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Closing Door Mechanism


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I'm taking my door handles and trim in to get repolished before I repaint my car.  I took the door handles off and then out of curiosity (don't ask me why I did this) I grabbed the piece (no idea what it's called) in the first attachment and turned it clockwise.  As I did this I heard two clicks.  Now I can't get it to go back to original setting so I can close the door.  It just collides with its counterpart on the door frame.  I reached my hand inside the door (the door panel is off) thinking there'd be some simple piece to unlatch or click, but I can't find anything.  Can anybody offer a major rookie some insight on how to unlock this piece so I can close the door again...? 




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  so now that the door handle is off the internal

bits do still work. look in the hole where the handle

was and lift up the visible square in the door. now

push that part in just like the handle does when

installed. the u shape catch should spring to the

open position. if the spring for the catch does not

work or the mechanism  is dirty and stuck you

can push in the metal square and rotate the u shape

to the open condition.

good luck


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