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  1. borgpj

    Headliner Questions

    Probably need to wait till Spring to do the install. Temps are in the teens in the barn right now. I'm doing everything else I can in the meantime. Trim reattachment, bumper installation, painting underhood, etc. A lot of the interior work will need to wait until the headliner is in place though, so I'm anxious for warmer weather.
  2. Nothing better than a good beater truck. Good for hauling anything. Keep the '02 shiny and clean and out of harm's way in the rain, slop or salty snow. .
  3. borgpj

    WTB: 2002 gas tank

    I have a reconditioned tank from a 71 or 72 non-tii. Tank has been cleaned and treated internally, then coated with KBS tank sealer. Exterior has been undercoated on the bottom. No fuel pickup included. $185 plus shipping from Michigan. PM me if interested. I'll take some pictures.
  4. borgpj

    Too many cars?

    Retirement wheels: 2010 Prius- wife’s car, and the long distance road warrior. 2008 Ford Ranger. Truck. Nuff said. 1973 Revcon 250 motorhome. A classic, used every Summer. 1973 2002. California car, slowly coming together again. Ottis, the dog- passed on, sad to say. Natural causes, not the Luger.
  5. borgpj

    turn signal problem

    Paul is correct- if you use LED bulbs for turn signals, you must use an electronic flasher unit. The LED bulbs take such low current that the conventional flashers think the light is burned out.
  6. borgpj

    Quarter Window Seals

    Thanks! I didn't realize the quarter window was also known as the "vent window".
  7. Happy New Year all! I will be needing replacement seals for my quarter windows soon. I see options for Genuine BMW and URO. What I don't see anywhere is a source for the seal that goes on the back of the B pillar and seals the front edge of the quarter window glass. What am I missing?
  8. borgpj

    Rear seat foam thickness

    I had the same issue with our '73 rear seat. After removing the vinyl and discarding the remains of the horsehair and canvas, I cleaned and painted the rusted frames. Then I attached a layer of heavy canvas material to the frames, using hot-melt glue. This was followed by a layer of 1" foam, and then a layer of "angel hair". These padding layers extended over the frames to soften the curves. On the seat back, the padding extends all the way over the top. Then I reattached the vinyl, using the existing metal tabs. Ultimately, I decided to change the seat color to match the new front buckets, using SEM Vinyl dye. I am very happy with the results. Someday next year I should have it all back together. Hope the pictures help.
  9. borgpj

    Merry Christmas down under !!

    Everyone have a blessed Christmas!! Remember whose birthday it celebrates! My cup of Sauvignon Blanc has officially run over. Time to put out the cookies and milk for Saint Nicholas, and crawl under the covers.
  10. borgpj


  11. borgpj

    Towing an 02

    Our 1973 is painted and ready to come home. Can a 2002 4speed be safely dolly towed for 5 miles? Or must it be winched onto a flatbed?
  12. Bought two cans of the SEM Marine Vinyl color spray and transformed my rear seat cushions and dash. Great product!
  13. borgpj

    Repairing a Rusty Spare Tire Well

    OK, I know this is heresy, but I cut a spare tire well out of a 97 Pontiac something-or-other (it was close in dimensions) and grafted it into what remained of my Sahara trunk that had received a Verona rear clip. I know this looks like a Frankencar, but it was fun trying to make something out of nothing. The purists are turning away in disgust- sorry.
  14. borgpj

    Headliner Questions

    Thanks to all! Headliner ordered, along with a bunch of clips. Film at 11...
  15. THanks to everyone! Thank you Eric- the pic of your Sahara touch up paint mix was the key. A paint supplier in Holland MI determined that it was a Valspar formula. He mixed up a quart that we compared with my old passenger door- right on target. Problem solved. On to the next challenge.