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  1. So then it would appear that the gauge is a bit optimistic, but not by too much. My worry was that if it went in the red, would that even be an accurate reading, and something to worry about. So I guess that kinda answers that. Thanks to everyone, as always
  2. I’ve swapped the sender a couple times to see if it affected the reading. So if loosening and tightening it, would fix it, i think it would’ve done that by now. But I could try cleaning the threads with a brush, I’m just avoiding draining how ever much coolant is needed so that it doesn’t drip
  3. I’m gonna give all the info I can, in hopes for the best feedback. The cars temp gauge didn’t work for the first year+, but a few months ago I added an extra ground to the fuel and temp gauge, and it worked after that, but the needle sits quite high. In the picture below, the needle is sitting maybe a needles width higher than it usually does, and I used the IR thermometer pointed at the water neck, and it measured about 200 degrees. The only thing to note about the cooling system that I am aware of, is it has an e21 radiator. So my question is, is the gauge reading correctly in that picture for 200 degrees? And if not, is there a way that I can get it to read lower? The car hasn’t overheated since I’ve had it, I’d just like to have a bit of a warning if it was going to, in the form being able to see the needle move some distance. Thank you.
  4. Just for posterity, these pictures come from a petrolicious article, this car has door cards that seem to match the one I have. So someone out there has to know something about someone making these @zinz beautiful car. Assuming that you purchased your carpet new, where did you get it?
  5. Fantastic! Thanks to everyone for the knowledge. If anyone just so happens to have front door cards that match these custom ones, I’d love to buy them.
  6. I cleaned it up and put it next to, what I know to be, a tobacco panel. And thanks to @Conserv‘s insight, these tobacco pieces I have may actually be the original ones to my car, so that’s cool. And to the right of the tobacco panel (and in the solo shot), is the one that I don’t know what to call. Is it definitely not a stock set up? for full disclosure, my car had almost no interior in it when I got it, but the carpet was kinda faded black, or perhaps a dark grey, and the seats were black, so I picked the best black door cards out of the pile of interior parts I got with it.
  7. My car was originally Nevada (it’s a ‘69), these interior pieces just came in the pile of parts I got with the car, along with a handful of other interior pieces. And I could clean it up for another picture. They actually aren't gray, they’re a sort of cream color with brown accents. But yes the seat is the same color and pattern. I’ve only ever seen one picture of a car with this color interior, and i can’t find that picture anymore
  8. I’ve been researching for at least an hour but can not find any pictures of these interior panels. Can anyone tell me what to call this color so I can try to complete the set, as I have two rear panels, and a matching back seat. Thanks!
  9. Both carbs are unknown, but look complete. One was sitting in a box half submerged in water for an unknown amount of time. The other one could probably use a rebuild. $50 for both. Cheapest way to ship, is to ship them separately. It’s $14.35 for each box, so the total price is $78.70, plus PayPal fees if you send it goods and services
  10. @bluedevils still available!
  11. I’ll take it! PM incoming
  12. @Hodgepodge still available!
  13. @mac20021972 the cost to ship two bumpers to that zip code is $155

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