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  1. Once again, I know this isn’t an m42 forum but I’ve had good luck so far and no one has told me not to post these questions here yet. And the engine is for an 02, so I think it fits alright. Long story short, I’ve put a refurbished head onto a block and am trying to get the cams in time with the crank without the proper Bmw tool. Maybe I sound like an idiot, and maybe I am, but it seems like the issue I’m having wouldn’t be solved by the tool unless the valve to piston tolerance is very small. So what I’ve tried is lining up the marks on the end of the cam and the cam holder thing (I can’t think of what that’s called) which also made the arrows on the cam gears point up (which is what I’ve read to be correct) but then when I *slowly* rotate the crankshaft try to bring it up to TDC, the pistons seemingly touch the valves on cylinder 4. Then when I line up the squared ends of the cam shaft up, the way that the bmw tool does, though maybe not to extreme accuracy, the piston still seemingly comes into contact with the valves. And the marks on the front of the cam do not line up when the squared ends of the cams with the dots are level with each other. And when the squared ends with dots are level, the cylinder 1 cam lobes are not pointing in towards each other like I’ve read they’re supposed to. So it seems to me that things aren’t lining up when they’re supposed to be, but maybe I’m just doing something wrong, or I’m misunderstanding how TDC works on this engine, I don’t know. But hopefully someone can help me out here. The pictures show what I’m referring to on the cams. In the first picture the Lines on the cam and the cam hold down thing are not lined up, but are visible, just to be clear. hopefully everything makes some sense the way I said it.
  2. @TobyB what if I don’t turn them until they give? I’m pretty sure I only felt that give on the last couple bolts, so should I go back tighten the other 7 or so bolts until they give? That feels kinda wrong since it’s been a couple weeks since I put them in, but if it was the right thing to do then I guess I’d do it
  3. Yeah I’m passed that question now @2002Scoob I have new bolts. Just double checking that when I feel the new bolts stretch, that feeling is okay and doesn’t mean that they should be replaced.
  4. Wait, @TobyB it isn’t okay? It kinda sounds like you’re saying it is okay, but the sentence starts with “nope.” Just trying to make sure I’m not putting an engine together with loose head bolts
  5. To reiterate: when you feel the head bolts stretch and get soft, that’s fine, right? Just because it doesn’t feel right in my soul.
  6. I’m friends with the guy that owned this car up until less then a week ago, he sold it to presumably the person who is selling it now. Doesn’t seem like a flip job, I think they just really didn’t grasp how much of a project the car really was. I never saw the car myself, but the previous owner told me that it needed a lot of work. Funny enough, the previous owner has a 2002 that isn’t a tii, but has a tii engine in it
  7. Alright, cool. Getting a few new ones seemed like the right thing to do but I’m just too cheap to pass up the opportunity to save money. Yes that feeling of the bolts going soft was right at the end of the final angle torque. I only felt it on the last two bolts and not all of them, don’t know why that is. Guess I’ll have to get used to that feeling
  8. I’m putting together an m42 and just this morning I put the head on and torqued it down but on the last two bolts right at the end of the final torque they felt like they got easier to turn.. So I thought that They maybe they stripped. It took me until 7:00 this evening to go back and even look at the engine after thinking that the threads might be messed up. So I took out the two bolts that felt like they might’ve stripped and one that didn’t to compare them, and I don’t see anything wrong with them. All three came out feeling the same, and there are no obvious signs of stripped threads anywhere so I’m thinking that everything might be okay. So not understanding why the bolts felt the way they did, and knowing that you aren’t supposed to reuse those bolts because they stretch, and keeping in mind that they are brand new and were only in for like eight hours, can I reuse those three bolts or should I replace them?
  9. I found the Bentley manual online. Looks like you do assemble the short block first. Thanks!
  10. Maybe not the right section for this, but it is going in an 02 so... I’m assembling an m42 from nearly a bare block, the timing case is on it and I put the pistons in it, but what should I do next? If I remember somewhat correctly I think that the head gasket overlaps the timing case gasket or something like that, so the question is, is there a certain order to assembly? So that I avoid wasting gaskets from having to take parts back off. And if anyone has any other pro tips, I’ll take those too! Thanks!
  11. When you’re a college student with a passion for cars, you do what you gotta do to get that seat time. I’ve been doing pretty well on my no money budget, used parts can be awesome!
  12. I have both front and rear big bumpers now. I always did actually, I just lost track of them. @ELPACHUCO I don’t want to split up the shocks from the bumper, sorry
  13. 2% more cool factor because your car will be slightly lower
  14. I don’t know the roads once you go to the west of king city, but I’d opt for the shorter route. If my schedule (and the cars) permit it, I’ll be there!
  15. Cooper

    ID these recaros

    They do look pretty similar to 04 Jetta recaros. Maybe that’s what they are.
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