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  1. 2+ on double-checking to be sure the springs are installed with the ends tucked into the relief sockets on the front struts. Mine were not, and the front end was aimed toward the sky as a result.
  2. The 1973 Sahara is coming back together. I am curious about the sunroof rear cable attachments to the sliding panel. What is the purpose of the spring-metal swing arms that are attached to the sliding panel and apparently need to be rotated to a fore and aft position under the rod attached to the cable end fittings. Is the arm shown in the picture in the correct position or does it need to be above the rod? Both of my swing arms have now detached themselves from the sliding panel and one got lost. If they are critical to the sliding roof functionality, I will fab up the missing one and re-attached them to the sliding roof again. My slider seems to work OK without them being in place when I did a pre-headliner test fit of the roof.
  3. X2 on the gentle tap using a block of wood. I was re-installing my original trim, which had twisted a bit when removed and needed to be straightened before installation. I got the trim started over the steel gutter, tapped it down gently, and when it was fully seated, twisted the top outward by hand to snap the lower edge under the steel gutter. Then cracked open an adult beverage.
  4. borgpj


    Back from the paint shop, and coming together slowly but surely.
  5. OK- it's finished! Installed two new Strut Mounts to replace the fractured 46 year old originals. Wegweiser was right- it was a rotten job! Interesting tid-bit to share: the original front and rear shocks were replaced at 86,682 miles in 1982. The front springs were rotated about 180 degrees from where the spring end relief was located on struts, top and bottom. No wonder he had his nose up in the air all these years. Before: After: Springs now correctly installed:
  6. Did any seams let go? Or did you have them manually sew over the heat-welded seams?
  7. borgpj

    The Big Move

    Welcome to MI. I'm over in Grand Rapids with our 1973 project car.
  8. Try loosening the connection to the front of either rear flex line, and then press the brake pedal. If you get fluid leaking, that's good. Then tighten that connection and loosen the connection to the rear of that flex line, and again depress the brake pedal. No fluid leakage= plugged flex line. That is exactly how I discovered that both my rear flex lines were 100% occluded. The steel lines were fine. I replaced the flex lines and pressure bled the system, and now have excellent rear brake action.
  9. Nice seeing that "https" on the address now. Thanks!
  10. I had the same issues with a tank bought on FAQ. Removal of surface rust scale revealed a number of pin-holes along one side. After thorough cleaning, I sealed the entire external area with epoxy (JB Weld), using a putty knife to force the epoxy into any voids. I then used the KBS tank repair kit to clean, treat and seal the interior. Sealing from both inside and outside seemed like a good idea. Final coat on the outside lower half was pickup truck bed-liner spray- tough as nails. Have had no problems.
  11. What brand of vinyl paint did you use?  I need to do the same on my '73 rear seats.


    1. dang


      When I researched it I had decided to use Rust-Oleum but it wasn't easy to find in the local stores so I used Duplicolor.  Every auto store around me has Duplicolor although they each only had 2 in stock.  I'm going to end up using 6 cans total because I decided to also dye the door cards so I bought out several store!  The seats look awesome but it looks a little weird with the darker tan cards.  All together its about $50 for the whole interior.  Use rubbing alcohol that you get at the store (70%) and do two or three passes until you start to see some of the color come off the seat.  I also sprayed in my front yard when it was 100deg outside.  I'm prepping my coupe for Monterey so I haven't finished the door cards yet, that's all I have left.



  12. I guess the photo is not the most politically correct, but Otis was a bad dog that day. Never been out to the Cars & Coffee.
  13. I am missing the driver's side plastic reflector that mounts just outside of the headlight rim on my 1973. Anyone have a spare for sale or know of a stateside place to buy it from?

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