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Changing Out My Cooling System -- Any Tips?


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Hi all,


After I removed my leaky radiator, I realized that my hoses were also leaky, that my thermostat was kaput and that my water pump had a bunch of gunk in it. So I figured I'd just replace everything at once (the fan blade, too).


This is my first major mechanical undertaking on this or any car. I've been reading about similar efforts here on the FAQ, and I have read the Haynes section on this a couple of times, but I was wondering if you all have any tips I should follow on how to do this right the first time.



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Drill a small (2mm) hole in the bottom plate of the thermostat. Helps with bleeding air out.

Get a three row radiator core installed by a radiator specialist.

With your spiffing new coolant system you will not need to run a cooler thermostat, so get an 82 degree one. Your engine will appreciate running (controllably) hotter.

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