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  1. Hi-- Superbright LEDs has a whole page of different festoon-base bulbs (under car & truck vehicle lighting, look for festoon-base LED bulbs). Although some are not really festoon-base, the biggest other difference is the length. Note that different people measure the bulb dimensions in different ways, that is, either the Maximum Overall Length (MOL, the longest dimension) or between the mounting/connection clamps. Superbright includes links to dimensional drawings for all of their bulbs if you look carefully in their specifications, allowing you to choose the proper length to fit between your clamps. After you find the proper dimension you may also have a choice of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT, expressed in Kelvins). While the "color" you choose is up to you, I usually prefer a higher CCT than the yellowish incandescent bulbs (perhaps 2500K) that came with our cars. Larry
  2. Hi Jon-- I had a 320i radiator in my late '73. One time I had a radiator shop remove the top, rod out the core, then carefully replace the top;; it worked fine afterwards. If I were you I would discuss repair with a local radiator shop to see if they will guarantee a repair. Larry
  3. Hi-- I put an MM-2200 engine in my late '73 a year or two before my accident (well, Sean Casey installed it...). I generally liked it but there were a few quirks. I used a weber-32/36 carb and did not see a huge increase in power or torque compared to the 0.5mm-overbore engine (with 9.3 pistons and a 121 head) it replaced. It took a bit of tuning to get the MM-2200 details best, especially with the odd cam grind. For a decent idle I had to retard timing a bit from optimum or my final addition was a low-RPM advance reducer, letting timing be retarded under 1800-RPM. Perhaps I would have better comments about the engine if I spent more time at high RPM. Also, there were a few little things like unhardened nuts keeping the valve adjusters in place. If I needed a new engine for my tii, I would probably speak to a local engine builder or two before talking to Jim Rowe again. Larry
  4. Hi-- One BayArea 02 sponsor is [http://www.autosportsexclusive.com/]. Another place that does good work is European Enterprise in El Sobrente (510-672-1222); Roger Elle has repainted a few cars I have seen and they look good (including Ann Gommel's {Paul Gommle's wife} Nissan-Z). Another shop I would recommend is Hollister Autobody (831-637-2030), owned by former Malaga 2002 owner Michael Dubois; I realize it is a ways away and typically does crash repair.
  5. Hi everyone-- I added the photo key to the bottom of my first post in this topic. Let me know if you have any problem seeing or downloading it and I can send it via regular e-mail. I enjoyed seeing drivers and their families/bubbles today, even at a "social distance". I trust everyone had a good time driving another of Rallymeister Pete Petras' worthy routes!
  6. Hi Kev-- Typically we would be delighted for you to just show up (actually that's the way NT49MD has always worked in the past). My concern is following the San Francisco mandate for no "gatherings"; that is why I posted the route & protocol, to minimize any contact. So while we actually would be happy to see you, let's go out of our way to keep Covid-19 completely away from our rally! Larry
  7. Hi-- Please see [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/269383-not-the-49-mile-drive-2020-on-12-december-2020/] for the latest details, including the route instructions and Welcome/Driver's Protocol for you to download for use during the rally. See you there at 9:30 Saturday morning! Update after rally: note that I added the photo key to my first post in the BayArea 02 topic NT49MD-20. Also, please post your event photos in the topic Steve posted in BayArea 02 images [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/gallery/category/10-images/?sortby=album_last_img_date&sortdirection=DESC&albumPage=2].
  8. Hi Everyone-- Please see the additions I made to my first post tonight (10 December 2020) and download the route instructions and the Welcome to NT49MD/Driver's Protocol. Please bring these documents with you on the rally-- see you on Saturday!
  9. Hey, Steve-- Thanks for your kind words and photos, some of them moving. I note you also use the technique for a few that turns a still photo into a video, a la Ken Burns. I'm sorry you can not participate this year but feel free to download the route instructions after I upload them on Friday; it might make an otherwise dull day into more of an adventure! And we'll see what kind of article we can write for you.
  10. layers

    Not the 49-Mile Drive 2018

    Hi Rallyists! Here are a few photos I took for NT49MD-18. Please add at least a few of the photos you took to share the adventure! Larry
  11. Hi Mucci-- From [http://www.bayarea02.com/service-providers/]: Catalpa Street Garage 2844 Soquel Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95062 (831) 464-2269 Nate Smith Optimal Auto Care 2335 Soquel Drive Santa Cruz, CA 95065 (831) 476-1332 (831) 476-1567 [email protected] I have not checked either of these, but over 25 years ago Mark Seifert worked at Catalpa St. Garage (he since moved to Burrell School Winery). It's at least worth a call to either shop to inquire about their current expertise and recommendations.
  12. Hi Steve-- I'll help you look for an author! Larry
  13. Ben & Wendell-- If you just show up at the start I'll hand you the route instructions. I'll also post them and the photo key on FAQ within a day or two following the rally. Brian-- Are you bringing your family, including your eagle-eye kids, with you?
  14. Hi everyone-- See [https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/269383-not-the-49-mile-drive-2020-on-12-december-2020/] for the latest details. We will meet at 9:30AM in the Presidio across Moraga Ave, from the Officer's Club (50 Moraga Ave.). Larry
  15. Event Title: Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020 Event Location: Main Post, 50 Moraga Ave, San Francisco, California, 94129 Event Author: layers Event Date: 12/12/2020 09:30 AM Not the 49 Mile Drive, BayArea 02's annual rally, comes to San Francisco again on December 12 (2nd Saturday in December). At about 9:30 A.M. we will meet at a new location: in The Presidio across the street from the Officer’s Club (50 Moraga Ave., the Moraga Parking Lot). From here you can start route instructions and driving protocol you downloaded and can purchase a NT40MD-20 T-shirt or a BayArea 02 mask. Rather than a driver's meeting please download the driving protocol sheet; all cars will be off by 10:00 AM. After encountering some major, minor and probably weird roads and alleys around San Francisco (we never leave The City) we will meet again in a parking lot to review the photos in the handout that each navigator will have numbered during the rally in the order of observation. Note: in deference to the pandemic, this year does NOT include lunch! Pandemic rules: if anyone is at all sick, please do NOT come! Wear your mask at all times when outside; social distance at least 6Ft.; clean your hands often. Please be careful— we do NOT want any spread of the corona virus from or to anyone! Rallymeister Pete Petras has our rally route ready for your download. He works in The City so he can easily encounter the fun and delightful highways, byways and avenues that help us discover hidden gems, gorgeous views and surprising streets that make San Francisco such a unique adventure for all of us living in the Bay Area. Join us for the fun rally, wave at your friends from a social distance and learn and enjoy some of San Francisco’s road history and quirks. We recommend driving with a navigator from your family, so the driver can drive and the crew can give turn instructions and watch for the rally photo locations to number in viewing order. Solo drivers are also welcome. Kids are always welcome to ride along and provide keen eyes! Be sure to highlight 12 December on your calendar for the NT49MD-2020 rally! Note: You can see a few photos from NT49MD-2019 at Photos from 2015 364007345_NT49MD-20finalgraphic201129_not49mile2020.webp Not the 49-Mile Drive-2020
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