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  1. TR

    WTB tii gas tank

    I have the tank I from my '73 tii. It's clean and no problems/leaks. I installed a brand new tank when I sold the car and have this one in case I buy another 2002 tii. Let me know if you are still interested. TR
  2. I just happened to "stop by" to see how the 02 world is doing.... I've got a NOS boot you can have if you want it. Stamped inside "RP33w USA" so I'm not sure the actual source. PM me..... TR
  3. I've got one in my parts box. Not sure of the year but PM and I can measure "pins" .
  4. I just happened to "stop by" for an 02 fix. I have a 74 airbox among parts left over after the sale of my tii. PM me if you have questions or are interested in it.
  5. Nate - I have a complete 1-piece dash - not sure of the year. Gas tank and other parts from my 73 tii. TR
  6. Here are pics. I was saving it for my next '02. No wear from keys. The bottom has some impressions from stuff stored on top of the cover. $45 + shipping. Thanks, TR
  7. I think I have one and will let you know....
  8. FYI - I have a 73-74 tii clock with the cable. Plus some other '02 items in a box I just found in my garage. PM if you still need a clock. TR
  9. TR

    74 tii fuel tank

    I don't recall which opening is the pickup...the pic should answer the question.
  10. TR

    74 tii fuel tank

    I have the original tank from my 73 tii. No leaks and in good shape - I put in a new tank because I had one available. this is just the tank - no sender or pickup. I can send pics if you are interested.
  11. I don't have the 73 tii but I do have this pic. It may be of some help... TR
  12. I did to my 73 tii (now sold) what you are about to do. My tii sat for 20+ yrs. There is a lot of prep work to do before you turn the key. Replace all the fluids and fuel system hoses. With a strong battery turn the engine over with plugs removed and fuel pump fuse disconnected until you get good oil pressure. I removed the gas tank completely to be 100% sure only new/crud free fuel went to the KF pump. The link below covers most of the details. If you're in RI I'll be happy to help! TR
  13. Just to keep everyone up to date. Sale is complete. The new owner is very nice and you'll likely see it in Oregon once the work is done. Loaded on the transport today. Definitely a bit scary to how it will travel but I prepped it well... TR
  14. PS. Listing on BAT was a bit of a pain in the neck but I like the fact that it's focused on serious car people vs. other auction/sale sites. From my conversation with the buyer I believe the transaction will go smoothly. TR

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