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Body Work

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HI All.

I posted this this in the wrong section,  so the person in charge can delete the one in Parts For sale,  if needed...


I have a '73 2002 Riviera that I have had for about a year,  that is in the process of total resto.  I got really discouraged awhile back,  when I looked closely at my drivers door,  I guess I will need one of those too.  Anyway,  back to my questions.  I got re-inspired recently reading this website(so thank you) and dove head first back into the resto.  I have removed all the paint on the back panel down to metal and am beginning to correct some of the small dents.  I will be replacing the lower half with a panel from Wallothnesch or other.  My question is,  should I prime this before I continue on the rest of the car,  or just leave it bare metal?  I see a lot of restos that have the whole car in bare metal,  I just wonder if it will get surface rust.  Also, I have some rust under the trim that has pitted but has not gone through(Second picture).  What should I to those spots? There are way to many to cut out.   I was thinking of getting spot blaster and just doing those spots.  Is it best to remove all old paint?


Thanks so much!




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If it will be a non-showcar, I would clear all the rust out of those pits and treat them with a POR product.  That area will be covered up by the bumper mount bracket anyway, so nobody will ever see it.  Body looks pretty good.  Better than my '73 Sahara.  Good project.  I did not remove all old paint.  Just anything that looked questionable or cracked. 

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Great.  I have some etching primer,  its that as good as weld through primer?  Remember the days when there was just one type of primer,  now we have high build primer, etching primer,  weld through primer, etc...  to much. 

I think I will try to take all the paint down to metal,  and coat it in a primer.  But,  my first project is to route the laundry exit out of the garage!  Ha! 


Mike,  I'm happy to give you the cut if I end up cutting it out.  Yours rusty?

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