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  1. Does anyone here know of a company that makes high quality "vanity" plates ? looking to make some "vanity" plates for my 68 (black and yellow plates) also looking to make some for my e30. I am mainly looking for aluminum raised lettering like our DMV issued CA plates. something that looks pretty close to those. I remember a company a while ago from a hot rod mag doing them but would not ship them to the state your in if your making "vanity" plates for the ship to state. thanks-
  2. I might roll up there if my stepson wants to go. i'll look out for you.
  3. Needs a little TLC = Hope your a mechanic, know how to weld, and have an extensive back round in electrical gremlin wrangling and or have money to burn.
  4. Hey Folks, got some almost vintage license plate frames up for grabs. I know they are know they are not vintage yet, but they are definitely early classics. Both made of metal. McKenna $40.00 plus shipping or local pickup preferred. Modesto $30.00 plus shipping or local pickup preferred. Papyal fee at your expense. thanks for looking. Location: SGV, Socal
  5. @Fuzzyhead, no not the swap meet. its the Socal vintage car show. In Van Nuys. @ Jrhone, RNavarro is in OC and want to caravan as well. go to the "forums" sections of the page, scroll down to SoCal groups and theres a thread on there about caravanning.
  6. @ RNavarro, well it looks like only me, you and one other guy, but his e30 is down, so technically it'll only be 2 bmw's. let me know if you still want to meet up, if you don't I totally understand. PM me i'll give you my cell if you want to meet up still.
  7. so far it looks like 1 OC car is wanting to caravan. I'll be in my e30, rounded up a few other e30 guys as well. Anyone already carvaning that we can join ? If not feel free to chime in, we got 1 car from OC, I and the other e30s will meet off the 60 fwy near the 710.
  8. @RNavarro, there is a deelish hole in the wall spot open 24hrs right off of Garfield and the 60 fwy. I'll ask everyone tonight and check for the time and if that spot is OK for everyone caravaning. or if no one else decides they want to caravan, i'll let you know either way. Im an early bird myself. ive never organized a caravan, so I hope it goes well . LOL. might a caravan of 2,
  9. @RNavarro, im rounding up some E30 guys. Most are from my side of town (SGV or LA area) I don't have anything solid yet, but right now its about 4 or 5 cars including my E30. We were planning to meet up somewhere near us, but maybe we can join the caravan ? we are close to the 60 710 or 5 fwy.
  10. I'll be attending this year, but again without my 1600. I'll be in my e30. Anyone know of any caravans yet from LA or anything east of LA ?
  11. my turtle farted today, woke up hungry, my dog licks his balls sometimes. Back in the day to my 19yr old stepson is 2003. Panda bears are rated as the #1 most stupidest animal in the animal kingdom.
  12. Hey Scott, its Jason from Sunday, thanks a lot. Good group of guys, thanks for hosting. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.
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