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Center Bearing


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I just did mine not too long ago, a few months ago actually. I have an older long diff, I don't know if its any different from the shorter diff cars but its pretty cut and dry. Take a look underneath, kinda assess it. Its a few nuts on the shaft, a few nuts on the carrier bearing and it'll slide right out. Took me about 30 ins total time from start to finish.

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Yes you just take it apart.

Index the two halves so you can put it back together "balanced."


There is a certain angle that allows some wrenches to go into the cavity to get at the nut. Sometimes you may have to grind down the wrench to get it to go in that cavity.


DId I say to index the two halves?


I think it taks a 12 pt wrench




The perforated L bracket is bolted onto the flange so my buddy could hold it while cranking on the bar over the wrench.




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