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  1. I am looking for a 318is pump and sender for my M20 swap. Thanks. [email protected]
  2. No burrs. It wouldn't fit on my spare G245 either which tells me something is wrong with the disc. Compared to the old one you can see that the spline on the disc is off. The teeth are noticeably short and wider. I am going out this afternoon to get the part number on the disc to try and reference to see if the wrong one was put in the kit.
  3. I just ordered a replacement kit so hopefully that should fix it.
  4. Has anyone ever received a bad clutch disc with a Sachs kit? I when to put the clutch (E30 325i) and transmission in last night for my M20 swap the alignment tool would only pass through the clutch disk about 3/8 to 1/2 inch before binding up. I double checked this on the input shaft on my transmission (Getrag 245) too and had the same thing happen. I also double checked P/N on the E21 323i and the 228mm 2002 clutch discs and they are the same part number.
  5. Thanks. I am currently under the impression that the only wire at the C104 that I need to deal with is for the black wire for the tach, which would go the coil/tach.
  6. Can anyone tell me if the later model ECU (173) can plug and play with an early 325i harness? I have the early ECU and harness from a pre 87 325i and before I move forward wiring the chassis C101 to the 2002 chassis harness I wanted to double check and make sure first. Thanks.
  7. Anyone have a E30 325i single mass flywheel they want to sell? Looking for one for my M20 swap.
  8. Well that all depend on the results of the Apple Cup. Joking aside, I still have sets. Shoot me an email [email protected] Also, here is a link to a swap that used my mounts. There is a lot of useful pictures that Brett took. https://automotion.smugmug.com/Restoration-Projects-/1972-BMW-2002/i-xNkP3Kr
  9. Regarding the drive shaft, is it short even if you adjust the diff all the way forward?
  10. Glade to hear that there isn't a huge issue using the G260 and overall that your happy with the mounts. Sorry again for that bad set. Others shouldn't have an issue with the quality of the welds. Keep us up to date on the swap.
  11. You'll have to locate a M20 bell housing for the G245 as well. The transmission will be located farther back than what you likely have now and you will likely have to perform some minor body work in the tunnel like I mentioned. I am having about 20 cm removed from the front section of my drive shaft. Let me know what you decide. I have also attached a picture of everything mocked up. This includes the E30 M3 aluminum radiator that I had modified.
  12. I originally was going to use an e21 323i radiator but found out that a few e21 guys use an e30 m3 aluminum radiator as an upgrade. You have to swap the lower outlet to the other side but then it's a direct replacement. I purchased a Mishimoto radiator and just have to have the outlet swaped. It is a little bigger than the stock e21 323i radiator but still fits.
  13. Correct. As for the drip tray, I used a hammer and dolly to create the radius above the valve cover. You will also have a little hammer work to do for the transmission. Keep the questions coming.
  14. I didn't slot the hole but I think I have seen pictures of people doing it in the past. As for locating the new hole for the right mount, I would mount the left side and the transmission first, assuming you have made the room in the tunnel already. Once you locate the transmission, mount the right side and mark your new hole. That's what I did but I had my engine and transmission up on supports so I could take the mounts on and off when I was designing them. You could just mount the left side first and not deal with the transmission. The offset for each hole should be about the same distance. I am also using IE's urethane mounts. They don't have the "nubs" like the factory ones.

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