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Found 19 results

  1. I'm looking for a set of four hubcaps for the stock steel rims. They can be dull or lightly scratched, but with no dents. Shipping to 30315. Thanks, Garrett
  2. Set of 4 well used, but in good condition original Steelies from my 1973 roundie. Come get them for $80. There are some old ass Michelin’s still mounted and holding air! Local pick up preferred. IMe if interested. Thank You Vic
  3. Steeletj


    I have little to no storage space so these bits and bobs need to go to someone who can use them or at least tuck them away. I removed the air condintioning system this summer. All the parts are there I believe. I have the console as well, but would need a replacement to let it go. Free for pick up. Tim
  4. MildSeven


    From the album: The Early days

    First drive with the pretty but shitty steelies on. Widened Porsche 356 steelies with adapter, very heavy and unbalanced. Photo taken in Lachine, QC.
  5. FAQers, Thought I'd float this request to the group again....looking for steel 5" wheels - hubcap style. I'd like a full set, but singles are okay too. Thanks!
  6. I dig steelies, and have been toying with the idea of getting some 4x100 13" wheels in black. I found these guys. The bore doesn't really matter since 2002's aren't hub-centric, and I think the offset should be okay. I am running E21 13" BBS Basketweaves which I believe are a 13x5.5 with a 18ET with CN36 (185/70 R13). Despite multiple wheel balances and steering box adjustment, my wheel still shakes at about 65mph which has always led me to believe my wheels were bent. I figured this is a cheap way to try to solve that.
  7. Four hubcaps, driver quality. With some elbow grease and knowhow with a hammer, they could be quite nice. $60 plus shipping.
  8. Looking for 14" NK steel wheels. 4 of them, 5 would be great. Also looking for the smaller dog dish hubcaps that could fit... Thanks! S
  9. giusto

