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Not the 49-Mile Drive-2023, 9 December, 2023-- Save the Date

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See later for rally start details!

Hey, December is coming up fast— that means Not the 49-Mile Drive

on 9 December is getting close!

As you know from the BayArea 02 calendar, our rally around San Francisco is the 2nd Saturday in December.  At this point our Rallymeister is still working on the route so we do not yet have gathering details in place. But we’re considering finishing near an Off the Grid location where you can buy from a food truck for outdoor nourishment.  American food and international food may be available.

We plan to meet at 9:30AM again so cars will be underway by 10.

While so far this year Covid19 is less prominent we still need to be careful (just ask my sister who today is quarantined along with her entire facility in Pasadena due to multiple Covid19 cases).  And flu is on the rise.  Based on recent history, we still encourage social distancing, masking if you choose and other protocol to make sure our rally is safe, friendly and fun.

Stay tuned!

Larry Ayers

Note: You can see a few photos from NT49MD-2019 at [Photos from NT49MD-2019].  Photos from 2020 are at [Some photos from NT49MD-2020] and [More photos from NT49MD-2020].  A few from last year are here [NT49MD-2022 photos]; it rained a lot last year but in the last 20 years I only recall one other very wet NT49MD so we will probably be (mostly) dry.




 Not the

49-Mile Drive

-2023 on 9 December, 2023— Starting details


We have a confirmed route!  We will meet at 9:00 to 9:30AM at the Moraga Avenue Parking lot, in The Presidio across the street from the Officer’s Club (

50 Moraga Ave.

).  The driver’s meeting will start at 9:30 AM and we plan to have all cars off by 10:00 AM.  While it’s possible the drive is faster if Google’s Auntie is whispering turn instructions in your ear, it took me just over 2 hours on Saturday starting at 10:00 AM.  But of course, I did stop for a few photos and to backtrack around the block when I missed a detail (that’s why I drive it before calling the route final…).


On a beautiful sunny November Saturday I found about 7 food trucks at the rally end with a selection of cuisine: American, Mexican, Pakistani, Singaporean and Italian.  Sometimes you may also find a coffee truck, a liquor bar and an ice cream truck.


A couple of comments: check your brakes since there are a few 1st gear hills to go up and down.  Also, some roads are narrow but generally passable for our fairly narrow cars (well, a 2002 is bigger than the few Fiat-500’s I saw).  One road in particular has a line of parked cars on either side with a single lane down the middle for 2-way traffic (I did need to yield a couple of times but courtesy pays off; oh, it was on a bit of a hill).


We expect to post the route instructions and Driver’s Protocol about 7 December so you can download them for your convenient printing or viewing.


There will be a photo gallery on FAQ Photo Gallery NT49MD-23 on FAQ where all attendees can post their images.  It helps to have all of them collected together.


See you soon!

Presidio-Moraga Ave Parking Lot near Officer's Club_Google 231125.jpg

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