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  1. Welcome to the 1973 Sahara fraternity, Javi. We have 2589458 up here in Michigan.
  2. What a beautiful baby! Way to go! Who is the old guy?
  3. 2020 is the year that 2589458 becomes a living breathing running restoration. It's been too long in hibernation. Then I will find out all the other stuff that needs attention.
  4. Just curious- what would you estimate the console panel cost? Someday I may need to do the same, if my faceplate cracks any more.
  5. You probably resolved this problem by now, but I'm thinking you have a bad bleeder on that one back brake. Try removing the bleeder and blowing through it after poking around in the openings with a paper clip wire. If the bleeder is open, it would have to be that wheel cylinder. Nothing left to check, since you replaced all the flex hoses and blew through the hard lines. I had a similar problem, but it turned out that both flex hoses to rear lower control arms were totally plugged.
  6. I'm guessing that the 365 cars and earlier 911's all used a variation of the Golde sunroof, just like the 2002. You should be OK with them.
  7. Yes, that hazard switch is really crammed in there. You will need to take the faceplate loose and pull it away from the evaporator to be able to get the switch out. Hopefully you can leave the blower control and temp control switches in place.
  8. I had a good experience with Headliner Mart product. I had no issues with the seams- the stitching never failed, even with a lot of tugging and stretching during installation. There was plenty of additional material supplied for my sunroof panel as well. I would definitely not use contact cement to attach the liner. Mine would not grip well, and released slowly, even after a weeks drying time. I had good results using the 3M weather strip cement.
  9. Wasn't that headliner install a lot of fun? Best advice is still "take it slow, don't panic".
  10. The tension bar goes under the pin, as in the first photo. I had to post the same question when I recently reinstalled my sunroof.
  11. Uro quarter window seals are available from Pelican Parts for roughly $23.00 each. They worked fine on my 1973, but you do need to remove the quarter windows to install them.
  12. So where was the leak? Hope not a soft plug...

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