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  1. Both carbs are unknown, but look complete. One was sitting in a box half submerged in water for an unknown amount of time. The other one could probably use a rebuild. $50 for both. Cheapest way to ship, is to ship them separately. It’s $14.35 for each box, so the total price is $78.70, plus PayPal fees if you send it goods and services
  2. @bluedevils still available!
  3. I’ll take it! PM incoming
  4. @Hodgepodge still available!
  5. @mac20021972 the cost to ship two bumpers to that zip code is $155
  6. Trying to get rid of some inventory. Can ship most of the items at buyers expense. I think these are fair prices, but I’m open to offers as well Oil pan $50 Formuling steering wheel $30 Unbranded steering wheel $20 passenger side turn signal $20 battery tray $25 after market mirrors $5 each plastic grill $25 Timing chain cover $15 Silver Valve cover $50 Black painted valve cover $35 E21 shifter $25 2 barrel Intake *SOLD* Air cleaner housing *SOLD* Exhaust manifold $50 Intake manifold with 38/38 carburetor $150 Bumpers *SOLD* Rear interior panels $50 rear seat $50 E21 Engine $400 the e21 engine was getting ready to go in a 1600. It ran when pulled out of the 1980 320i that it came out of. The carburetor was going to go on it, and I have intake gaskets, exhaust gaskets and new hardware from Ireland engineering to mount the intake. I also have the fuel injection intake and all that, that came off the engine.
  7. I’ll take them! Can pick them up tomorrow
  8. I’m in line if it doesn’t work out with Marc
  9. Are the NOS mudflaps and the half shafts available?
  10. I was just interested in whatever the “bunch of parts in the trunk” were. And I’m close to Santa Maria if he wanted to sell them separate
  11. Any chance he’ll sell some of the extra parts alone, or is it a package deal only?
  12. Slowpoke, I don’t know anything about it’s condition other than what can be seen from the outside. If you’re interested I can pm you some pictures. But it won’t be until Friday.

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