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Newbie to 2002. Please advise!

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For what is worth while adding my 2 cents to the conversation. I would suggest that you take the car apart given its condition,  salvage what you can that is usable and/or saleable. (Caution:  you may activate your inner hoarder) It will also provide you an opportunity to learn a lil' more about how the car is put together and what are some of the issues to look for as you move forward to the next one. 


Regardless how much you paid for this one, I think there is a valuable take way from this.  Although it did not workout the way you may have anticipated  you can take some comfort that you will be more knowledgeable  and confident when that next one comes along,


Finally  I would suggest you get lost in the forum. It contains a wealth of knowledge and more importantly a long list of owners that are quick to offer advice should you have specific questions. 


welcome to the madness and good luck with your journey,



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+1 on dismantling to learn more about 2002s...and...


One more suggestion:  look for a good body shell--perhaps someone else's abandoned restoration project, or a stripped but un (structurally) rusted shell--then use the useful mechanical bits from your current car and make a good one out of the two.  Dismantling the current car will give you lots of experience with the car's innards, which will come in handy regardless of how you find your next '02.


Don't be discouraged--as was pointed out, better to earn now that you're facing a difficult-to-impossible task than after you've put a lot of time, money and sweat into the project.  And there's plenty of help here on the FAQ.





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