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M20 mounts/if you PM'd me


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Hey, I haven't been active on my car or this form in a while. Life/broken bones got in the way, but I'm finally back to working on my car. I just logged in a have a bunch of replies for the mounts, currently I only have three sets available, but I've got a lot of vacation time to use in the next month so I can make some more. If you're still interested/newly interested, please PM me so I can get an idea of how many to make and I will respond quickly from now on. I'll try to find a link to the FS ad I had with the mount details, but here's a quick list


$195 shipped for engine and G260 trans mounts(3 total mounts), unpainted


-Uses 2002 mounts(or e30 on driver's side), I'm using the IE urethane 2002 engine mount kit and urethane trans mounts.


-Sits as far back as possible w/o cutting/welding on the firewall, does require some massaging of the "rain tray" or whatever the drain under the hood vents is called and the transmission tunnel to be enlarged quite a bit.


-Factory e30 exhaust manifold/downpipe fits at least to the back of the transmission and matches the body strangely well


-Oilpan is just about level with the bottom of the subframe

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Can you post a pic of the "massaged" area along the rain tray?  I may be interested in a set for a back up in case my the mounts I fabricated present an issue.  I have attached a few pictures of my existing set up for reference. 

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The small red circle is where I pounded back the firewall a bit to make clearance for the coolant hose, not sure it's necessary yet, but I'd rather have the space than have to pull the engine and make it.


The green line is where I would re-massage the rain tray if I was starting over. My spot works, but ended up being deeper than necessary. I would also lower the green line a bit, MS paint on a laptop though...


The blue circle is where I made a bit of extra room for a bolt on top of the transmission.


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