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metal noise when i try to start the engine

Go to solution Solved by Dudeland,

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yes the car was running before ,


fuel tank replacement  ( put in 3 gal)

new exhaust manifolf 

and i also removed the carburetor to tighten a screw after a leak)

Battery say 12.2 V ( i plugged my other car to help but nothing better )


starter broken ? 

not enough fuel going to the engine ?




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Which carburetor do you have.  Did you plug the wire back into the fuel cut off solenoid, if it has one?


The metallic sound is a knock that could be exhaust hitting something.  It rocks a bit as it's trying to catch.  Is the driver's side engine mount intact?  The bracket it attaches to is a known weak point that tends to crack.


It sounds a bit like it has too much advance.


If you shoot a little starting fluid down the throat does it fire off?


If you work the throttle lever by hand, do you see a squirt of fuel going down the throat?  That's an easy way to see if there is fuel in the carb... or if the accelerator pump is working.


Post some photos taken under the hood.  It can make guessing easier for us.



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i have a solex 36 40 pdsi  , all wire plugged 

the engine mount look good, maybe a crack is hidden behind the grease ( i will look at it tomorrow) 

i hope its only the exhaust  that touche something, i prefer this than something broken in my engine.

tomorrow i will try to work the throttle by hand and shoot starting fluid .


thank you !






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so Dudeland was right thank you 

i dont know how but i reversed 2 cables ... 

I still have a random idle ... can the curve in the new ignition be the cause ?

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That's the proper sequence alright.  Points then timing.  The timing light Dudeland suggested also has a built in dwell meter, which is WAY more accurate than feeler gauges.  Especially on used points.  I'd buy that light from Summit Racing though, instead of the Evil Amazon.  $110 with free shipping.



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