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  1. Thanks for the interest, all, but it's headed to a good home with Roundeie. Hope to see it some day in Brisbane!
  2. GONE! Need a center section for a shorty chrome front bumper? I've got one! It's relatively nick- and dent-free, but could certainly use some elbow grease. Free for the taking, but if you want to throw a sixpack my way, I won't complain!
  3. Price:: 40 I'll be bringing the center section of a early chrome front bumper to the Bay Area Swap and Show tomorrow. Chrome is in great shape, but a few small dings. Contact me now if you're interested.
  4. Update: Only the center section is left. Thanks for buying, Roundeie! Good luck with you build. I hope to see ya at Brisbane next year!
  5. Hi all, I've got a few early chrome bumper parts available. I don't want to ship, so I'm posting here for the Bay Area folks. I have: - front middle section in good condition - rear middle section, a re-chrome candidate - rear end pieces, shorty style, straight and shiny - rear bumper overriders I'll sell separately, but I'd LOVE to sell them all together and would give a package price. Shoot me an email for pics, etc.
  6. These are awesome. Makes me wish (even more so) that I still had my 02. There's a guy around the block from me that would be an excellent candidate. I'm not sure if he's on the board, but I'll try to get him involved. Great work!
  7. I've seen one like that in Santa Barbara, and also in Palo Alto. Not sure that's of much help, but you might be able to track it down through one of the regional groups. Good luck, and sorry about getting screwed!
  8. I got mine at Wallothnesch last summer. They're $235 now, but I think I paid around $170 or so with a sale. I was ordering a bunch of things, though, and it made the shipping worth it. http://www.wallothnesch.com/wasserkuehler-1502-2002ti-11-31-14.html
  9. Thanks, Mark! That helped immensely, and now I'm back up and running. I really appreciate it. Beautiful car, btw!
  10. Hi all, I need a little help cleaning up my Solex carb. Quick backstory: Rust in the fuel tank gunked it up; I've replaced the tank, but the carb still seems to be clogged with the old rusty sediment. I've blasted it with carb cleaner, which helps it idle for a minute or so, but then it sputters and dies again. From what I've read on here, I'm thinking there's still a little crud in the line, or that the jet is more blocked than some spray can clean out. A lot of posts suggest removing the idle jet and cleaning it -- problem is, I haven't come across a good visual tutorial on how to do that. Could one of you amazing helpers identify the idle jet on this photo? And then what's the best way to clean it? Just run water or carb cleaner thru it? What else do I need to clean out? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the input, everyone. I've been in touch with Bud Pauge at Redline, and he seems very thorough and is super responsive and detailed in his emails. I'll make sure I get the spacer plate; that seems like the easiest solution. Thanks!
  12. Quick question here. The Solex on my 73 automatic is gunked up, and rather than clean/rebuild, I'm considering swapping on a Weber and just starting fresh. The guy at Redline recommended a K204-38 kit, and I just wanted to see if you all agreed that's the right fit for a daily driver. Also, he indicated it was a simple bolt-on replacement on the stock manifold, but I wanted to see if any of you all have had that experience, or if I need to consider other changes/upgrades in my plans. Thanks!
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