    e30 steelies

    Hi members, I'm looking for 4 (or 5) e30 steelies for my 71. Anyone have some laying around? I'm in Marin, CA. NG
  10. hey there-- I'm going to plus size up from my stock 13" steelies, but want to keep the same feel. So I'm looking for steel rims that are more or less a straight swap and that can be refinished and clear-coated (or ones that've already been done). anyone have any on-hand, know a good source, or have experience with aftermarket ones they'd recommend? thanks! -Ben
  11. Hi there. What size is this emblem ? Thanks
  12. What offset is optimum with 15X6 wheels? I found a set of 15X6 wheels with an ET45, and I'm wondering how far the offset needs to be corrected, and if it's even possible.
  13. Thanks for all of the interest. The wheels and center caps have been sold to a local party. Regrettably up for sale is my set of uber rare 13x6.5 Borrani steelies. The wheels are the widest Borrani made (for 2002s), with an offset of 8. They will definitely require fender massaging (rolling/pulling), with the extent of the massaging dependent on tire choice. Like a nice set of shoes, however, these Borranis are the kind of wheel you build a car around. I have included photos of Mojojoy's iconic Granada/Bristol 2002 running these same wheels. There are only a few sets of these around today, with just a handful in the US. I bought these wheels in Germany a few years back because, regardless of price, it was impossible to find a set in the US. The wheels have been freshly restored and powdercoated in the original/optional grey color. They haven't been mounted on a car since restoration, so the mounting surfaces are still in perfect condition. 2 of the 4 wheels had some minor indentations (curb rash?) on the faces that were sanded prior to powdercoat, but still show up a little. I have included a photo of these dimples. The wheels are located in Seattle, WA and I will be giving priority to local pickup. The wheels are heavy, but I'm willing to ship if nobody local snags them. Asking $1350. If you need center caps, I have a couple different styles I could include for the right price. Examples:
  14. Need a clean set of 5" x 13" wheels , matching date code, preferably January. . Thanks
  15. Price:: 1 Location: : CT I am looking for a set of four 15" corrado steelies in good condition for my 02. i do not need tires but will take them if easier for seller. Im located in CT and can pickup if local otherwise will need them shipped. thanks
  16. SOLD to Alpinaguru! Came across the original set of rims for my now deceased 73 2002 tii. They are a matching set of 4 Kronprinz (model 5448 A) Rims that are dated 10/72. They have been sitting in my garage for over 20 years and are pretty dirty and grimy, have signs of original wear, and one has some rust on the inside. I was going to have them refurbished and sell them for a higher price, but if anyone is interested Let me know if you have any questions.
  17. I've located THREE of the four steelies I need for a full set for my tii. Looking for ONE more that is straight. Will be blasting and powder coating so some surface rust is ok. Located in NorCal, Thanks. GOTTA BE ONE out there!!
  18. (Last edited 10-10-2018) Note: A PDF version of my CMR steel rim matrix is attached at the end of this original post. I long hoped to find a set of 5x13 Borrani steel rims for my very stock '76. Why? My snows, of course! Rare? You bet! Desired? Not so much! They were, however, regularly offered for sale, such as in the '70s GS Tuning catalogue and The Roundel. I suspect many, perhaps most, of the 5x13 rims served "snow-tire duty" back in the day. And in November 2012, I purchased a set of four 5x13 rims, most-recently worn by a bona fide German 2002ti and still wearing their factory-applied gray-beige finish (third photo below, after hours of polishing). Provided they run true, I will keep this amazingly-intact original finish. While waiting to find that set of 5x13 rims, however, I decided to assemble some data on CMR-manufactured steel rims. CMR are the initials of Costruzione Meccaniche Rho, S.p.A., the Rho, Italy-based wheel manufacturer into which Carlo Borrani S.p.A. merged in the 1950’s — reportedly after the Borrani-named firm found itself lacking heirs to carry on its business independently. “Ruote Borrani Milano” survives as a division of CMR. It produces — or at least is used to market — all Borrani wire wheels, as well as a number of bi-metallic and specialty rims produced over the decades since Carlo Borrani S.p.A. was merged out of existence. There was a great deal of information out there, but it wasn't organized or summarized, leaving us with lots of loose ends. For example, what models of these rims were produced and when were they produced? I looked primarily at old Roundels, this forum, and the forum offered by the German BMW 02 Club e.V. Here's what I found -- nothing likely to blow your socks off but it dispelled my personal belief that Alpina steel rims (CMR with circular cut-outs) were superseded by Borrani steel rims (CMR with triangular cut-outs). Looking at photos or text that provided dates for rims, the earliest dated Alpina example I have is October 1967 and the latest is September 1972. The earliest dated Borrani example I have is April 1968 and the latest is December 1983. Examples of CMR steel rims produced prior to 1971 may not have stamped markings on the front or rear faces of the rims; only the tire race (a.k.a., barrel) will exhibit the manufacturer, size, and date of manufacture. Alpina steel rims were offered in 5" and 5.5" widths. One contributor thought he recalled, but no longer owned, a set of 6" Alpina rims. Having found no trace of such a width among examples and documentary sources, however, over the course of 4 years, I have now dismissed the possibility of a 6" Alpina rim as a CMR factory offering. I will be happy to be proved wrong: just show me the rims! Borrani steel rims were offered in 5", 5.5", 6", and 6.5" widths. Examples wider than 6.5" were likely modified after leaving the factory, and examples have been modified to a great many different widths -- I've seen widths ranging from 7" to 10"! My conclusions are based on a relatively small population of examples, 157 rims. I would like to expand that population, particularly to improve the accuracy of the date ranges. If you don't mind, could you please post a photo of your rim(s), showing the cut-out shape and the impressed data either on the rim's face around the hub or under the tire, i.e., in the "tire race"/barrel (the latter is obviously not accessible if you have tires mounted)? Attached are my examples. If you are shy, or terribly discrete, feel free to simply send me a PM or an e-mail (khfstc@aol.com): that's great as well. The entry I first initiated on 7-10-12 -- found below, posting #38 on page 2 of this string -- contains a listing of my observations to date, prepared on the basis of the attached pdf summary (which is also attached to posting 38 of this thread). Thanks kindly for all your input. The following represents your work and contributions. I'm just the compiler! Steve CMR Steel Rim Analysis Summary.pdf
  19. BMW Steelies. All good condition, except one has a bent lip. And I only have two center caps unfortunately. Included the craigslist link for pictures and other details. Thank you for looking. BMW Steelies. Asking $75 OBO. Pickup in San Juan Capistrano, CA.
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