the crank pulley got damaged by something (maybe over time, maybe a hit a rock, etc) lost a portion of it, thereby throwing off the balance of the rotation and shaking itself to death. Plausible? now I have to see if I can throw a car together in time for the Bay Area 02 swap and show. I do have an e21 engine laying around.
  10. @2002Scoob I kinda though it looked like something was tweaked but I wasn’t sure. I’ll look into that further. @rcf925 all the oil is still in it.
  11. @mike the e21 that could, huh? all good advice, thank you. I’ll be sure to do all of that.
  12. Last week I started to drive my 2002 from the South Bay Area to San Luis Obispo, where I go to college. Thought it would be fun to drive the 02 around for a week. And since I’d driven this car 800 miles round trip to SoCal vintage and back, taking backroads the whole way, I figured it’d be an easy week for the car. i got 40 miles from my house before I heard the worst noise I’d ever heard come from a car, and my car started to slow down. So I pulled over, checked under the hood, and it looked like through some means that my fan had ran into my radiator. Now, I was expecting to see a rod coming out of the block. So when I saw that it was just the fan and radiator I thought i got off easy. I could have that fixed in a day I thought. so I got towed home, got in another car, and went through my school week. fast forward to yesterday. I was replacing the radiator and fan with ones that we had at home, and it was when I was trying to put the fan belt on that I realized the belt was too long. Which I though was impossible because it was an exact replacement. then I realized that I was missing the crank pulley with the belt. so I looked down in there and noticed that my crank pulley was gone...(refer to picture) Then I called my dad out so that we could revel at this unusual sight. And through trying to start the car, and pushing it in gear, we came to the conclusion that the engine had completely seized... A while ago the oil pressure light stopped working at fault of the gauge cluster, and not just the bulb. And I don’t know how to fix it, and don’t have another silver dollar cluster, so I didn’t bother trying to fix that. Since the oil pressure light didn’t work, I don’t know if the car lost oil pressure, causing whatever happened to happen, or if something broke, or what. So eventually I’ll get around to taking that engine apart to try to find out what failed. And whenever I get the money to do so, I’ll work on getting a replacement engine. In the mean time, I’ll just sadly look at my car sit in the yard, knowing that it’s nothing more then a very stylish paper weight for now, I guess
  13. A bit more then “slightly” lowered, but... E21 bbs mahle wheels
  14. By struts, do mean you have the inserts? If so, what brand, and what brand are the springs that you have?

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