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So what's your '02's value?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

1969 1664730 - Sunroof, CA black plate, one owner thru late 2000, Chamonix ext / blue/black int (orig paint & int, no cracks or rips).

Paid $3500, have put in somewhat over $6k additional (fresh engine; 5 speed; '77 320 brakes; 320 Recaros, rubber, wheels/tires, etc. Current e-Bay value - undoubtedly less than I'd be willing to sell it for.

1970 1671543 - Sunroof, CA blue plate, uncounted owners, Agave / tan/black int (prior repaired collision damage, repaint, lots of cracks & splits).

Recieved as rolling shell in trade for two 320 5 speeds, currently have about $1k + 1 year of work invested including a used factory reman engine of unknown provenance, Pick & Pull 320 5 speed, 320/Volvo 240 big brakes, E30 sport seats, Volvo 240 radiator, etc, etc - not yet drivable, but close. Current e-Bay value maybe $800, wouldn't sell for less $2500 (too much time and effort invested).

A side comment on values in general - the actual value of any item (car, boat, plane, piece of jewelry, etc) is no more or less than what one person is willing to pay for it on one specific day - witness the insane amount the clone of the Nash Bridges 'Cuda convertible was bid to at last year's Barret Jackson auction in Scottsdale (probably because Don Johnson's butt had been in the seat and his name was on the title)........

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Guest Anonymous

dimples: yes, rust: a little but only on the surface and not bad

at all.

Mods galore:

1976 engine block

* E12 head

* 9.5:1 compression ratio

* 292º cam

* Tii mechanical advance distributor

* Pertronix point-less electronic ignition

* Dual 40mm Mikuni/Solex side draft carbs

* RamFlo air filters

* Electric fuel pump and new 3/8" steel fuel line from tank to



* Stahl header

* 80 Amp alternator

* Three row radiator

* Dinan springs

* ST anti sway bars

* Bilstein sport shocks/struts

* BMW E30 "Bottlecap" wheels with 195/65/14 tires

* Tii struts

* Turbo backing plates

* 5 series four pot front calipers w/ turbo rotors

* 320i rear drum brakes- Not for long, needs disc brakes in


* "Earls" stainless steel braided soft brake lines

* Trunk mounted battery in Stiffy Werks rear brace

* Nardi wood and aluminum steering wheel

An it goes like hell!


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Guest Anonymous


I did paid mine 500$...now



SDS efi




sway bars

poly bushs

turbo flaresbig brakes front and rear


is that worth 5000$the sds worth 2000$ can. all alone, and some future forged pistons another 800-1000$ can...

Ouf, what a money pit...

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Guest Anonymous


maybe putting dollar values on things isn't the best way to establish their worth?

'it's worth what I paid for it and not a penny more'


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Guest Anonymous

oh, yeah- this car doesn't have dimples,

because the sheet metal's actually broken where it attaches the nose to the front fenders!



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Guest Anonymous


To paraphrase him, it should be an absolute requirement that you lose money on old cars. That way only people who love the cars would own them.

My significant other will attest that for many years now I have been a disciple of this philosophy.

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Guest Anonymous

If you're into resale value, there are lots of better places to invest your money for the best return. Even Mustangs and Camaro's. With my 02 it's the joy of how the thing feels. That's why I don't care about being "period correct", cause by the time it's worth enough $$ to make a difference, I'll be dead. This is about having the driving experience "now".

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