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  1. WTB 2002 Automatic Roundie

    That is a pretty tall order for $5k...
  2. Entex BMW 2002 Turbo model

    I can not help on instructions, but it is really cold in the TN/North Mississippi area!
  3. WTF!?

    I particularly like the roundel on the hood that is 1/4 orange. Definite Monday morning or late drunken Friday night quality..
  4. 1976 2002 Advice before purchase

    That is awesome! I thought I remembered you were around Memphis. One of these days I need to meet you and your husband in person.
  5. 1976 2002 Advice before purchase

    WHere are you located?
  6. 2002 Beauty Shots

    A couple from this evening.
  7. Front License Plate Bracket (Used)

    I'm interested if you still have it. Send me a PM.
  8. I'm back into 2002s once again!

    Congrats! Your E30 was sweet, but that is a nice ride!
  9. Time to come clean: I'm officially a P-car owner

  10. E21 IE pistons 9.5:1

    What diameter are these?
  11. When I choose to show all the new posts, is there a way to not see the ebay ads? A lot of them are international eBay and in other languages even if I wanted to see them. It just clutters up the new posts stream.
  12. It is becoming quite the stable of fine automobiles!
  13. Early style shifter linkage

    Once you get down there and play with it, you will find it easier to go one way or the other from space constraints.
  14. Is there a way to turn off the ebay ads? I am glad they have some content now, but a lot are not anything I want.