WTB 14" or 15" steel rims for my '76 2002

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hey there--


I'm going to plus size up from my stock 13" steelies, but want to keep the same feel.  So I'm looking for steel rims that are more or less a straight swap and that can be refinished and clear-coated (or ones that've already been done).  


anyone have any on-hand, know a good source, or have experience with aftermarket ones they'd recommend?





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Hey Ben,


You mention wanting to keep the same feel as the 13" steelies, but with 14" steelies (or 15"). I wanted the same thing as you, but you will actually notice the heavier 14" wheels when driving. When adding another 5lbs of rotational mass at each corner, the car will feel a bit more...sluggish.


Just a thought. Good luck! 



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Yes, absolutely. 


Ive done widened 13"steel wheels, widened 14" steel wheels, 13" aluminum alloy wheels, 13" magnesium alloy wheels, 14" and 15" alloy wheels, and the best in terms of steering (ease of) acceleration, and overall "lightness" in handling, have been the 13" alloy wheels. 



This isn't to say that 14" or 15" wheels don't look great on 2002s, because we all know that they do, but I'm speaking from a purely driving standpoint. Our cars didn't come with much power from the factory, so if you are still under 130hp, a little change like heavier wheels will be noticed. 


If your primary objective is not handling, but more on aesthetic appeal, go with the bigger wheels. 


Good luck! 




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