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Help on purchasing a 2002

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


I am new to the 2002 world, and am currently looking at a car for sale in New Mexico. The car I am considering is a 1971 and it had its motor rebuilt about 10k miles ago. I am hoping to turn this car in to a road racing car, but I will need to use it for a daily driver for at least 6 months.

So my questions are:

1- Is $2,000 a fair price for a car like this? There is a tiny bit of rust in the rear wheel wells, and the clutch has to be replaced before the car is driveable. I have seen prices all over the board so I am very lost on what it should really go for.

2- Since I am hoping to race what clutch would be recommended? I have searched and I see that there are many people who put race clutches, but I have not been able to pin down brand names or prices for these parts.

Any other recommendations you may have when looking at this car would be great as well.

Thank you,


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send some pictures and a link to the car if possible so we can get a better idea that way.

look at rust in the shock towers, open the trunk, wheel wells , rocker panels rust is your main enemy .

keep in mind if the car need some things now usually means other things will go out later. don't expect to buy 1 car and have a daily driver without any problems, make sure to go through it checking brakes ,radiator, gaskets etc. also as a suggestion if you think the clutch is going out check your master and slave clutch cylinders if those go out your your clutch will feel bad.

the amount theyre asking for the car of over 2000 dollars is usually for really good cars. I live in california n I c samples coming up 1000 bucks for cars with all parts there, they just needs work . usually for 2000 more dollars you get a decent driving car

good luck

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Area Swap and Show at the Brisbane Marina (SF Bay area) on May 21st, even if you fly in early in the morning and fly home in the late afternoon - you'll get an opportunity to look at a large number of cars (trailer queens to beaters, stockers to fully race prepped), and talk to both car owners and commercial vendors with a wealth of '02 knowledge and experience. If you're in the western US, the $200- $300 plane ticket will probably be the best 2002 investment you'll ever make.

The marina location is only a couple of miles from San Francisco International airport, and odds are that someone from the bay area will be more than happy to pick you up at the airport and drop you back off at the end of the day.

If you can't make the Bay Area '02 event, plan to get to the L.A. Vintage BMW event in Los Angeles in October - as many cars to look at, and as many owners and vendors to talk with.

Barry Allen
'69 Sunroof - sold
'82 E21 (daily driver), '82 633CSi (wife's driver) - both sold
66 Chevy Nova wagon (yard & parts hauler)

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Guest Anonymous

Of course, one would need alot more info -- and pictures -- than what you have in the CL ad to really know, hence the good advice to have someone, if not yourself, check it out in person.

But, just on the face of it, it doesn't look like a bad deal. A roundtail body with no significant rust and a recently rebuilt motor I think is worth 2K. Of course, you'd have to determine if it's been in any accidents, whether it's drivable with a new clutch, etc.


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With the information on hand, that would appear to be a decent price. Being a NM car would seem to indicate that it would not have much rust. For the record, I paid slightly more for a car in a little less cosmetic condition than that one, but with a reconditioned bottom end and no clutch repair needed.

Nothing beats a good inspection though. I think there is a mechanic somewhere in NM with experience with 02s. I think someone posted about him not long ago. You might try a search.


1972 2002 - 2577652 Follow the fun

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