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Sacramento CA Turbo sighting......


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Turbo sighting, aprox 4 pm Friday 12/14, Sacramento CA – Chamoinx, appeared complete and correct but a bit dirty, turbo script on the rear panel a bit askew, may have had some prior bodywork on the driver’s side (turbo hocky-stick graphic looked a bit wavy on the driver’s door) – white CA plate 3GGV122.

Middle age guy driving, got on US 50 eastbound at Power Inn, off at the next exit (Watt Ave) – never seen the car before, might have been on a test drive from Schatz & Krum (shop’s just south of the freeway, between Watt & Power Inn). Anybody familiar with this one?

Barry Allen
'69 Sunroof - sold
'82 E21 (daily driver), '82 633CSi (wife's driver) - both sold
66 Chevy Nova wagon (yard & parts hauler)

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Hello all Sacramento 2002 enthusiasts. I just got my 74' Carb, Green. Bought it from a guy in Modesto. He did a good job restoring the car, mainly the exterior and upholstery. However, a few days after I bought it the car caught on fire. YEAP!!!!

Fortunately, I was able to extinguish it quickly, so no major damage done. I'm almost finished fixing it but I have a couple of wires that do not have a home yet.

If you are in Sacramento, or nearby, please reply to so I can look under your hood for those cables.

You can reach at 916-599-3340.


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Hi There!!! I bought it from a guy named Gordon, in the town of Snelling,CA, about 20 miles East of Modesto.

Mine is not running right now due to one fricking wire that I don't know where it goes. What are you doing his weekend, perhaps we can hook up. I would love to see the wiring from other 2002 to compare with mine.

Daniel 916-599-3340.

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New Update...

I finally have my 74' running!!! I'm not sure if I did it right but it feels good to see it move on its own. I have a cable going directly from the ignition coil to #12 fuse (was advised to do that). I couldn't find the 'black' cable from the ignition key to the starter, like to book shows, so I have a cable straight from behind the ignition key (black cable) to the bottom of the starter. I have driven the car for about 2 hrs (about 25 mins at a time) and it's fine. My black coil is getting a bit hot but I'm getting a ballast resistor (did not have one) on Monday to help with that.

I would greatly appreciate if someone can look at the starter solenoid (where all the cables come in for the starter) and trace back the black one that goes to the ignition key. I don't think it will go 'direct', it may merge with other cables.



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