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Cooked Cables


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I bought these wires six months ago and they are failing. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a replacement set and asked that I send these back for inspection. They have what look like slight dimples in the wire which made me wonder about quality when I put them in. I suspect that the wire used to make this set was defective, but before I install the new ones I want to replace the exhaust gasket to avoid cooking them. One concern I have, aside from the gasket, is the air injection manifold. It holds a lot of heat and could be part of the problem. Has anyone else run into this problem with this type of manifold, or was it likely just faulty cable and or a worn out heat shield gasket?


I am about to pull the manifold to replace the gasket and install an LM-1 in the Y-pipe but it is hard to get excited about putting it back on. I did purchase a replacement manifold, but it had a crack, so I sent it back.


I sure wish there was one for sale locally, but nothing listed in the classifieds...

(yup, I am trolling)


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These are Kingsborne wires. I chose the 8mm set.


Excellent customer service. Sent the replacement set right away on good faith that I will send these back, using the supplied pre-paid envelope. I believe they make a quality product... just wondering what happened to this set.

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