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fuse box wiring picture?


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I was messing with the fuse box and took it out of the car for a minute and now I can't remember how all those wires connect back up. I messed around hoping there would be one way that it just fits but there are several and none of them look quite right. I tried looking at the wiring diagram but it's not really all that helpful. Does anyone have a picture of the back of their fuse block? It would really help me out here.

Thanks in advance!

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I take it back. I figured it out! Just took a couple of tries and trying to remember what it looked like prior to pulling it apart. It would be cool if they had designed that to be a little more intuitive but whatever I suppose, I'm sure there was a reason it looks the way it does.

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not quite sure why the wiring diagram wouldn't be helpful...it has wire colors and terminal numbers. connect the dots. that is what it is for...:-)

tip for future. never, ever, take anything apart without taking pictures of it first. keep cheap digicam in the shop or at least the cellphone/droid. i learned the hard way not to trust my memory, i have thousands of pics of my 2002's in various states of disassembly.


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Awesome. Thanks c.d.!

I definitely learned my lesson about taking pictures. I only removed em for a second before I was completely lost. The manual wasn't too helpful because I just have a pdf of it and it's almost impossible to read the color codes on the wires. Plus it's not totally clear which terminals on the back of the box go to which fuses.

In any case, thanks again for the pictures!



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