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  1. I actually have no idea what it was to ship, it was a company relocation.
  2. When windows were removed for paint, all seals were replaced with BMW seals from Blunt tech. Headliner was installed new at that time as well. Drivers side door seal is new BMW and passengers side is a URO seal, the factory one was not available at the time. I am sure I will remember more as we go.
  3. The car will eventually need a 5 speed as it has a 3.91 limited slip rear end in it. The RPMs are fine around town, but not that fun at 70 on the freeway.
  4. Thanks guys! It is a great car and I am sure I will miss it, but these are meant to be driven.
  5. I have moved to Mississippi from California 2 and 1/2 years ago. Since I brought my Bimmer here I never have time to take it out (always at work). It has come time to let it go so it can be enjoyed. 75 BMW 2002 This is a rust free California car that moved to Mississippi. Aardvark interior, current 4 speed (I have a 5 speed that could go with the car), Nardi steering wheel, repainted stock Fjord about 9 years ago with interior and windows out, new carb (9 months ago) from IE, large sway bars, large rear brakes, many things have been done. It is a beautiful 2002 that can be enjoyed immediately. Looking at 12,900 OBO. Let me know through email or IM if you are interested or have questions.
  6. Thanks guys! I will keep in mind the difficulty and will call Memphis Moter Works. open to any other suggestions even if it is a state away.
  7. I have a G240 to install in my ‘75 2002. My issue is that I am working 80 hours a week and traveling. Does anyone know of a shop around the Memphis area that could do an install like this for me? I can take it somewhere a little farther if there is a shop or person you can recommend. Thanks in advance!
  8. I can not help on instructions, but it is really cold in the TN/North Mississippi area!
  9. I particularly like the roundel on the hood that is 1/4 orange. Definite Monday morning or late drunken Friday night quality..
  10. That is awesome! I thought I remembered you were around Memphis. One of these days I need to meet you and your husband in person.
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